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  1. msrosebud28

    RN thinking of going back to school for dental hygeine?

    í ½í²¬Again, I never went through with it. I have been in the " Nursing" field both as a LPN and RN for about 15 years now. Many times I have came home feeling defeated. That's the beast you deal with in Nursing. I get frustrated over the charting , or not feeling like you get to spend the needed time with the patients and because of that situation, it may have you sitting on the bench in the courtroom. I mean you never know! All kind of things, you know the state comes in and breaks your ----s. Nursing is often tough. However, it is rewarding which is why I have stayed in nursing. I enjoy helping people who don't understand medical things by being their advocate, teaching them new things,calling the Dr's with my backbone standing firm, this is what I think my patient needs. I have found home health nursing to be this type of job that I "needed" now. Currently, I am going back to school and contemplating the MSN maybe even some type of NP, mainly Gerontology or Psych. Nursing ❤️is flexible and challenging and ❤️Rewarding. Just like all things, when the going gets tough , the tough get going!í ½í²ªí ½í²ªí ½í²ªí ½í²ªí ½í±Ší ½í±Ší ½í±Š!☺️
  2. msrosebud28

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I started Excelsior in 9/08 and graduated officially 9/09 with my ADN . Now, I am working in Home Health (love it) in NC and my salary from LPN in LTC went from 32,000 to 63,000 this past year! Do I regret it? NO! Wished I would have done it sooner! Now, to obtain my BSN!
  3. msrosebud28

    Administerring 5-fu at home, urgent advice needed

    I work for a home health company and we do chemo in home but we only hook up to the pump and take it down. We do not mix or program the pump . The pharmacy mixes and programs the pump , we only check for correct settings. And for this reason I am told is why we do not have to be certified.
  4. msrosebud28

    most troubling trend in healthcare

    No, Common Sense.......I meant that there isn't any common sense left in nursing anymore. Instead you are given 1500 hundred mundane task and documentation "their way". Shucks big brother can jump in the lake as far as I am concerned.There will be much failure especially now according to the government reimbursement . Gotta love how this has all affected us...big government!
  5. msrosebud28

    most troubling trend in healthcare

    And of course where did COMMON SENSE go?...out the door
  6. msrosebud28

    I hate being a nurse

    Yes...Definatley have another job before you resign .....take it from me....that's not a good feeling....cause I've been there and done that....but yes if you are already stressed from home life then add the stress of nursing especially, bedside nursing....and it will suck the life out of you and your genuine Spirit!= not worth it.....find your niche.....nursing is so flexible which is one of the reasons why I became one....I am resigning from my med/surg job tomorrow I got a job offer in home health with a $6 /hr raise....and yes I've heard bad things about it also, but I NEED a slower pace for my stress level and my chest pain...lol...(really not funny but it's my coping skills)....and the raise will also help my family too....keep the faith up! it will come, you have experience now....the doors should open faster...market yourself.....and always remember to put a smile on.....even if it is fake...it will still make you feel better!
  7. msrosebud28

    I hate being a nurse

    OMG....I had just typed this lengthy letter but it got deleted....So, now I will say in a nut shell....NO job is worth feeling that way......polish your resume' and get back out there into the job circuit....nursing can be a beast! Sounds like it's where you are that sucks!
  8. msrosebud28

    DONE with interviews and indecision - it's depressing

    If it makes you feel better I'm right there with you! But I finally found a job on night shift in which I hate and I drive 45 minutes one way. I am sleepy on my days off and unable to arouse to spend time with my 4 year old. I had better luck as an LPN???????
  9. msrosebud28


    Not funny but funny gohogs. That's interesting you ask, because I am going through the same thing. I was an LPN for seven years prior so I thought in the nursing world they would give you credit for that..No it has been my experience that they don't and apparently d/t the economy businesses have become very picky. They are doing more interviews and requiring you to get all this experience for jobs that they used to fill with new grads. Hang in there get certified in EKG, ACLS, anything you can do to SALE yourself!
  10. msrosebud28

    Triamcinolone/Miconazole on an open wound!?!

    I have seen in wound care that there are alot of things you would not expect to be used..I have even heard of bismuth and bourbon? go figure, never question MD unless you have MSN beside your name....you will be eaten..by them
  11. msrosebud28

    What will you do after floor nursing?

    I think eventually I would like to become a case manger and/or a diabetes educator in a hospital setting. I have my asn and plan on obtaining my BSN as soon as I decide the route! I have worked in LTC for 8 years and now am going to work on med surge unit for the experience ,alot of jobs require acute care experience!
  12. msrosebud28

    Those in Med Surg

    Just got hired as a night shift nurse 7pto 7a for a med surge floor. The nurse manager stated I would have 5 patient ratio because she recently had alot of nurses quit because the patient ratio had been higher and she stated more than once I would never have over 5 patients. Hope she holds true to this. I am leaving LTC nursing after 8 years. That is all the experience that I have so I know it will be a tough transition but need the experience for down the road!
  13. msrosebud28

    Turned in my Resignation

    Well I am applying for mds job within the new facility I am at. If they do not give it to me I have a job offer at a hospital . The other facility that I worked for did not adequately train me not to mention the other mds coordinator was slack to say the least and called out frequently and also did not know medicaid. But yet because I was NEW MDS nurse it was all my fault. It had nothing to do that I was pulling her load too. She even told DON and corporate mds nurse she was burnt out. After having our 2cnd review in which prob 90% of the assessments were mine and only 2 were found without enough supporting documentation and they didn't loose money. We were told that it wasn't good enough that they couldn't promise us a job. I had only missed one day at work while I was there. So I walked out with dignity. we were pulled to the hall all the time covering when everyone else was out. We were on call one week a month. And then they even had me working one weekend a month as charge which took away two days from mds nurse position. The company I am at now does not require mds nurse to take call or be pulled to the floor! Wish me luck!
  14. msrosebud28

    How to deal with constant calls to come into work?!

    LOL I know the feeling when I first became a nurse I used to feel guilty when I said NO. Now, almost 9 years later I'm cursing them under my breath when I say no! This is part of the reason why nurses become burnt out. This is why staffing leaves and then theplace is evn more short.When there is this much turnover or this many call outs the company needs to review policy. And favorites need to be treated the same as other employees! This problem of staffing has always irritated me to the point of boiling. Especially at one place I worked the adon did all staffing and would rarely amke the schedule out to adequately staff the floor. One she always used the on call nurses and believe me when you're charge and you got every nurse in the building Pi**ed off it doesn't make for a good day! So whoever stated you should be glad that you have a job should keep their comments to themselves. Because YES we ALL should be greatful for our jobs but NO ONE SHOULD BE A DOORMAT!
  15. msrosebud28

    RN thinking of going back to school for dental hygeine?

    Thanks Guys! I think I was venting and I am burnt out in LTC! But GREAT NEWS ! Got a job offer for a med surge unit will get 10 weeks orientation and will only have 6 patients!
  16. msrosebud28

    LTC? or Hospital?

    Got a job offer for a med-surge floor ! It's 3rd shift but ya gotta start somewhere! Even though I am not a brand new grad I am new to the hospital. So they are giving me a 10 week orientation!WOO HOO! Hope I am making the right decision!