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melissakp has 1 years experience and specializes in ER, urgent care.

ED RN for 1 year

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  1. melissakp

    traumatic wound documentation

    I am just looking for nurses to document that a wound exists in the ED chart. I am looking at traumatic wounds that are the reason for the visit. Not the nasty ulcerations/pressure wounds that wound care has been following.
  2. melissakp

    traumatic wound documentation

    I'm responsible for creating peer chart review forms and this month I've chosen traumatic wound documentation. Does anyone have any suggestions of things I should have the nurses looking for in the charts ex; type of wound, size.... what other things do you find important for wound documentation?
  3. melissakp

    ER New Grad Time Mgmt Help

    remember in the ED your are there to address current life threatening events/problems. Example, back pain you need to know how long, any tingling numbness, and any bowel bladder issues. Then the rest is up to the MD. Maybe I over simplified it some may say. But you don't really need to do a cardiac or resp assessment on this pt. just GSC, musculoskeletal and minimal neuro by the questions you ask. Ask questions while getting the vs.
  4. melissakp

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Graduated 9/09 and passed NCLEX in Oregon. Applied for many hospital jobs, no luck still. Turned down for 2 internships. I have 20 exp. as a Paramedic. Working casual at an Urgent Care but looking for a fulltime job still. Pretty frustrated but trying to be patient. I hope the table turns soon, I have ACLS,PALS, and TNCC in a month. Guess I'll keep taking classes.
  5. melissakp

    The continuing saga of nurses vs. EMTs...

    It is unfortunate when people have bad experiences with EMS. Since I do both jobs I have an appreciation for both sides as do many on this board probably. There are bad medics, nurses and doctors, we've all had experience with some of them and we usually only recall the bad not the good. Melissa
  6. melissakp

    The continuing saga of nurses vs. EMTs...

    Don't discount the education that the EMT's have. Paramedics in our state have 2 year AS degree same as RN's. I agree the behavior wasn't professional and I think we don't understand each others jobs very well at all. Melissa EMT-P, RN
  7. melissakp

    Still looking..

    Boy this no job thing is getting old. I guess I'm lucky I work at a fire department and casual at an Urgent Care to get some experience, I'm fortuante to have found it. Just wish I could get a hospital job in the Salem area. Melissa:o
  8. melissakp

    Will my EMS experience help me get a job?

    I have been a paramedic for 20 years and can't find a full time nursing job in Oregon. Found a casual postion at an urgent care, love it but want to get in full time some where. Turned down for one new grad position they gave pref. to BSN and apparently got enough of the. Still actively looking.
  9. melissakp

    Still unemployed

    I am waiting to hear from Salem hosp. also. So the internship they cancelled was that this winter? It is hard to know what is going on, I've filled out about 5 different apps with them, I don't want to bug them, but maybe I need to. Thanks for any insight you have. Melissa
  10. melissakp

    What do I gain from getting a BSN?

    I did the Excelsior ADN program and got my RN and after I get through with being a "new nurse" I plan on doing their BSN program online. I have a family so online learning is great for me. Melissa RN EMT-P
  11. melissakp

    When will you/did you start applying?

    It seems like most programs in my area hire in June-Aug and Jan-Feb. So you would need to apply before those times to be in the running for that hiring. I graduated in 9/21 and nclex on 9/25 and I'm just being looked at for the winter hirings now. Melissa
  12. melissakp

    When will you/did you start applying?

    I started applying before my NCLEX and again after, still no luck here in Oregon. Melissa
  13. melissakp

    New RN and NO job!!!

    In the same boat as you in Oregon. RN on 9/25 and nothing yet. Melissa
  14. melissakp

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    Almost same thing here in Oregon. I'm waiting for my NCLEX date and have applied for a couple of jobs, no luck yet even with 19yrs as a paramedic.
  15. melissakp

    CPNE in 2 weeks!!!!!

    one other thing I did was write down all the AOC critical elements. I'm not a grid or pneumonic person so that helped me nail things down.. WHere are you testing? I tested in Miluakee in July. Melissa GN
  16. melissakp

    Anatomy & Physiology standing in my way!!!

    I used the EC content guide and I used the TCN as my primary.