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Strawberrykool has 3+ years experience and specializes in Dialysis.

Single mom, Licensed to poke!!!

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  1. Strawberrykool

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Do any of the excelsior grads travel?
  2. Strawberrykool

    verbal contract with American Mobile Nursing

    Sorry I didn't read all the responses. You don't have to accept it. What they will do is black list you from working with any sub company under the AMN umbrella. They did it to me 2 years ago.
  3. Strawberrykool

    Any excelsior grads who travel

    Hello fellow travelers. Being that I am a LN who travels and am trying a different way to get my RN while I traveled. I wanted to ask are there any excelsior graduates who travel? I haven't met any so far and just wanted to see if my 1 year plan will work with going thru excelsior.
  4. Strawberrykool

    Lpn /Lvn per hour starting pay

    Lpn for 6 years 2008 Hospital upstate ny 13.87. Then dialysis 14.00 then 0.25 raise. Then another center in 2009 at 17.00, travel now and make 32/hr
  5. Strawberrykool

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    The test for Texas endorsement isn't hard. Don't waste your money for the extra programs to pass it. All the answers are on the BON website.
  6. Strawberrykool

    Davita vs Fresenius

  7. Strawberrykool

    I have been thinking about being a traveling nurse. Is it worth it?

  8. Strawberrykool

    Fellow Travel Nurses

    I think just about any state has nicer people then NY. My experience with Texas was a in your face sorta racist place. In NY I've never had a latino call me the N word, but Texas they called me it to my face. In a way that I guess was suppose to be a compliment like I live N's
  9. Strawberrykool

    Specialty question

    Im constantly seeing psych lpn travel jobs available. FYI Texas is huge on prisons and needing corrwctions nurses if interested.
  10. Strawberrykool

    LPN Travel

    @ Simba&Nelson, No I didnt have any corrections experience before traveliong. The place I went to had a dialysis center and I have Dialysis experience.
  11. Strawberrykool

    huntsville prison

    Thank you for answering. Ever since I said I was going to huntsville I've only heard the bad stuff. I'm excited for the challenge and for the learning experience. So can you tell me what it's like on a day to day basis. I'm coming next week. Are you an RN or LPN?
  12. Strawberrykool

    New TV Show- Nurse Nation on MTV

    RNs are not the only travelers! That's 1 and 2 thanks for saying nurses. I think it would be interesting
  13. Strawberrykool

    texas prisons

    I'm actually going to the Estelle unit in their dialysis unit. Its a travel assignment. And I wanted to have corrections under my belt
  14. Strawberrykool

    Working as an LPN on Reservations

    I haven't worked on the reservation but they do use travel lpns's the offer I got didn't include housing or travel to and from the assignment. They only offered 900/WK take home after taxes. Which isn't enough and I have to pay yo get there. Also when the arise the position goes quickly
  15. Strawberrykool

    texas prisons

    Has anyone worked at Huntsville Tx prison? What was it like?
  16. Strawberrykool

    huntsville prison

    Has anyone worked at Huntsville TX prison in dialysis. Just wanted more info on it