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Hello... I failed nclex in june i have already registered again (august 21st) and i have signed up for the courses at NCSBN which i think are better than kaplan - iused kaplan before... so now im doing ncsbn and exam cram books..... sigh i just keep getting discouraged. found out out of my class of 39 only 3 people including me didnt pass (14 people havent taken it)... and im the only one out of my friends... sigh... i dont know what else to do different im just trying to do as may questions as i can and practice tests and reading all the rationales even if i get the questions right... sigh...

don't let this bring you down.. take it as a challenge my friend.. i'll share you my story... i also failed my first time and knew i there's something wrong with my preparations. mentally, i wasn't really motivated: i ONLY read an MS book published 2004 didn't even finished it and answered kaplan questions. physically, i start studying around 3pm till 3am in the morning not really healthy & efficient. i didn't have a proper schedule & most of the time i spent my time outside instead of reviewing. being a foreign graduate, it wasn't really wise of me to only review for a month since i started not knowing anything about NCLEX, i didnt even know how the grading works. took my exam full of anxiety... 8am, 265 questions (took me 5 hours) after knwing i failed.. i thought how stupid and a loser i am.. but then, i realized that everything happens for a reason.. God has plans for all of us right? so right there and there i paid person vue and prepared on my exam. i started, reading motivational stories here on the net to get me pumped-up then i took a piece of paper and wrote every topic i know i need to study, also made a study schedule. for the first few days i watched videos teaching strategies & basics of NCLEX.. just to reflect on what adjustments should i take, how would these strategies could help me and when can i utilze them. after mentally preparing myself, i started reading saunders 5th edition for my content.. i studied patho-physiology of each diseases cuz in my opinion if you understand how the problem happens then you'll be able to understand why/how does it cause these manifestations etc. then i studied LaCharity.. w/c really helped me a lot.. cuz im not really good in delegation. also, improving your content means improving your skill in prioritization.. few wks before my exam i begun changing my routine, studying in the morning & answer question in the afternoon. i used nclex 4000 in my opinion has the most similar in terms of delivering questions like the actual nclex. i even saw two or three questions exactly similar to the ones i had in my first take. i took my exam july 18 2012, at 12 noon since i noticed that i easily get sleepy when i wake up too early in the morning. for me, the most important preparation and adjustment i did was praying sincerely.. praying helped me relaxed. It took my nervousness away, my doubts, my anxieties, my worries.. I believed in my self, i believed that i can. For my family and lovedones, for those people who supports me. for my self, for God. believe it or not, i felt good taking the exam, i was sitting well-postured, smiling and ready. my computer stopped at 75, and i knew i did a great job. went to church, then back home PVT had a good pop up.. then availed the quick result.. i passed.. i was so happy that eveyrthing i did are worth it. everything starts with overcoming the number one obstacle we have, which is ourselves. you just have to believe and not matter what happens don't give up. like the saying goes "the only time we lose is the moment we quit"... look around you my friend, those people who are most successful didn't reach their position without failing.. they won their battles cuz they believed and never quit. so turn that frown into a smile and bring that bacon home! always pray and have faith, goodluck future colleague! :yelclap:

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