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PRNketamine7 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. PRNketamine7

    Help with leadership and managment class

    Yes! I recommend the PDA book as well. I used it for leadership and NCLEX.
  2. PRNketamine7

    so EXCITED!! first job interview as a new grad RN tomorrow!!

    Congrats! Hope it goes well for you!
  3. PRNketamine7

    Has it been to long to test???

    I would call each state BON to get the most accurate information.
  4. PRNketamine7

    Pharm Exam HELP!!

    I would say A. You have to give the med by the route ordered. And as a side note, you can only give meds for the reason ordered. I.e it the order says Tylenol for fever or whatever, than it cannot be given for pain. You have to follow what the order...
  5. PRNketamine7

    Applying for a job while still in nursing school?

    It can depend on the hospital but most I applied to took the application before I graduated. I would say apply as early as you can. I applied for one job in December/ January. (I graduated in may).
  6. PRNketamine7

    Please clarify...

    Even if you weren't completely sure of when this med us contraindicated you can used elimination. GI is out, since it's not the most important thing, diabetes is out for the same reason (can correct a metabolic problem). Then your left with airway an...
  7. PRNketamine7

    What would you do?

    What was the outcome??
  8. PRNketamine7

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    I think if you have under 1 year of experience you apply to the new grad pool. I may be wrong.. You can always call and ask!
  9. PRNketamine7

    ncsbn, hurst or kaplan?

    The hurst covers everything. I thought it was really great.
  10. PRNketamine7

    ncsbn, hurst or kaplan?

    I second hurst!
  11. Not including the prerequisite time
  12. I did all of my prerequisites at a community college and transferred into a BSN program. Took me 3 years to finish.
  13. What about the child? If he really believes she is using, especially when the daughter is around, he should call the child protective service hotline.
  14. I second looking into switching to a BSN program. You'll be able to use the time on general classes do that you don't have to take them during your nursing classes. You're young. Take full advantage of that.
  15. PRNketamine7

    just a vent!

    You commit to memory very little of what you read. So, I personally much better when I read, and still have someone say it over and over. And then I go home and write notes over and over. Just because someone wants to know about something in parti...