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  1. masters-pn

    Looking for an LVN gig SoCal

    I finally was able to secure a gig with a registry I worked for as a CNA... they sent me to a spot that doesn't require experience :) Just completed orientation today. The only problem is that its 8 hour shifts, but I'll take that right now
  2. masters-pn

    Looking for an LVN gig SoCal

    I'm a new grad lvn (July 2010) and can't seem to find a gig in any of the local LTC's or rehabs! I live in Long Beach. Any ideas?
  3. Try learningextension.com
  4. masters-pn

    1st time NCLEX-PN TAKER

    Get learningextension.com....good luck
  5. masters-pn

    i took the nclex without reviewing

    Well, that makes you eligible for a 5150....
  6. masters-pn

    BAD POP-UP for PV TRICK but still PASSED?

    If you got the bad pop- up, please take some time off then start reviewing...
  7. masters-pn


    I tested on June 21st in Gardena and I just received my PN results! I really don't understand why we have to pay another $150 for the license hence wait some more....I doubt if the RN's pay the fee. Nevertheless, the check is on the way.
  8. masters-pn

    Did Nclex-PN this afternoon!!

    I just finished my testing and the computer shut down after 85 questions. I took almost 4 hours to complete the damn thing!! I got 50 SATA questions. My advise to anyone wishing to take the test is to purchase learning extension (LE). I bought it last Friday and most questions were from LE and man, I only got halfway studying it. Wish me luck my peeps. I live in Ca and I just did the PVT so I dunno if its too soon to pop the champagne...
  9. masters-pn

    ATT Agony...

    Got the ATT today ... scheduled to take the test in a couple of days
  10. masters-pn

    ATT Agony...

    I live in Cali and registered for the PN test thru Pearson-Vue 4 weeks ago and Im still waiting for the ATT....YES I have called PV and the PN Board almost daily and I can't get any + response !! Anyone else goin thru the same dilemma??
  11. masters-pn


  12. masters-pn

    Pearson VUE - NCLEX Registration - HELP!

    Guys I'm going on my 3rd week still waiting for my ATT in Cali...I called PV last Monday and they told me to give them at least 7 days!! Dunno what else to do but wait..
  13. masters-pn

    Nclex-rn/SATA ???

    check out the Kaplan book at your local Borders and it'll give you an idea as to how to answer the questions (SATA)
  14. masters-pn

    NCLEX-RN on 05/17

    Good luck !
  15. masters-pn

    How long is the "ATT" wait in CA for PN??

    Thanks guys...
  16. How long after you register with Pearvue does the CA BVNPT issue the ATT??