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  1. Which specialty - help

    Have you thought of ER in a busy department? Seems to me you would need quick decisions, critical thinking there. Or else a department that has patients with unusual diseases? My 2 cents worth.
  2. Osteopenia | Knowledge is Power

    As a patient, I find that a change in diet for one medical problem or imbalance is often bad for another imbalance or problem. If we need to reduce sugar, then oranges would be avoided, but they are good for energy and osteopenia. So many cautionary ...
  3. This is a very good answer, I think, when you elaborate on it. It is a standard question for many kinds of occupations. You can also say that you enjoy working as a team, even if it isn't true.
  4. My "Horoscope" for Nursing Shortages

    My horoscope tells me that nurses are fortunate to do what they hoped and planned for, even if the circumstances need fixing and more RNs are needed on the job. It is good to be satisfied working full-time in a safe area and receive fair or better co...
  5. How Do You Know When You Need a New Job Rather Than Just Time Off?

    You answered your own question. Sounds like you need another job now. Unless you think you will function much better very soon You might even be fired. What other departments do you like?
  6. Reported to Board of Nursing

    I think there is more to this than the OP wrote. Too incredulous, because no real friend would do this and has something against the OP, to explain this incident or malice. Or the others involved are not fully honest...common in workplaces.
  7. Can I use another name for the new contest only? I don't want to use my sitename, as I did when I was a winner of the contest about the new Normal. 

    1. tnbutterfly - Mary

      tnbutterfly - Mary, BSN, RN

      You can change your name.  But it will use the new name on all of your posts.

  8. Ants practice social distancing!

    True. According to National Wildlife magazine (NWF) black ants use social distancing to combat outbreaks of infectious disease. Workers in ant colonies are the "nurses", and foragers that are likely to pick up pathogens. Swiss and Austrian scientists...
  9. You all reading to see if your name is mentioned? Well, my moniker is so dull, who would meet "MyWords". I wish I thought of a better name.
  10. The strange Munn family

    This family work s together at same hospital. And love it. Hugh Munn and Dee Munn are in HR. DiMunn works in the hospice. Al Munn and Sam Munn are in the cafeteria and Bleue Munn is in the flower shop. So now you know. No nepotism here.
  11. Healthcare And Birthdate Imperative

    Why are all healthcare staff required to persistently ask patients their birthdates? I know it is for ID. But the entire birthdate is not necessary. Some medical assistants and nurses are obsessed with it. They don't ask for names, not even a hello. ...
  12. Healthcare And Birthdate Imperative

    I think members mismisunderstand me. Agreed that DOB is important identifier. In my experience, clinics and services over do it. Everyone in the clinic does not need to know. Office workers, secretaries, medical assistants. I object to their intrus...
  13. Am I crazy or too old for considering this??

    Objectively, you are not too old. Subjectively, only you know your energy level, strength, skills and enthusiasm and whatever else you bring to the job. Is ageism is a factor in hiring, like other work sectors? This is a general answer because I don'...
  14. I've been working a lot, and my mother is upset?

    Your mother will not change probably. Sounds like mine Moving out will not change it because she will nag on phone or email. call the aunt and say you wish you could have been at her party. It's the nice thing to do. Maybe your mom cares more than ...
  15. Gobbledygook In Nursing

    Doublespeak and euphemisms are in every business and work sector. It began long ago. Education military and government especially. And it is increasing. It is supposed to be nicer and make people feel better. In the 1970s it really expanded. You say ...
  16. Disrespect & Profanity

    The current thing is to say Mr. John. Or Ms Vivian. I like that way
  17. Do you ever get disappointed when certain nurses call in?

    You mean nurses of the opposite sex? Is it personal? Nothing wrong with that. Some nurses may be glad when someone calls in I suppose
  18. If it was only 10 minutes to listen I say listen. We spent more than time reading and answering your post! I have and no one knows you and other users on this forum. But it is hard to stop a talker face to face. I don't blame the OP. Hey you might ha...
  19. Where do you stand on "Nurses don't get paid enough"?

    Most people feel underpaid especially in education retail and lower level jobs in all fields. Union or not. Hard or easy jobs. Location is a big reason so it depends And they are not saving lives or making a difference. Sadly the workers who deserve...
  20. Passive Hostility Between Workplace Departments

    I agree. Sounds very petty. People don't think pettiness is a fault and also fear confronting others with their complaints Maybe the talking interferes with her concentration or she is bored or annoyed with what you are talking about. Assuming she h...
  21. There is more to this incident. Obvious that this is not bullying and the crier has audacity reporting the op. Strange. OP has no obligation to help the nurse especially off work. It is nice yes. Some people cannot listen well and though well mea...
  22. Quitting a New Job

    I gave this some thought. The butt slapping...are these with their friends or close women? In a workplace, especially in front of patients, it is clearly bad behavior. But .if they are a consensual couple then it is not harassment-- nevertheless un...
  23. RN with asthma

    Do you have a HEPA air purifier? I use a compact quiet one for springtime moderate asthma. Inexpensive and light. Dustmites can be a problem too
  24. Quitting a New Job

    What are a few examples of harassment you mention? From a male or female?
  25. Calling patients with test results

    In an outpatient clinic are nurses supposed to call their patients on phone with results of the x rays blood tests etc? I was told that they will call only if it is urgent and bad. But patients don't know that rule. Does this depend on the doctor o...