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  1. Nurse Informatics MSN Info (Salary, experience, etc)

    At my system a MSN doesn't get you much more than a BSN. I'm in Milwaukee wi. It really depends on location too... at our place entry level NI with no IT experience but RN clinical experience is starting at about 60ish. Then goes up from there.
  2. Yeah for sure! Which hotel do you stay at?
  3. Nursing Informatics

    Is for sure say get some hands on nursing bedside care experience. We require at least 2 -5years of nursing experience for nurses and a BSN or MSN (I'm sure your masters would be fine). The reason they want bedside experience is because they NIs are...
  4. Do you need IT background to be a nurse informaticist?

    What they said! :)
  5. Yay!!! I'll be there feb 14-17 for ASAP cert! Glad you had a blast
  6. did any of you share your first job offer on Facebook?

    I shared my positions at my job I've been with my hospital system for 10 years but I don't post anything else about work.
  7. When to clamp a PICC

    I'm thinking she means like the green clean cap?
  8. Informaticist job not requiring experience

    I didn't have any experience in informatics prior to accepting my position and I had a BSN which for my area is the minimum requirement.
  9. NI Entry Level Pay

    Entry level for NIS- associate is between 62-65. Depending Experience this is Wisconsin
  10. A day in the life of ..............

    No clinical experience? Are you an RN? You might be able to try to get in as an analyst
  11. Help needed with interview questions

  12. Good luck! Make sure to go down the slide in the heaven building :) totally walk around and explore as much as you can!!! The food is awesome too. The coffee is the best around :)
  13. Where did you get your MSN Clinical Informatics Degree?

    Different areas... my area doesn't requrie them. They require a BSN and RN experience
  14. Exasperated and in need of advise, Please

    Before jumping into a DNP program work as an RN for awhile. Most informatics positions want at least 2-5 years working experience prior to moving into that role. A MSN and DNP doesn't mean squat sadly it's not required for the most part only a BSN is...
  15. Where did you get your MSN Clinical Informatics Degree?

    You know you don't need a MSN for most informatics positions? Id say get into that field first you might hate it... then go to get your MSN, board cert informatics nurse has a bigger impact but you can't get that unless your working in that role.