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EC grads, Post your year of graduation and your specialty/specialties. I'll go first: I've been a Level II/III Neonatal ICU nurse since graduation in January '06. Update 5/2018: I've... Read More

  1. by   erlissy
    EC Grad as of Dec 09. Passed boards at beginning of Feb 2010. Currently working as RN in local ER which I was lucky enough to have my old LPN job switch over to. Can't wait to see what's up ahead!

    ERlissy RN
  2. by   melissakp
    Graduated Sept. 09, just got a job in ER in Albany OR Start March 1st. ER was my first choice since I'm a paramedic, it is the area that most closely relates. Don't know if I could do floor nursing, don't understand managing the same pts. for 12hrs ... but someone has to. Melissa
  3. by   romstead
    Way to go Girl.. you are going to be a great Nurse. .as you are a Really Great Paramedic.. I know I worked with ya for many a year.. I am following your path and have started my EC corses.. Have fun in the ER!!
    ROBBY O..
  4. by   Markmsu20
    I saw your post and am hoping to accomplish the same thing. I have been a paramedic for a few years and am currently working in Iraq as a medic. I just started taking the excelsior classes. Do you have any tips for me on the transition from medic to RN. Any help would be appreciated. Congrats!
  5. by   romstead
    contact me at romstead@me.com for info
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    i update this thread ever so often as things happen....i just got accepted to the texas tech rn to bsn program and i am very excited....ec made all of this possible......
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Congrats!!! That rocks.
  8. by   romstead
    Wish me luck I am taking Health Safety on Wed. I used the flashcard program from Insta-cert. as well as the study guide and both pre tests from E.C. This is my first test with EC. I have to use a Proctor and take it with pencil and paper as the closet testing center is 600 miles away. Living in Alaska has its up's and down.. but at least I eat the best Seafood on the planet.. The heering are in and the community is busy gathering Heering Eggs and the winter King Salmon taste might good on my BBQ..,I will let you know how my study stradagies worked.. I like the Insta-cert site it is good way to focus on the key points in the subject matter. I just hope I coverd it well enought. I gave myself 6 weeks to prepare.. I may have pushed it.. we shall see.. Any one in Alaska taking the EC Rn program please give me a shout .. .romstead@me.com
  9. by   sandytambo
    I am an Lpn. Want to get RN/BSN. Due to my husband's job, we relocate around the US alot! I was about to start RN school in Tenn when we were transferred! I got into a 12 month LPN program because I was determined to be a nurse!! I want to continue my education, but until my husband is discharged or retired, well, online seems to be the only option. I have read so many posts about different online programs. Which one would you all recommend?
  10. by   caliotter3
    Look into Excelsior College: www.excelsior.edu This is something that you could do no matter where you are living. The only thing you have to consider is which state would you be getting your first nursing license in, as some states have stipulations regarding Excelsior graduates. Look into that before you enroll in the program so you know what to do when the time comes. Good luck.
  11. by   bsn2b2013
    My husband is in the military and I am going the Excelsior route because I just cannot count on waiting to get into schools and such. I have the grades to get in but since I am working at the moment, Excelsior is perfect for me. Due to my husband's MOS I am somewhat able to predict where we will get stationed so I just recommend that you check the Excelsior site to make sure that your license will be accepted wherever you transfer. However, you can always work at the Naval Hospital or the VA.
  12. by   MauraRN
    The hospital that I work at eliminated LPN's as of 2.1.10 the last hospital around these parts to do so. They demoted our 3 LPN's on our unit to CNA status. I am helping out 2 of these nurses in their EC program. They are great nurses already, just need to know how to do EC. This is the only way for them to get their RN, they have to work and support their families and brick and mortar schools here have long waiting lists. They are facing total layoff so EC was the best and likely only choice.
  13. by   acelawler
    Graduated in June. Started Hospice position two days ago after passing state boards