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  1. BarbaraNM

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    Hi, Just wondering how the Sanitas worked out for you? I am looking at their site now and they are offering 15% off for 4th of July. Thinking of ordering a pair.... Thanks!!
  2. BarbaraNM

    College Network Rep. "LIAR"

    Hey... what happened? Did you cancel? Hope things went well for you..
  3. Wow... that is impressive! I need a little...no, a LOT... of your motivation!
  4. BarbaraNM

    College Network Rep. "LIAR"

    Yes, it is VERY different. If you want to compare College Network to other publishing companies that supply overpriced unnecessary study materials... IStudySmart, Rue, etc... then, yes... it would not be different. However... since College Network IS NOT A COLLEGE... comparing it to a college is like comparing apples and oranges. Also, aren't most colleges 'for profit'? Just my $00.02 worth...
  5. BarbaraNM

    College Network Rep. "LIAR"

    College Network is NOT A COLLEGE!!! It is an overpriced, third party publishing company... ie, a bookstore. It is not in any way affiliated with Excelsior College, from which the ADN degree is granted. Beware...
  6. BarbaraNM


    so, i ended up finding an online a&p through new mexico junior college for only $54 a credit. (and i am in a different state) for less than $300 a course, i took a&p i and ii through that online cc college. best decision ever. and because it was through a cc, it was for sure accepted. i have learned not to take anything without written approval from ec. wow, thanks for that info! i've lived in new mexico over half my life, and never heard of that college... (it is 5 hours away) and ec accepts their credits? nice... :)
  7. BarbaraNM

    College Network vs. Rue vs. Excelsior

    And... one more thing.... despite the misleading rhetoric from the SALES REPS from TCN (that are only trying to high pressure sell you their expensive study guides), it is absolutely not necessary to buy TCN study guides to get your ADN from Excelsior College. Go directly to the source: www.excelsior.edu Good luck!
  8. I do know two nurses that went through TCN for study materials, and graduated from Excelsior. Both said that the modules were VERY expensive... (essentially doubling the cost of becoming a RN). I also know of 4 or 5 others that signed TCN contract, are making the mandatory payments, but have not made a lot of progress with EC exams. As long as people keep in mind that TCN is nothing more than a (very) overpriced book store, that should keep it in perspective!
  9. BarbaraNM

    Starting with Excelsior in 2011

    I need some SERIOUS motivation, so this thread may just help with that! My official transcripts are ready to mail with the application to EC, and my desk has a big stack of study materials that I have begun to accumulate. Getting started is tough! So many of you have a LOT more going on than me, so I have no excuses!
  10. BarbaraNM

    The College Network - Legit or Scam?

    Excelsior College even has a warning about publishing companies that offer study materials, ie College Network: https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_College/About/Test_Preparation_Services After the 3rd day, you will be locked in to their contract, and will not be able to cancel. As someone mentioned, TCN study modules can be found on EBay for a fraction of the cost! Good luck!!
  11. BarbaraNM

    Older versions of TCN study guides

    hi, here is an older post i found, courtesy of lunahrn, that compares the old vs new. i also bought the 2006 modules on ebay, for a fraction of the original cost. hope this helps! mar 29, 2008, 08:01 pm it was a little more than renaming -- they added a few sections and moved some things around. here's a quick summary: essentials of nursing care: health safety = nc1 essentials of nursing care: health differences = nc2 essentials of nursing care: chronicity = nc3 + functional assessment (new) + end of life care (new) essentials of nursing care: reproductive health = nc3 + congenital anomalies (was in nc4) health differences across the life span 1 = nc4 (minus congenital anomalies) health differences across the life span 2 = nc5 + cognitive assessment (new) health differences across the life span 3 = nc6 transition to the registered professional nurse = nc7/foundations of professional practice there are a few things that i might be missing or can't remember, but that's it in a nutshell. :)
  12. BarbaraNM

    CPNE at Southern Regional

    AWESOME!! Congratulations!!!
  13. BarbaraNM

    Paramedic to RN via Excelsior

    Lisa, That was a GREAT thread you linked re TCN! Ivan really said it like it is...there IS a lot of material, and there are no shortcuts. Where I work, TCN is constantly sending us email, forwarded by our Education Dept. It almost seems like they are endorsing it. I recently wrote a long email to one of the Dept leaders, refuting TCN's claims. Not sure if they are going to use it.
  14. BarbaraNM

    Paramedic to RN via Excelsior

    Hi, If you search "College Network" on this site, you will find a wealth of information! Their 'modules' are not online... but, rather, binders that cost $400 - 500 each. You are locked into a contract, and end up paying approx double the cost of going through EC without these materials. In fact, EC has a warning on their site about such companies. I'll link it for you: https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_College/About/Test_Preparation_Services Also, if you search EBay... you can find their materials for a LOT less... just FYI! :)
  15. BarbaraNM

    Paramedic to RN: Getting Started

    "I am intimidated about going back to school, scared to spend a ton of money and not pass tests, scared no one will hire a nurse from an online school" Hi SlowZ, I share some of your fears, also... except the last one! I totalled it up, and, yes, it IS a lot of money, but the only logical way to go, for me. I have some ancient college credits that should count toward pre-reqs. I faxed requests for official transcripts to the schoools that I attended, then will apply to EC for review. I plan to CLEP the Psych Human Growth & Development and the English Comp, am starting to study Micro, to take the EC Exam....and then, the Nursing Exams. The first person I knew that went to Regents (former name of Excelsior) about 20 years ago worked as a Nurse, then went to PA school. Good luck to you!