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  1. Awesome description!! Even though I am still new, this perfectly describes my day...EVERY day in the OR. I LOVE IT!! Barbara
  2. BarbaraNM

    9 Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    Good luck getting into the training program!! Hope you love it as much as I do. I just started Circulating this week and it is a new challenge, but everything is starting to come together. It is fun, challenging, exciting, and always interesting. You can't go wrong buying Alexander's 'Care of the Patient in Surgery... 15th edition is the latest. It may also be available to borrow from your local library (Mine got it from a Med School in AZ) Of course, after starting the program and buying the book 2 weeks prior, it was given out to the others and I had spent $100. Oh well... Also, if you are still a student, AORN offers a special deal for a 1-year membership. Pricey otherwise. Luckily, that is another's benefit of my program. The membership also includes a subscription to AORN Journal. Great publication. After completing my required 2 years after training, I may look into traveling. Seems like it could be very lucrative. Wishing you you the best.... and I say GO FOR IT!! Barbara
  3. BarbaraNM

    9 Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    I just wanted to comment on your suggestion that says the new OR Nurse should stay in one OR. The theory being that by working with the same surgeons, & always/often doing the same types of surgery, you only have to learn those particular surgeons & what they like & do. I'm not sure where you work, but in both medical centers I've worked in, we had to take call, even with routine night shift staffing; & we had to take weekend call even with a dedicated weekend staff. Emergencies happen, often while the regular staff is already operating. With that in mind, the potential exists that you may be required to do many different types of surgery, with many different types of surgeons!!! Therefore I would discourage anyone from simply staying in one room because it's easier to learn a few procedures done by the same surgeons repeatedly. If you'll be taking call, you need to be familiar with many, many types of surgeries, services, & surgeons, as well as a lot of instruments & equipment (or as you said above, many machines & utensils). I've been an OR Nurse for 33 years. I specialize in Neurosurgery, however, having worked in an Orthopedic surgery center for 7 years, I also do a day or two in Ortho. I've done practically everything except open heart. I can circulate & scrub just about anything, & was evening shift charge nurse in a busy medical center for 10 years, so dealing with emergencies helped me hone my organizational skills, plus learn to prioritize, gather any instruments & equipment which will be used as all as those that may potentially be used. I always keep a cart outside of the sterile core door into my OR with all of the possible instrument sets/equipment "just in case...." So don't try to limit yourself just because it's less to learn; instead, tell your charge nurse (or OR Nurse educator who may be orienting you) that you need to get into as many types of cases as you can, in order to be able to perform your job in the highest standard. You'll feel more confident & in control when on call or working an "off" shift. Plus, in the long haul, if you relocate & need to apply for a new job, having a diverse knowledge of all types of procedures & keeping up with new equipment will make you more marketable (especially having an edge over less experience nurses). Good luck to you!!! Great advice!! I am a new RN, working in my first Nursing job and am in a 6 month Periop program. My first rotation is as a Scrub, then I will be trained in Circulating. I have been in many different types of cases, and it is truly overwhelming! SOOOOO much to learn! But I am loving it!! I want to be able to do any and every type of case, but I admit, being in a room that is 'familiar' is somewhat reassuring at this early stage!! I will be placed into a Circulating role once I am sent to one of the 3 facilities that is a part of this hospital. Being able to do any case, either role, will make me a better OR Nurse and more marketable, if I ever decide to travel. Rose Queen, Spiker, and anyone else that contributes to these pages... thank you for the input and advice. It is excellent information!!
  4. BarbaraNM


    After starting this thread, I started researching and found it interesting that the Danskos of the past are no longer available.... unless you buy Sanita, who had been the original manufacturer of Dansko. When they split in 2007 or 2008, the production of Danskos was sourced out... 80% to China! It is possible to get Danskos NOT made in China... check the inside of the upper leather. If it is made in Italy or Poland, it should be fine, and may still be made by Sanita. Many people find the fit of Dansko unacceptable now, likely due to the lower quality construction in China. After trying on many pairs in both brands, I bought a pair of black leather Professional Dansko (made in Italy!) and a pair of glossy gray Sanita. The feel, fit and construction of both seems identical. Both seem to be easy to clean, especially the glossy ones. I will continue to check out the other brands, and plan on having multiple pairs of shoes for different functions. Thanks so much to everyone who replied!!
  5. BarbaraNM


