failed NCLEX-RN seven times... could anybody help me! i am so desperate.....

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Hi Everyone! I am just new here and i immediately signed up when i read your comments. I am on the same boat as all of you, i took NCLEX seven times already but sad to say, luck is not on my side. I've wasted lots of money and opportunity. I really really want to become a US-RN like my friends and batchmates. I graduated 2005 but until now i haven't passed the NCLEX exam yet. I sometimes think that i am the most dull person on earth. My family has always been supportive of me, encouraging me to take and never give up...

Right now, i really want to make it this time. 8 chances has been wasted already. Could anyone please help me and give some advice coz i desperately need it!

Everybody i know has passed this exam already..

Please... HELP!

I failed the NCLEX-RN 5 times, so I know exactly how you feel.:yawn::yawn::confused:. I am so confused right now, don't know what to do get it re-started, or maybe just to give everything up. I got done with school since 2002, and it has been going 8 years. Please someone help me! Thanks!

if it makes you guys feel any better, here in Canada we only get 3 chances. If you fail the third time, you no longer get to work as an RN EVER or you have to appeal to the Canadian College of Nurses... now that's messed up!

one time, two times, three times.... just keep studying... study hard, manage yourself, do lots of practice questions, etc.

Can you tell us more... What was your study plan. How many hours were you doing, what amount of questions, other materials you used, how you process your thinking when answering questions???What are your habits, why do you believe you failed? That's the first step, you have to answer why you believe you failed.

Never lose faith. My wife is a wonderful nurse, she is just horrible at test taking. On try number 10-------------yes 10---------------------she passed------------- What she did to pass was really learn and practice test taking strategies.

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