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  1. Tanyasands

    Finally PASSED 2nd time!

    Any advice or tips for repeating testers ? CONGRATS RN !
  2. Tanyasands

    Passed NCLEX on 2nd try! My Story

    Thanks again !! I will keep you updated :)
  3. Tanyasands

    Passed NCLEX on 2nd try! My Story

    Thanks for replying & sharing your experience !! It's nurses as yourself that keep future nurses as myself encouraged and motivated to conquer that nclex. Thank you so very much !!
  4. Tanyasands

    Passed NCLEX on 2nd try! My Story

    Congrats !! I too failed the first time with 265. I used NCSBN and did questions from every resource I could find. This time I am doing the Kaplan on demand, nclex RN mastery app, Lacharity , and if time allows going through the NCSBN again. Can you give some insight on how you would compare the first exam to the second ? I am more nervous about this time than the first.
  5. Tanyasands

    passed! using only kaplan

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Congratulations :)
  6. Tanyasands

    Failing the NCLEX for the 2nd time

    I used NCSBN for my first attempt and failed with 265Q. This time I am using Kaplan review on demand. I really liked NCSBN but I feel the Kaplan may better help me with strategies. I am also using the nclex mastery app and I will be looking through my Lacharity book again. I feel like preparing for the second attempt is more stressful than the first. We made it through nursing school and we can pass nclex. Just have to keep studying and remain confident. WE WILL BE RN's
  7. Tanyasands

    Major anxiety on SATA and Drag & Drop Questions for NCLEX

    I am using Kaplan review on demand to prepare for my second attempt . My first attempt I used NCSBN and did questions from every resource I could find but ended up failing with all 265 questions. Along with Kaplan I plan to go through the Lacharity book I have and complete the nclex mastery app along with reviewing the study guides I've found floating around. My biggest issue is test anxiety and I am hoping the strategies from Kaplan will help with that. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  8. Tanyasands

    Failed with 75 questions

    Thank you !!
  9. Tanyasands

    Failed with 75 questions

    How can I download the LaCharity ?
  10. Tanyasands

    Failing with 265q. Lack of content or strategy?

    I to failed with 265q. I was also told that my problem was lacking strategies as well as dealing with test anxiety. I used NCSBN my first attempt. I liked it a lot however for round two I've decided to take the leap and do the Kaplan online review / redo NCSBN / Saunders questions / and I'm using the nclex mastery app on my phone. My first attempt I was studying 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month and a half. This time I'm allowing only 4 hours a day, 5 days a week review followed by no more than 150 questions. I feel like this has helped me retain information rather than cramming. I feel confident this time, more so than my first attempt even though I have not scheduled a retake date. I'm not rushing this time with scheduling, I will know when I feel ready and I'm going to PASS and so will you my friend.
  11. Tanyasands


    Wheres the guide you posted ? I'd like to look it over. Thank you.
  12. Tanyasands

    Passed nclex-rn 2nd time

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!! Is there anything you would suggest for me to look over ? I've had some people tell me they felt like the second attempt was more of a critical care & Pharm test while their first attempt seemed more like Fundamentald & OB.
  13. Tanyasands

    Passed nclex-rn 2nd time

    Thank you for the reply !! :) Would you say the both nclex tests resembled each other as far as content or did you feel they were total different tests ? We all know we will NOT have the same exam , but were you blind sided by things on your second test versus the first or were they pretty similar to the fact as long as you studied / did practice questions following the score sheet they send you pointing out ( near passing , below passing ) areas it was ok ??? I'm freaked out thinking I'm going to prepare one way and the second test is going to throw me for a loop. :/
  14. Tanyasands

    Passed nclex-rn 2nd time

    how different was your second attempt compared to the first ? I am preparing for my second try after failing the first time with 265.
  15. Tanyasands

    Passed nclex-rn 2nd time

    Thank you so much for sharing !! Congratulations to you RN :)) I am working on prep to retest my second time. I have been very confused as to what I should do this time to prepare. My first attempt I used NCSBN 6 days a week with no LESS than 8-10 hours a day. I received all 265 and was "near passing" or "above passing" on all areas except 2. A good friend whom successfully passed with 75 questions has advices me to use Kaplan this time simply because I have problems with breaking the questions down. I was hesitating on purchasing Kaplan but after reading your post , I feel that maybe I should give it a try. My original plans were : Saunders , Lacharity Prioritizing book , and do the NCSBN again. What are you thoughts with mixing different study materials and opinion about Saunders or the other sources I've mentioned ?? THANK YOU :)
  16. Tanyasands

    Kaplan & Saunders scores for NCLEX RN (2nd timer)

    I have not scheduled my new test date. I try to remain positive about testing again but I'm so scared and afraid of not being prepared. I felt very prepared the first time and failed so my confidence has been blown away. I know everyone learns differently but I've heard so many good things about Saunders and the NCSBN. The first time I didn't use the prioritizing book and I wish I had so I'm hoping with using all 3 resources this time I will finally pass that nclex.