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Failed with 75 questions

I took nclex for the first time. I used Kaplan.. should I reuse Kaplan again?? and I used PDA... and I watched Hurst videos I was all over..

Any advise? Thanks!

I used kaplan also and failed my first time, I continued to use it for my second time, failed again.... I think I need more content review...how was hurst?

To be honest Hurst was okay.. I am going to use a different program called sylvia rayfield.. I want use something didn't use before... Hope this will help me. I was overwhelmed by Hurst and all the info I was revieiwng...

Hurst is good if u need a content review. However, I think Kaplan was very helpful in that it helped me learn HOW to read and answer the question by using strategies. I used both programs together and it helped me pass at 75 questions. I got most of my content from hurst review (I think they did a god job at simplifying things) and practiced qbank questions like it was a full time job (doing up to 250 questions a day)! Taking NCLEX is like training for a marathon! You have to be mentally and physically ready! Good luck!

I'm so sorry you didn't pass, hmahdoui. Just keep being positive, start reviewing when are are ready, and I'm sure you will do fine the next time around. Hang in there.

Hmahdoui, I am so sorry you didn't pass. :( When you get the CPR it will help you determine what you need improvement on. I am very proud of the way you tackled the situation. You seem to be keeping a positive attitude which is really what it takes. I have no doubt you will turn this into a great success story when you pass the next time you take it. I try my best to stay positive but that fear keeps creeping in anyway. If I can help you prepare for the next test in any way please let me know. I used Hurst last time and am using it again for this time. I am also using NCBSN this time but I am not as impressed with it as many on here were. It's just too much of a formal program for me. I feel like it pushes you from one area to the next just to make sure they cover all the materials they can cover. I took the 3 wk course and it was only $50 but to tell the truth it was not worth it for me. I rely on Hurst. I have the free ATI on my phone and use it a lot. I also have a download of LaCharity that I have read through the questions and rationales. Again, very sorry you didn't pass this time but you will pass it...just don't give in to discouragement. Brenda


I am so sorry. Maybe a content review is in order. I looked over my lecture notes from school and I think that it helped me. Perhaps do that until you see your report before you spend any money if you have to at all!

Thank you everyone for the encouragement.. I am blessed to be in this group!

[COLOR=#003366]dbrenda1510 I am going to give a try and use a different program other than Hurst and Kaplan which is Sylvia Rayfield.

I contacted Kaplan and waiting for my CPR to get my refund money. I still can do Kaplan Q Trainer are always available online.. but I choose to use a different program style since I already used Hurst & Kaplan. I will be also using PDA again as refresher few days before my board. I am staying positive because I love my career and I want be a Nurse soon :) Good luck in studying!! I already registered for my second attempt to stay motivated!!

[COLOR=#003366]Graduatenurse14 I used Hurst and I studied my contents.. I was writing all ABG like Respiratory Acidosis its hypoventilation ( penumothorax need to use incentive spirometer) Respiratory Alkalosis Hyperventilation (need to rebreath CO2 back) during my board... I learned so much from Hurst... I need a strategy and I learned by listening to videos so I will purchase Sylvia Rayfield as soon I get my CPR because Kaplan won't refund me till I fax them my offical CPR reoport. Thanks for the tips :)

How can I download the LaCharity ?

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How can I download the LaCharity ?

Amazon or B&N it's a kindle or nook version but can be viewed on a PC or tablet.

Amazon or B&N it's a kindle or nook version but can be viewed on a PC or tablet.

Thank you !!

hi hmahdoui - i'm sorry you didn't pass! but keep staying as motivated as you are, you will pass!! i have no doubt

do you have any tips for taking it? i've done about the same review as you for the exam and around the same scores. do you think content or strategy was more of a problem?

[COLOR=#003366]RN-joy I knew content very well especially I used Hurst videos I don't want overwhelm myself.. I decided to use the kaplan strategy book I just bought it online.. and use kaplan again since I can reuse it for free.. and listen to Hurst videos as refresher too! Hope this will work!! I don't want use new reviews and ovewhelm myself I already signed up for my second attempt!!

I personally would practice how and why you are answering the questions the way you are. You really need to look for key words and clues in the answers and questions such and "alike answers" etc. THEN you need to take that with you to the NCLEX. Make sure you use the same strategy when taking the actual test. I used Saunders and the HESI Comprehensive for NCLEX. Both give strategies for test taking, study THOSE!!! THEN.....practice the questions over and over and over.

This book is excellent for breaking down questions and how to narrow down options. Its only about 100 pages too so really quick review but great content.

[h=1]Saunders 2014-2015 Strategies for Test Success: Passing Nursing School and the NCLEX Exam / Edition 3[/h]

Thank you guys for the advise! How about the Kaplan strategy book? I heard good things about it and I ordered it for 21$ online..

I am also going to attend two hours seminar online for Kaplan who is retesting again!! Hope that helps too!

If you are not already doing so, keep in mind that you should go over your right answers as well. Like grudgrime said, it is more often about how the question is worded and what multiple choices they use to make you critically think. To be honest I didn't really study content for my NCLEX because that is what nursing school is for , I used my Kaplan books only to brush up on meds and to brush up on some topics. Pace yourself and try not to overwhelm yourself with content.

Good Luck!!


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