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mom2sam has 3 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. ohhhhh where are those tissues! I love this post! It's a reminder of what nurses and health care workers do on a daily basis to treat our patients physical and psy. My very first tear jerking moment came about when I was a Psych ER tech and a female patient that was considered by other staff as a "regular" and often times ignored said to me one night as I entered the unit to work the 11-7 shift "The pitter patter of your shoes makes my heart so happy, I know I will be cared for and I thank you" all I could do was hug her and i later took a few minutes to let my tears roll. I love Nursing and I cannot see myself doing anything else.
  2. mom2sam

    A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, I am a new hospice nurse (will be on October 20th actually) and was truly moved by your poignant presentation of what hospice entails for patients, their loved ones and the nurses that do this job with heart. Needless to say I am a bit nervous as I have no Hospice experience. Here's hoping that my care and compassion for my patients and nursing will take me through.
  3. mom2sam

    Hired Today!!

    Hello everyone, I was hired today as a Hospice admission liaison RN and I will be having tons of questions i'm sure in the near future :) For now however what would be the salary for such a title in NY? I have 2 years of med/surg experience in acute care and an associates in nursing and am currently matriculated into my BSN program.
  4. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Thank you Tok!
  5. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Hi Murse, how are you? My professor is Mrs Hathcock so we're not in the same class Goodluck to you I'm done with day one too! :)
  6. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Thank you everyone for your replies, Murse I will get my class info on the 28 th and I will keep you posted.
  7. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Murse r u going the online route? I ask because I just saw you're loc in az
  8. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Hey Murse, maybe we can connect! Where r u located? I'm in NY
  9. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Thank you Flame! I'm glad to hear you like it thus far!
  10. mom2sam

    QCC pre-nursing needs info and advice.

    Hi, i graduated from qcc nursing program in 2009, I know the feeling you describe all too well. In terms of the Pre reqs you have to score a B or better. It is a highly competitive program, and you must be prepared to dedicate time into it. Pre req courses take 4 semesters, due to the fact that you cannot combine classes since they have corequisites eg Anatomy 1 is co req to anatomy 2 and A2 is co req to microbiology. My rec take micro ALONE do no combine with any other classes. The nursing classes are also 4 semesters. NU 101, 102, 201, 202, and 203 which is writing intensive. 202 and 203 can be done together but the others are co reqs to each other. In nursing you have a get a minimum to C or better to move up. Good luck in your quest.
  11. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Thank you for your reply! Glad you're liking it thus far!
  12. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Hello everyone, i'm scheduled to start gcu rn-BSN on April 28th and I would like any info about your overall experience and also want to know if there are any study buddies that I can connect with that will be starting then or soon. Thank you for your imput.
  13. mom2sam

    Starting GCU RN-BSN

    Hello everyone, Im scheduled to start gcu rn-BSN online on April 28th and I'm wondering if there's anyone else out there that has started recently or will start soon. Any info will be much appreciated also such as overall experience etc. Thank you!
  14. mom2sam

    Home Health Job

    Hi, im sorry I don't have any answers for you. I have an interview for a home care RN position too I do have 2 years of med/surg hospital experience. Good luck in your quest.
  15. mom2sam

    VNSNY 2nd Interview

    Hello all I just passed the first interview for a Nurse Consultant position with VNSNY and I recieved a call for the second interview two days after the first one! I have never gone on a second interview however and am a little sceptical. :heartbeat Any advice for second Nursing interviews VNS or otherwise?
  16. mom2sam

    Are any New Grads having a hard time finding jobs?

    Hello all, I am happy to say that I was promoted t RN on Nov 1st. Monday I start my orientation on a Med/Surg Floor. Thank you lord. Please don't give up. If you can afford it take some certification courses like ACLS etc. Be ready for your interview. Keep on reviewing your materials from school from time to time. I have been at this hospital for 3 1/2 years as a CNA and I was originally promoted to a Psych Nurse but I sopke up and some of my previous ADNs and educators did as well and I was transfered to Medicine which is where I want to be. Even tho I was interviewed for the Psych position I was interviewed again by med/surg's ADN and she asked me alot of clinical stuff eg nursing intervention of pts with CHF, HTN, DM meds side effects assessments etc. which I would not have been able to answer accurately if I was not studying. Later I found out that she worked in the ER for many years and was really up on clinicals. She said to me that she is not hiring me for the years I have spent in that facility but because I am clinically component and proceeded to show me a folder of ten or so other applicants that she also interviewed for the same position that could not answer her clinical questions. Please don't give up I know it's hard. Keep reading and take anything you can get for now that is health related. I worked as a Psych Tech in psych ER for 7 months whilst waiting for my upgrade. Best of luck, Nurse Nunes