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I currently work at a military base as an lvn initially i was hired for a clinical coordinator and slowly picked p the case management duties.

My concern is that i miss patient care i received my license in February 2010 worked 4 months in convalescent home and on call at a psychiatric crisis center (which i still work) then got a job at the base.

I'm wondering if im in the wrong position as a new grad, i sit in my office and do tons of phone calls triage over the phone and basically mange the care of a client keeping up appointments documenting ect... all case manger duties.

I don't know if this is for me the job i can handle and seem to be doing well but never see patients however, if i change to a diff position i know for a fact that the pay will change tremendously. My current job pays very well for an lvn in CA $23.33 an hour!!

Please any advice would help!!


Thank You!!!

Keep this job. Get a part time job on your days off that allows you to do patient care. A person who works with someone I know, has an administrative job. She does home health one day a month (or a week, not sure which) and is satisfied that she is keeping up with her nursing skills.

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I so agree the the previous comment. Keep this job and grab something PRN one or two days a week. I wish i could get something like that.

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