failed NCLEX-RN seven times... could anybody help me! i am so desperate.....

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Hi Everyone! I am just new here and i immediately signed up when i read your comments. I am on the same boat as all of you, i took NCLEX seven times already but sad to say, luck is not on my side. I've wasted lots of money and opportunity. I really really want to become a US-RN like my friends and batchmates. I graduated 2005 but until now i haven't passed the NCLEX exam yet. I sometimes think that i am the most dull person on earth. My family has always been supportive of me, encouraging me to take and never give up...

Right now, i really want to make it this time. 8 chances has been wasted already. Could anyone please help me and give some advice coz i desperately need it!

Everybody i know has passed this exam already..

Please... HELP!

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I agree with the comment about the screen name...took the words right out of my mouth. I feel like hypocrite saying this because I have my own issues with confidence, but you have to be confident and think positively! And please don't let family members stress you out!! They don't understand how important the test is, even though they claim to!

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Is it true that after failing 3x you have to do something lke a refresher course?

Don't lose hope! You finished your nursing school and if you did that then you can conquer NCLEX as well.

Regroup and arm yourself with knowledge you need to pass, be confident the next time you sit and use the test taking strategies to eliminate the other options. Good luck in your preparation.

I think that is true in some other state like IL...but in CA you can take it 8 times within a year...Dont loose hope.. we can pass this MONSTER ...

It's good to know that there are others in this world like you! Everyone that I am surrounded with "claim" that they passed boards on the 1st attempt and I feel so alone. I have failed 3 times but I refuse to give up! I will pass the NCLEX! I have been praying, studying, fasting and believing but I realize that this must come in God's time. I agree....failing this exam can make you feel dumb, ashamed and embarrassed! But I am still gonna believe God. My day will come. I will sit again in January and pray that God will grant me the desires of my heart! I am gonna take a different approach this time. Kaplan Review, Saunders Questions only. Too many books have confused me! I will study as though I am taking the exam! I have learned that It's not how many questions you do per day but to understand the ones that you do. (This is my tactic)! Please Pray 4 me! AVSRN

i took my nclex-pn for the 8th time today, got 205 questions, not sure will i pass or not, but i will still keep on trying.

Try Kaplan.. it is a great confidence boost and you learn a lot. Well worth the $500!! Good luck and keep your head up!

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Take the HURST Review. My entire graduating class swears buy it. As far as I heard only one girl did not pass but passed the second time. 7 times is a lot to fail, you definitely could use a review class of some sort, because you need help studying properly and how to take the exam, and because it has been a while now since you have been out of school.

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another vote on change of screenname. A review course would be helpful this time around

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...first...change your profile name...i don't think it is good for your own morale.

you are not a failure and neither is anyone else who does not pass the nclex on their first try. it is okay to go through the grief process when you fail the nclex; however, you must believe in yourself before you can move forward. without this, you cannot focus on the nclex.

you need to read your nclex results and determine where your weak areas are. the results will tell you the areas where you were below/near/above passing in the 8 categories that are tested on each nclex exam you have taken. once you do this, you may find that you need to go back and review nursing content--and fully understand it--while you continue to practice nclex questions. practice, practice, practice nclex questions. with each question that you complete, make sure you understand the rationale--even if you got the answer correct; and understand why the other (wrong) answers are incorrect.

you may find yourself studying for another 90 days before you are ready to test again. as you complete more questions, you will build your confidence level. but only you will know when you are ready to take the exam again.

...try "abcs for foreign nurses" and "nclex-rn in a flash" by ray a. gapuz. he is from the philippines and has his own website (just perform a google search of "r.a. gapuz" and you will find more of his information). at there is a testimonial from a philippino nurse who took the nclex 10 times before she passed in the u.s. she used these two books by gapuz in order to understand the nclex.

good luck with your studying! :up:

this is my 4th time to take the test fortunately with the help of our good lord i passed my nclex rn exam. i would highly recommend the book of josie quiambao udan specifically for foreign graduates. its a 2 series book.

nclex-rn test-prep for international nurses authored by mam josie quiambao-udan....

series 1 - covers funda, maternity and newborn nursing, pediatric nursing and psychiatric nursing

series 2 - medical surgical nursing and pharmacology

maybe god want to challenge you.. dont give up.. you have your family and friends that will support you yet. so take it as a challenge not a problem.. just pray, study hard and god will do the rest!

plz honey, u need to change ur screen name, i believe u are not a failure..and u will make it very soon with the help of GOD ok.....take ur time, sit down get good review book and a stragedy book that will help u to figure out how to tackle a question at a time and dissect, dont rush to read it and have a jotter to jote things down...HURsT REVIEW AND KAPLAN ARE taking my exam soon, i pray that these will help me plz take it easy ok..

:thnkg::thnkg::thnkg: You can persist through every discouragement and when you do, anything is within your reach. In fact, the more discouragement you move beyond, the more valuable and magnificent will be the things you accomplish.

Certainly there are plenty of things which can frustrate and discourage you, but that doesn't mean you have to be frustrated or discouraged. You have a much better, much more effective, much more positive and fulfilling path that's yours to follow.

You can choose to persist, to rise above the challenges, no matter how difficult and complicated they may be. You can choose to keep moving enthusiastically ahead, and refuse to let anything discourage you.

Those things which might otherwise discourage you will positively energize and revitalize you when you're committed to reaching the goal. Those things which might otherwise be reasons to give up will instead compel you to move forward when the results you seek are meaningful enough.

Give no time or energy to being discouraged. It feels lousy and it does not get you anywhere. Instead, stand up tall, put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Persist in doing what you know is right, what you know will make a positive difference for yourself and your world, and thrill to how absolutely great it can be. :thnkg::thnkg::thnkg:

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