    And I'm guessing you wear the rubber or vinyl clogs on scrub days, like Rose_Queen? What brand is best? I've seen a few that look ok... Thanks!
  6. BarbaraNM


    Thanks so much for the comments! I have tried on Dansko and they seem to be comfortable, and I am told Sanita are almost identical. I found a site that has factory seconds on Sanita... only $62 as compared to $120. I may take a chance and order these. Next one to check into is Alegria... I found a retailer close by. And a foot assessment is a great idea. I'll ask about the sneakers, too. I suppose I could wait for the first day of orientation on Thursday... and ask what everyone wears. I could have also waited until then to get my textbook - Alexander's - but I wanted my own and already have it. YES, I'm excited to start this training!!
  7. BarbaraNM


    Hello All, What kind of shoes does everyone prefer in the OR? I have started to look for something that will be comfortable for standing all day and durable... I've heard that Danskos or Sanitas might be good... I tried on some Born but felt like I might fall off the taller heel! Recommendations will be greatly appreciated! Barbara
  8. BarbaraNM

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    Hi, Just wondering how the Sanitas worked out for you? I am looking at their site now and they are offering 15% off for 4th of July. Thinking of ordering a pair.... Thanks!!
  9. This is a great thread!! I am also starting an OR Nurse Residency program next week. I am so excited but also a little nervous. The program is 6 months and utilizes the AORN's Periop 101 curriculum. They do provide the Alexander's text but I bought my own copy. There is a 2 year contract after training. I would love love to hear from others in this thread that started their training program... How was it??!!
  10. BarbaraNM

    New grad interested in operating room nursing

    Quote from bre7397 You definitely can't just "move" into OR nursing you need at least 1 year experience in med-surg and med-surg also usually requires 1 year experience as a nurse in general. Me too... Brand new ADN grad and hired into a Nurse Residency Program! It starts next week. 6 month training with a job commitment/guarantee for 2 years. I was told that no one is hired into the OR without prior experience UNLESS they are selected for this program.
  11. The College Network is a ripoff.... not to be confused with Excelsior College, a fully-accredited ADN program, which is in no way affiliated with The College Network!!
  12. You definitely made the right decision by running AWAY from TCN!! Don't feel sheepish.... they are hard-core high-pressure sales people!! I went to a couple of presentations 5 years ago and got the same uneasy feeling....started to Google TCN and found this site. They even kept hounding me for a while after I said NO!! I found an entire set of TCN binders on eBay for $200 and bought them. I also had some textbooks and a few SG101 discs. I started in 2012 and completed the program last year and have no regrets. Take that vacation and then start working hard toward your ADN from EC!! GOOD LUCK!!
  13. BarbaraNM

    The College Network study guides worth it?

    It is essential to understand that TCN is merely an overpriced supplier of study materials. Nothing more. The ADN is issued through Excelsior College.....one does not 'test through TCN'. My suggestion is to contact EC directly, and purchase TCN study materials if available through EBay. Other textbooks and study materials are also helpful and always go by the content guide for every exam and purchase EC's practice tests. There is a great FAQ sticky at the top of the Excelsior College page and also some great Facebook pages. Good luck!! Keep working on those pre-reqs!
  14. BarbaraNM

    I have an interview!!!

    Following this thread.... I will also be interviewing for an OR Nurse Residency Program... Good luck!! :)
  15. BarbaraNM

    CPNE workshops

    I passed CPNE 7/27/14 in Utica. In June, I took CPNEBootcamp workshop in Nashville and Christy's online careplan class. The reason I chose Christy over Sheri is that Christy's workshops are very small... 12 students with 2 instructors, so there is TONS of individual attention, all hands on practice with every area of care including documentation of every narrative note following the critical elements. The careplan class is 12 in 12 days, immediately graded with helpful comments. There is no way I could have passed first attempt without these classes. If you would like to read other comments, there is a Facebook page... 'CPNE Rate your Workshop'. Christy also really CARES about her students, and I consider her a friend! She called me a few days ago, just to follow up and see how I'm doing. It is obvious that teaching students is a true passion, and not simply a business venture.
  16. BarbaraNM

    CPNE complete.

    CONGRATS!! It is definitely a great feeling to be handed the 'generic' pass letter! I think you will find NCLEX to be less stressful than CPNE. I sure did!