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EC grads, Post your year of graduation and your specialty/specialties. I'll go first: I've been a Level II/III Neonatal ICU nurse since graduation in January '06. Update 5/2018: I've... Read More

  1. by   stepbystep12
    Graduated EC RN for sometime. Now stuck not being able to work in my state of residency since they require some hours of experience to endorse rn license. Have active RN license in another state.
  2. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from stepbystep12
    Graduated EC RN for sometime. Now stuck not being able to work in my state of residency since they require some hours of experience to endorse rn license. Have active RN license in another state.
    A classmate during my ASN program had the same situation...which we all were aware of from the beginning (we had to sign a waiver acknowledging this before EC would allow us to enroll). He was licensed in Tennessee and started working there until he secured a VA position here in the Atlanta are. Now, in 8 weeks, he will graduate with his NP in emergency nursing. I'm very proud of him! He graduated from EC just a few months after I did, and he kept going.....with the imposed stipulations and all! This young man is married with 2 daughters, and should just be hitting 30 or 31 years of age! he plans to remain at the VA even though he has since endorsed into this state. By the way, our sate does accept EC (with additional preceptorship hours), but since he had a family relying on him and his parents were from Tennessee, the whole thing worked in his favor. Very smartly done!
  3. by   vokaybo
    I graduated in 1996 when Excelsior was USNY Regents College. I just completed my BSN at Grand Canyon University and have now enrolled at Excelsior for my MSN Education path. Prior to 1996, I was a LPN for 10 years. I have experience in NICU, Med/Surg, Repiratory Rehab, and Physical Rehab. I was M/S Charge Nurse;then M/S Unit Supervisor;followed by M/S Unit Manager; Manager of Nursing Performance; and finally my current position as Clinical Quality Analyst.
  4. by   dorrybnursing
    I just graduated this August. I almost used all of my 7 years to get the program finished. When I started I wanted to do Med-Surg in a hospital setting and couldn't as a lpn. After working 10 years in long-term care I decided to take a house supervisor position in a LTC facility, I will be supervising 6 units, I think it is a good fit for me.
  5. by   CaliLVN-RN
    Was anybody a surgical tech before?
  6. by   chiromed0
    Just to provide some encouragement...after EC I was hired at a hospital, day shift, for Cardiac/Renal two years ago. Now, ICU step down/intermediate care. I've completed a MSN bridge and about 98% done with my FNP. I'm also a D.C. so that helped some. Clinicals are where the EC program has fallen short and in my state I had to do some extra clinicals but it was fun, no big deal just time consuming. Everyone at EC was helpful in getting it done. At work nobody cared .02 what school I went to. As long as you can do the job they don't care...and to be honest my background didn't prepare me for nursing so I felt like I was starting from scratch during my probationary period at work so I paid CLOSE attention to EVERYTHING. That's not EC fault, I've seen others with the same problem from traditional programs. You can do whatever you want with the EC degree...it really is up to you. Online programs are very common now so I think any resistance you encounter will be non-existent in a few years.
  7. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    I'm an 2012 ASN grad, 2014 BSN grad and now I'm currently in FNP school through Simmons College. I was previously an LPN from 2006 to 2012. Have worked in home health, podiatry, derm, family care, adult /gero, LTC, acute rehab and case management for both adult and peds. Totally well prepared by EC curriculum and standards!
  8. by   stepbystep12
    Huge milestones right there. Glad to hear EC grads heading somewhere. Conglats.
  9. by   Pixie.RN
    I guess it's time for an update! ASN 2008, BSN (Chamberlain) 2010, will complete my MSN in Informatics at EC in December. I had some issues (my own, no fault of the school) getting my capstone completed so I had already transferred into an FNP program (Chamberlain again). I have put patho and pharm on pause to complete this Informatics capstone, but I should finish the FNP in February 2017. Was supposed to be December 2016, but I couldn't turn down the opportunity to finish my first MSN, and doing patho and pharm simultaneously with the capstone seemed really stupid! Lol.

    Also served four+ years in the Army Nurse Corps, just left active duty last month. Now in the Individual Ready Reserve. Had a great nine-month deployment experience as the ER nurse for a Forward Surgical Team (FST) attached to a Special Forces team.

    None of this would have happened without EC allowing paramedics to bridge.
  10. by   DanielEdgar
    Was a volunteer EMT and paramedic and worked at a motorcycle factory when I graduated EC in 1999 for less than $9K. After getting laid-off, I worked SNF as a nursing supervisor right after graduation. Since then, I have worked for the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, and now for a local community hospital in the ER as a staff nurse. I am a Certified Emergency Nurse and a Pre-Hospital Registered Nurse. I currently attend Capella University and plan on getting my BSN/MSN as a Nurse Educator by next summer.
  11. by   LucyLou88
    Regents ASN 1998, Excelsior BSN 2010. Same school, but the name changed. I worked in several areas: plastic and reconstructive sx, wound care, PACU, pain management, SICU and sometimes float pool to see what I might be missing! I was kind of a wandering soul, looking for experiences, looking to help people, to find myself. I've been a health writer and educator for several years now, and recently (last year), went back to school. I'm in the FNP/CNE dual program at UT Arlington. My plan is to work in a community clinic for a year or two after graduation, then go back for my DNP or PhD. Ultimately, this is all part of my retirement fantasy. When my kids go off to college, I plan to move to Hawaii (it's like a second home to me), work in a community clinic serving the underserved, and teach at the university. Before Regents ASN program, I was a BSN student at Baylor. But, I became very ill and had to take take off. Regents was kind enough to take me in once I was well enough to study again, and allow me to move quickly through their ASN program, giving me credit for my work at Baylor. This was life changing on so many levels. Looking back, I was not in the right place while at Baylor. Not my tribe. Another student and I found out we had the same kind of cancer at about the same point in the program. Stress was a factor. I went back to complete my BSN studies through Excelsior out of loyalty, gratitude, and because I knew the school to be rigorous yet supportive. If Excelsior had an FNP program, I would transfer...right now. Amazing school.
  12. by   LucyLou88
    Pixie RN...I want to be you in my next life! Seriously. It all sounds exciting, and I cheer you on as you manage to juggle all of these things, roll with the punches, and keep going toward your goals.
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  13. by   LucyLou88
    Hi TashaLPN, I am and FNP/CNE student at UT Arlington. I would live to hear about your experiences at Simmons. Please give me the scoop. I sometimes wish I had applied to Simmons. I generally like the smaller, private school experience. Are you happy there?
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