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Hello... I failed nclex in june i have already registered again (august 21st) and i have signed up for the courses at NCSBN which i think are better than kaplan - iused kaplan before... so now im doing ncsbn and exam cram books..... sigh i just keep getting discouraged. found out out of my class of 39 only 3 people including me didnt pass (14 people havent taken it)... and im the only one out of my friends... sigh... i dont know what else to do different im just trying to do as may questions as i can and practice tests and reading all the rationales even if i get the questions right... sigh...

I am so sorry to hear this. keep on reviewing and when you feel comfortable with content. do a lot of questions.

I understand that it's devastating but you have to keep your head up! It's the only way you'll pass! Forget about your class/friends who passed and who didn't. Focus on yourself and what you need to do in order to reach your goal. You can do this! Dedicate yourself to NCLEX and believe in yourself...

Thanks guys... im trying to stay positive. and all im doing is lots of questions... :/


I failed the NCLEX RN in JUne as well. I felt the same way as you. Everyone in my class passed, I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS TO REPEAT THE TEST! So just imagine how I felt! But after crying a weekend and about three days, I started preparing for the test again. So this time I purchased Kaplan online review, I am looking at Hurst videos for content after I am finished with the online review, I have Saunders comprehensive and Saunders Q&A book, I also have Kaplan strageties and practice book and I just purchased Lachirity book. Between all these resources and prayer, I pray God will help me in making the correct choices when I take the test again! BUT WITH HIM, WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Don't you people worry I took Nclex and passed on my 2nd try June 21 2012 it is possible :)!!!

I also failed my nclex the first time I took it. :crying2: In 75 questions too... it felt like salt in the wound to hear everyone say that I realy bombed it...It was pretty bad for about a week after... I know its hard to get back into study mode especially when you have already been through so much school. The first time I took the test I used Kaplan to study with and according to all the predicter tests I should have passed. So for the next test I decided to use HURST review and I really enjoyed it. It was funny and it gave notes in an easy format to study. I just took the nclex for the second time today and the computer shut off at 75 again... I once again feared that I had bombed this test and cried the whole way home. I just recently tried to re-register and got the good pop up! :w00t: I am really hoping that that means I passed... If I did then I would recommend HURST review as a good study resource. Good luck next time!!! :D I know you can do it! Keep trusting God and do it through His strength. I will pray for you! Keep your chin up :yelclap:

I also used kaplan my first time and mine said i should pass also. thanks im hoping that NCSBN review courses will do the trick... im just doing all the post tests and interactive activities... so im hoping... my first time i had 220 questions...

I took my Nclex RN just this morning. I found out I failed a few hours ago but I knew I had failed as soon as the test was over. The questions were just too easy! I used Kaplan too and studied MY BUTT OFF! I completed all of the Qbank and Questions trainers and read the book all for about 3-5 hours a day, 6 days a week. I didn't get below a 50 on any of the tests either, my highest score was a 74, and Kaplan said based on my "Readiness results" I had a 93% chance of passing!! I'm still early in my "grieving process" but I don't know where I went wrong, since I prepped so much. What I think it was was nerves! In the back of my mind I kept thinking I wasn't going to pass. Then half way through the test, questions like "What is the stage of Erikson's theory of development for a 3 year old?" kept coming up and then I told myself basically "You're screwed". So after I lost my confidence, I couldn't answer the questions.

I am so happy to see that you have all ready signed up to re-take it! I've been looking for encouragement also It may take us multiple times to pass it, but what matters is that we keep trying and we keep our dreams in mind.

Anyways, I have faith in you and I hope you pass the second time in August. Much love!

by the way...I hate Kaplan right now ;]]]

Im in the same boat. I kept getting stupid questions off and on and then lots of SATA that I must have gotten wrong. I just took the test today and I dont mind saying that toward the end I couldnt wait for it to shut off. I only got the minimum questions but I just knew I wasnt doing well. Now Im getting the results on hold message but everyone else I know got the good pop up who passed. IM so discouraged. Im not sure what I can do differently for next time.

sweetlilwolf im here to tell you that i took the nclex in april two weeks after graduating and failed it at 205 questions, my life was shattered but i had to pick myself up from the ground and start all over again. i understand people will give you all kinds of suggestions on how to study but that kinda throws you off coz all of those ideas are great. look at your cpr report and see what you did bad on i can tell you my report said near passing near passing, and above passing standard and mybe one or two below the passing standard. yes you might have been near passing that is true but you were not consistent with your answers that is what you need to work on consistency. i never understood why the computer let me go all the way to 205 if i was doing that bad, i was on the boarderline and i needed to maintain consistency and go above the line, i kept going up and down, not bad enough to be kicked out but also not good enough to pass, but the computer sees you have potential so it keeps giving you more questions. it bothered me thati did that many questions and still failed, but my motivation was i don't think i did that bad. all i need is to be consistent with my answering. i would suggest getting the test taking strategy by kaplan this book helps you learn and understandd how to answer questions, you will not remember everything you did in nursing school so they don't expect you to know all of it but you need to understand what is it that they are asking that is the trick. i retook my test after 53 days and passed with 96 questions and trust me if i can do it so can you. study in blocks half hour then take a break or one hour then take a break don't kill yourself on the book in any case that only makes it worse coz you're not comprehending things. i wish you the very best and everybody who is getting ready to retest i know first hand how it felt so trust me i'm with you on this one. one more thing don't wait too long to retest, do yourself a favor and retake it as soon as you are able to because you will start forgeting the most important nursing concepts that you need to get through the exam. :) blessings to you all
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Good luck stay positive and keep studying.

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