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  1. Hey everyone,

    As I stated earlier, I am planning on going the Excelsior route and am currently waiting for my transcripts to be reviewed. One of my friends told me that a fellow co-worker told him that Excelsior is a rip off and they fail everyone during their CPNE to make more money. Do you know the pass rates of the CPNE? This makes me very nervous!!!! THANKS

    Staff Update (June 14, 2017)...

    Peer reviews on Excelsior College can be found at Excelsior College School of Nursing | 80% NCLEX Pass Rates.

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  3. by   WPB-GN
    Not sure what the passing rate is but from reading the posts it appears many students posted that they have passed...Some people will always have their negative opinions, you must do your own research and make the decision that best fit your life. I, also hesitate because of all the negative comments about EC. I get a lot of encouragement from reading the post on this website. best of luck to you.
  4. by   OSUFan1
    I have the same reservations because of what i hear about the CPNE, even though it is not any worse than the HESI Exam, I hear alot of people have to take that 2-3 times before passing, but they dont pay over 2,000 dollars each time. I do know a girl i worked with who passed first time, she recommends a workshop if possible. Good luck 2 you, I am waiting for my transcripts to come in so i can get them mailed out to Excelsior and we will face the CPNE when we get to it.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I believe the pass rate is about 60%. Not sure if that's first time, or altogether.
  6. by   jsnurse44
    Quote from j1l4d
    Hey everyone,

    As I stated earlier, I am planning on going the Excelsior route and am currently waiting for my transcripts to be reviewed. One of my friends told me that a fellow co-worker told him that Excelsior is a rip off and they fail everyone during their CPNE to make more money. Do you know the pass rates of the CPNE? This makes me very nervous!!!! THANKS
    I have heard those statements as well. I have decided to do EC, so I believe that once you make up in your mind that this is something you can accomplish you shouldn't allow anyone to stand in your way...the choice is yours. I believe in EC and until I am proven wrong I am going to move forward. A lot of times you will find that when other people don't agree with your choices their comments can be dream killers....that is actually what has kept me from pursuing an EC degree. Now so many yrs later I could kick myself because I could have did this a long time ago. I am just getting started myself and have started studying for HS. I am excited and I have met someone personally that graduated and past their CPNE the first time. People can say what they want and I am sure it may not be the best program for everyone, but you will never now unless you take a leap of faith.

    PS: In regards to the CPNE, the advice that I receieved from a recent Graduate was not to worry about the CPNE right now, just study hard to complete the nursing courses. Then prepare, practice and study for the CPNE just like any other course. There are tons of study resources available when the time comes.

    Best Wishes
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  7. by   NC Girl BSN
    I almost didn't do EC because someone at my job went on and on about how the school ripped them off because they could not pass the CPNE x2. It scared my to DEATH! I got on the EC website and allnurses to learned more about the process and decided to do it. I was a brand new LPN and finished the EC program in 1 yr. Got to the CPNE and passed with no repeats. Now I am a RN on a Neuroscience floor making alot more money than before. Dont focus on what others say. Some people don't pass are bitter and talk bad about the school. You have to go to the CPNE prepared. They allow you to fail all the labs once, fail 1 adult and 1 Peds patient scenarios before they send you packing. Keep your ears filled with positive throughts and get through the nursing exams. Some people get so wired up over the CPNE and can't stay motived to pass the Nursing Test. Take it one step at a time and keep your eye on the prize.
  8. by   dstep102570
    I know 2 people that went through EC and passed their CPNE the first time. This program is doable if you stay focused and motivated. I lost my motivation for awhile but now I have it back and im going strong. I also have a good support system with my friends and family and I can't forget allnurses.com. Thanks to everyone on here for all the support and information you give!!!!
  9. by   stevefl
    There are many people who pass the CPNE the first time, as Lunah stated the first time pass rate is something like 60%. The total fail rate after three attempts is only 2% or less. The major reason for students failing the CPNE is not EC or the Examiners. It is totally the fault of the student not being prepared for the exam. If you follow the EC CPNE study guide to the letter, there is no way they can fail you. There is an appeal process in place, where if you were to fail your CPNE, EC will review the exam and decide if you fail, pass or retake the exam for free.
    You shouldn't allow another persons bad experience sway you from this education
    Good Luck to you
    Steve RN
  10. by   pavanneh
    I should could have been done with excelsior three years ago, but I was too afraid of the CPNE to take the course and finish. Now Virginia doesn't allow Excelsior graduates to take the exam. I will have to find a state willing to let me take the exam and be licensed in their state. Then reciprocate. I will probably get a job at a military facility or VA after graduating here in VA as I am former military and have an edge getting a job in one. Not a guarantee though. I just hope to pass and get a license somewhere. I am just going to start and see where it goes from there.
  11. by   Pixie.RN
    This month the powers that be in Virginia will be discussing allowing EC grads to have licensure by examination again, so stay tuned -- you might not have to worry about endorsing in with the 960 hours.
  12. by   TLSpaz
    I have known and worked with several successful EC grads, and plan on joining their ranks in a matter of weeks. The interactions that I have had with those who attempted and failed the CPNE seem to have a common thread; that being, they (for whatever reason) did not meet the "evidence-based" critical elements necessary for competency. If you know and can put into practice those foundational critical elements, then you have displayed objective evidence that you are competent for beginning nursing practice. If you cannot do so (again, for whatever reason), then there really are only two possible outcomes thereafter. The first is that you can become competent with additional learning resources and practice. The second is..well... that you just aren't competent. When viewed in this light, Excelsior's "low" pass-rate on the CPNE should be a comfort to our profession. We, and the public at large, should be reassured that incompetence is weeded out in this evidence-based, objective manner.
  13. by   nurse2033
    Excelsior is not a ripoff. The CPNE is pretty wicked hard and should be. It is their only chance to evaluate you in a clinical setting.
  14. by   smitty10
    i passed my CPNE on the 1st. try.