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  1. Nervous1

    WGU Starting 9/1/15 - Question

    Care of Older Adult, Nutrition, Microbiology, Biochemistry done in the first 15 days! On to Professional Roles and Elements of Communication. Will have both done within the next 10 days. Whew, I tired.
  2. Nervous1

    WGU Starting 9/1/15 - Question

    I have Micro, Biochem, Care of older adult, Elements of Effective Communication as my first courses
  3. Nervous1

    Advice with Nutrition for Contemporary Society

    Apparently there are 4 videos that cover the content, each 1 hr long. I've heard that gives you all the goods to pass this. Check out the facebook page for the WGU RN-BSN group.
  4. Nervous1

    WGU RN to BSN 2015

    I'm starting Sept 1 plan is to finish in 1 term. Do something everyday is my goal.
  5. Nervous1

    WGU Starting 9/1/15 - Question

    I had my intake interview yesterday, paid tuition today and was told on the 15th was when the orientation opens up. I'm guessing once its done, the rest will open. Can't wait!
  6. Nervous1

    WGU Starting 9/1/15 - Question

    Thank you! The sooner the better!
  7. I have to wait to September 1 to start the RN-BSN program. I have everything done except my intake interview on Monday. Once I complete that and complete the orientation part, will I be able to see the courses and is it possible work on them before September 1. I'd like to get a jump start on Biochem with the models. I know I can't submit anything until after the 1st.
  8. Nervous1

    Help with title of research project

    Thank you both!
  9. I want to do a research project for work and I can't nail down a title. Basically I want to evaluate the effectiveness of our past and present glycemic management protocols in meeting the glycemic SCIP measure. Here are the ideas I have come up with: Past and Present: Evaluation of Achieving SCIP Measure Compliance in Glycemic Management of Cardiac Surgery Patients Evaluation of the Protocol Effectiveness in Glycemic Management SCIP Measure Compliance: Past and Present Past & Present: Evaluation of Two Glycemic Management Protocols in CT Surgery Any recommendations?
  10. Nervous1

    TESC and WGU Rn to BSN- prerequisites

    I'm on my 3rd TESC course, didn't have to retake anything from EC. Also, they took all of my courses even from FEMA, Straighterline, Clep and DSST and ACE credit which saved me alot of time and money. All I had to complete is the nursing courses. Best option for me because I needed a GPA higher than 3.0, which is why I did not go with WGU. A little pricey for me as an out of state student per credit hour, but its cheaper overall in the end without all the added coursework.
  11. Nervous1

    Undergrad GPA?

    When you say core, are you talking about nursing and science or just nursing. My BSN GPA is only nursing courses....I haven't taken any other types with that school. So for BSN core....I'm great....its just those Excelsior exams that I took, none were courses, only exams. I'm really worried about the GPA, but I've done other things to boost my application. I have my PCCN, will have CVN and CMC by years end, I precept, serve on nursing committees, completed clinical ladder at work and have a completed process improvement/clinical improvement project. I'm working on a Research Proposal for another process improvement currently.
  12. Nervous1

    Undergrad GPA?

    So I re-calculated my GPA. My BSN GPA is 3.65 currently, with 5 classes to go. My ADN thru Excelsior was 2.52. So my cumulative right now is 2.69. I have tons and tons of CLEP and DSST credit, with only 33 credit hours making up the 2.52 GPA. I have some room in my BSN free electives that I can fill in with community college courses before I graduate. I have a total of 39 letter graded credits for my ADN/BSN, the rest are credit by exam, CLEP/DSST. Since I am still in process of completing my BSN, do you think it may be wise to take a few community college credit courses to use as free electives and make A's in them to bump my GPA. If I get all A's in my remaining BSN classes, I'll be at 3.1 cumulative and 3.91 BSN. I'm thinking about a few Edukan courses like Medical Terminology and other health related courses. Also, my science GPA is 3.0. That way, my cumulative is improved to 3.1, BSN will be 3.91, Last 60 credits will be the same as cumulative because that will put me having only 62 letter credit class/grades, since most are CLEP. Does this sound like a plan?
  13. Nervous1

    Simmons FNP Course question

    Did anyone who started their FNP at Simmons get transfer credit for the Informatics course they took as part of their BSN program. I'm set to finish my BSN next spring and I have 2 Grad courses included in my BSN curriculum, Health Policy and an Advanced Informatics. I was hoping that the Informatics may not be needed, one less class to take :)
  14. Nervous1

    Undergrad GPA?

    Looking for a bit of clarification. My ADN GPA is way less than stellar....2.8, I went thru Excelsior and the exams beat me up pretty bad but the actual classes I took were all a B. Since then my BSN GPA has been 3.5 and I hope it continues. I am better at writing papers than taking tests apparently. As far as getting an MSN NP......do they look at your last undergrad degree or your entire undergrad history? I've heard the term "cumulative" and references to only the last 60 credits.
  15. Nervous1

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    2012 grad, was an LPN for 2 years prior. Now in open heart surgery stepdown unit with BSN in progress and hopes to apply to NP school next fall.