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Failed the nclex the 2nd time... feeling down


Hello everyone,

I took the nlcex-rn for the second time around on march 31. I failed it the second time and I couldn't believe it.I feel like i've tried everything I can think of at this point. I studied with kaplan first time around and that did'nt work for me... this time around I studied with saunders, exam cram and lacharity... although I thought my study plan was great; I really don't know what happen!?!. Im so depressed especially since the test plan has changed April 1. now I feel doomed!!:uhoh3: I've been crying for two weeks straight, but I can't give up!! Now my ready to get myself together and get started again... But I feel so lost now, I don't know where to begin... :bluecry1:


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Is a pity to hear that you failed but pls dont loose hope. It happened to me few months ago, i called myself a failure. i failled myself, my family and friends, but i woke up one morning and tolds myself ''I am not a failure i still have hope, i will be a failure only if i accept it''.

Today im preparing again, very hard to see my dream come true. I have only one word to tell you, do not rest until you get this RN. Pick up your books and start reading again, start from those you have below passing standard, then near passing standard and then above passing standard. For the new added audio, go through the thread in this forum there are two links for audio practice. My dear wake up, for your morning will come soon, ''He that rest rust'' you have cried enough. In all do not loose hope in God, He knows all that concerns you.

Two weeks is a long time to feel down about something like this that is now in the past. Leave it in the past. Get a calendar, get a date, decide what resources to use, make a plan, and work your plan. It will never be over for you until one of two things occurs. Either you will pass the test, or you give up. Now don't give up!


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The feeling of not passing the NCLEX is a terrible feeling, i too failed my test the first time and it was awful passed the second time.. but do not give up keep taking it, as soon as u receive your license the failed experience will not even come to mind think positive keep studying hard! and you will pass.

Second time i reviewed my weak areas and use alot of online question similar to nclex and just took alot of practice tests.. Good Luck,

you will pass!

Thank you all for your encouraging words!!!


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Please don't lose hope sweetheart. I failed on my 1st try too and resat for it on 3/15/10 and passed but I took a whole year break before attempting it again. I know how devastating failing is but your title wouldn't say how many attempts you did it will say RN and that's all that matters. Keep trying and keep your head held high. Dry your tears you got in the nursing program and got through it successfully and that says a whole lot. At the end of it all you will look back on this day and realize just how difficult it was to get through and you will have a much better appreciation for your title. I'm not saying that failing feels good but god doesn't give us more than we can handle. An RN in the near future is coming your way slowly but surely!!


I failed NCLEX first time... Took 265 questions and left the exam feeling miserable! Was so upsetting to think of all the hard work I put into studying and preparing just to fail... But, I passed the second time with 75 questions! Just remain positive and focus on your weak points when studying again. I know its hard to think of what specific areas you may be weak in - but when I was doing practice questions (whether it was Kaplan, Saunders, ATI etc..) if I was getting specific types of questions wrong, I wrote down why - for example if it was the information I didn't know or the type of question I messed up on... And then I went back and studied that. It helped for me... Just remain positive, Dont give up!!

Take courage!! maybe you just need to study or prep differently...you can do it

I seem to recall some Japanese expression like, "Fall down nine times, stand up ten times."

Thomas Edison said something like, progressing in his research towards his successes, required increasing the velocity of his failures.

Also, I seem to recall some American basketball player saying, "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take."

I failed my first driving license test - I think I did a ticketable move. But I got it on the next time, because I kept going (and then drove cars for a living for a few years.)

I'm not even up near to your level. It's a character-building experience. Keep breathing...

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Hi nursing21,dont be sad..i failed twice also and now im preparing for my 3rd time ...we can make it!

Take your time. I too failed twice, i passed the third time. Dont rush, because there isn't any jobs anyway....so take your precious time and study everything all over again!!

Again take your time, what is the rush?


thanks... im taking my time reviewing again.; and im very thankful for this website because you guys are so encouraging!!

hi nursing 21, dont lose hope. i failed twice. it wasnt easy to accept at first but now i'm over it.

im studying now for nclex-rn, my 3rd attempt.

we can do this.......:nurse:

Pls don't give up!!!!!!!!

I will never give up!! It has been a really long road... one day this battle will be over for me... Thank you all for your encouraging words. It really meant alot to me!! I will pass the Nclex-RN!!!!!!