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LVN2010M specializes in Case Management, Psychiatric Nursing.

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  1. LVN2010M

    Gave up an LVN job.

    I was working as an LVN at a LTC didn't finish my probation period. I gave this job up for a government job at a military base as a clinical coordinator tomorrow is my first day and i am so nervous i hope that i gave up LTC for something that will stay at for a long time only problem is this job is more administrative duties keep in mind i am a new grad.. so i am very nervous i will setting up a new program for soldiers called teleconference. I am nervous that at this job i will loose my nursing skills i don't Evan wear scrubs. So basically i would like advice the benefits that this job offers are awesome the pay is good but will this be good for me as a New Grad? and if not should i look elsewhere i just want a stable job.
  2. LVN2010M

    Failed the nclex the 2nd time... feeling down

    The feeling of not passing the NCLEX is a terrible feeling, i too failed my test the first time and it was awful passed the second time.. but do not give up keep taking it, as soon as u receive your license the failed experience will not even come to mind think positive keep studying hard! and you will pass. Second time i reviewed my weak areas and use alot of online question similar to nclex and just took alot of practice tests.. Good Luck, you will pass!
  3. LVN2010M

    Can't deal with it anymore

    I feel exactly the same way, your thrad is similar to mine called "4 weeks feels like 4 years" i dread my job as well everyday i go in i dont have a smile but anxiety and nerves i am always thinking omg i hope i did it right and i dont mess up constantly i have never been like this before ever! but my first year of nursing is tearing me up! its awful i fully understand your circumstance, there is no point in dreading our jobs we have to stick to it and hope this is first years nerves we will eventually find out if were we are is not for us then we must find elsewhere to work because nursing is my passion i love patients and residents and im sure you are the same way but LTC is not for me,..... message me anytime. If you ever need to vent about your day please do so because we are going through similar hurdles. .taking it day by day.
  4. LVN2010M

    Reality Shock...

    Nursing School got us through the NCLEX the real learning will be when your on the floor. Good Luck!
  5. LVN2010M

    First 4 weeks feels like 4months

    My orientation was 3 weeks if i remember correctly. The med pass isnt really my biggest problem i can honestly knock the med pass out fairly well, buut as far as the paperwork and documentatoin and administration is a completely different thing. I still dread going into work its is awful for me, i feel that at anytime someone is going to tell me "ok you have to go home" im not sure why i feel this way people tell me I'm doing fine but i do not like it not one bit. I am truly learning that the first year of nursing is hard! im working another job and i dont feel this way at all i like my on-call job im happy when i go and get out of work is fine, but LTC deff not... its so upsetting bc i need te experience to go out elsewhere. My plan is to stick it out for 6 months then carry on somewhere else because its not working out for me..
  6. LVN2010M

    does it really get better?

    I feel your pain.. when i first started my med pass i got the hang of it it almost cam naturally but as far as the documentation new admits, discharges, and transfers.. it takes me so very long! and i still cant get through it without help from my co-workers. I too feel incompetent at times im on my own finished orientation 2-3 weeks ago and i still get stuck, but i always ask and thank god i found someone that was willing to help... i dont feel like LTC is for me, im currently looking for another full time position so i can give a 2 week notice because i feel so overwhelmed and stressed i cant take it. If this LTC is indeed for you im sure u will get the hang of it and yes as far as med pass you will get familiar with the meds of your residents and eventually know it like the back of your hand. First year of nursing is hard but we all must go through it. Hang in there dont give up.. dont worry about the nurses lounging, get your med pass done and take your time.
  7. LVN2010M

    First 4 weeks feels like 4months

    My orientation is over and now i am on the med cart. I do not like LTC everyday i go to work i dont go in with a smile but i love the residents as far as the job i paperwork. I fear for my license b/c of the fact that i am a new grad w/ no experience and need help with documentation and paperwork. I honestly cry when i come home, i believe this job is not for me I have a heart of gold and absolutely love the residents and I hardly ever see them because of the paperwork and documentation i feel that in LTC this is what its like i want patient interaction and have a smile on my face when driving to work not worried, anxiety, decreased sleep... I'm just so sad because nursing is what i love but this job in not working for me. Is this a common symptom of first year of nursing?
  8. LVN2010M

    First LVN Interview!

    ]Im so excited and nervous at the same time. This will be my first LVN interview as of ]January 30 2010 when I recieved my license! :) I am currently working as a Medical Assistant at a family practice office for a year. The interview is at 3pm and i get out of work at 2pm should I go in my scrubs or interview attire? any advice? questions i might be asked at the interview? ] ]Thank You! ] ].wish me luck. ]
  9. LVN2010M

    2nd time around for NCLEX PN

    Hello, I too failed my LVN the first time around at 133 questions. Second time i took it it stopped at 134!! and I PASSED!! the trick does not work u jjust have to wait and see the results.. good luck!!
  10. LVN2010M

    Nclex pn results in ca

    i dont think it matters how long it takes for your results. I livei n CA as well and took mine the 16th of May and recieved it June 16th as well as my other classmates half of us passed and the other half failed. We all recieved it at the same time whether it was pass of fail. I hope this helps and remmebr stay positive because only u call ur destiny! so keep saying u passed and it will happen be confident! unlike mysefl i had a feelign i would fail my first time and i did, im kicking myself in the A** everyday. lol jk. FutureLVn.
  11. LVN2010M

    Re-Register online for Lvn in CA.

    ok well i failed the nclex now i need to re-register and pay the $78.00 fee. Does anyone know if i can do this online or does this have to be via mail?? i need a nclex date asap and this is delaying me.. so advice please??
  12. LVN2010M

    The Isolation Guidlines.

    One more question where would i find what pts can room together and what pts need private rooms. ex. a c-diff pt be with a vre pt? a mrsa pt be with a staph pt?
  13. LVN2010M

    The Isolation Guidlines.

    Im curretnly studying to get prepared for my nclex LVN and im trying to find a good way to review all the isolations guidlines as in what isolation and precautions would you take for a pt with chicken pox, rubeola, TB, aids, c-diff, mrsa, VRE ect.. ihave no clue where to start. Please Help!
  14. LVN2010M

    Nclex recommendation

    i have mosby and saunders and out of the two i like saunders the best.
  15. LVN2010M

    NCLEX results in California

    I live in CA and recieved my results in 5weeks. I believe it depends on how many people tested that day.
  16. LVN2010M

    The percentage of fail and pass?

    Thanx for your awesome advice! Im determined to pass i feel like nursing is truly my calling and i will keep taking it until i pass which hopefully will be one more try and i pass!! Thank YOU !