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Hello... I failed nclex in june i have already registered again (august 21st) and i have signed up for the courses at NCSBN which i think are better than kaplan - iused kaplan before... so now im doing ncsbn and exam cram books..... sigh i just keep getting discouraged. found out out of my class of 39 only 3 people including me didnt pass (14 people havent taken it)... and im the only one out of my friends... sigh... i dont know what else to do different im just trying to do as may questions as i can and practice tests and reading all the rationales even if i get the questions right... sigh...

The best advice I can give is to do as many questions as possible! Don't fry your brain either, I would do about 100/day-150/day. By the time i took the exam I had done approx. 3000 questions. I am certain that if i would have done a lot less, I would not have passed. Also, pray :heartbeat!! if God sees you are doing your part and studying as much as possible... I can guarantee you that he will not let you down! Have faith in yourself, you can do it :) you got through nursing school, this is only a matter of time :)

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So you say more questions then content? I'm doing both and content so much time

@wildfireness.... Yeah i dont think Kaplan is as good as people say. im fiding NCSBN alot more helpful and the questions are more like what was actually on NCLEX. its funny though once i started telling people i found many of the nurses i work with now didnt pass the first time. i took about a week before i was like okay.. i gotta get my butt in gear i dont have extra 200 laying around to retake this multiple times... lol i really like my NCBSN and exam cram books... i fid them very close to what i saw on NCLEX...

@Anne36... well either you did really well or didnt pass... i didnt even try the pop up thing i didnt have a good feeling as soon as i walked out... and i cried the whole way home... sometimes i think people just get a crappy test... just take some time and get yourself back together after you find out (or party if you pass!!) then just start over again... doing tons of questions is the best way i think online tests are a good way of finding out where you stand also.

I just liked NCSBN because thats the national counsel sooo they write the NCLEX i figure they would be the best... they have good info its alot but its condenced also...

@ thereshope... Yeah i was near in everything except one which was below... i felt the same if i was doing that bad why let me keep going... a friend of mine got all 265 and pass... that made me feel even worse.... IM just doing alots and lots of questions... hopefully ill get it this time.

@Assess&Safety1st Yeah i think questions are the way to go you cant possibly remember everything... if you do questions you get the feel for them more...

@lovinglife i did about 3000 last time!! so im just trying to do like 20 or so at a time in blocks throughout the day... and taking sat and sun to just relax but monday - friday its about 150-200 a day and i do practice tests and i have my ipod touch with apps for it so i can do it when im just waiting for something...

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Today, I am aiming for 300 q's. I didn't do any questions Fri - Sat, I was out of town. I feel so bad for not doing any questions all weekend.

@assess i dont do questions of the weekends... i dont feel bad about it because everyone needs downtime... you have to do what your comfortable with...

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Awe thanks, I was being so hard on myself.

Dear nurses,

I hope and pray that you all wouldn't be discouraged or lose hope.

Believe that you can do it ( that's the main key)

Just be sure with your content, normal values, and master the strategies that they use to question you on the NCLEX-RN, practice your question ( the alternate format ones especially)

One thing that really helped me was the question trainer on the Kaplan online review course. If you could get your hands on it, that would greatly help you in strategically figuring out the correct answer.

Wish you all the luck!!

ugh just having a rough day... feeling pretty crummy about all this... and ihave now 29 days till i retake it... :(


The results on hold has nothing to do with passing or failing. Keep checking. I got the results on hold pop up as well, and passed. It has something to do with flagging your exam. My test center ran out of computers and told me I wouldn't be able to test. In the end they let me sit around and wait for someone to finish. So, my test got flagged because of that.

Keep your hope up!

I failed my nclex today. Any tips to pass it on my 2nd try? I really need help:(

@jay there are lots of suggestions on these forums... and lots listed in this thread if you read from the begining... but everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another... so its hard to say and you just have to read the suggestions and take what you can out of it.

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