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Hi all-

I'm still finishing up pre-req's and my husband works 'nights' (4pm-12mid)..and I'm concerned that while that benefits me now to finish up my pre-req's during the day (while he's at home with the kids).....I might get stuck with PM clinicals down the road.....what will I do with my kids then?

Are you ever offered a choice and how many of you really have your clinicals at night?

Thanks for any feedback.....


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You should only get evening clinicals if you apply for an evening program. All the places I applied to that have evening clinicals specifically ask if you are applying for the day or evening nursing program.

I'm not sure if that is how it is with all programs though.


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That is a good question!! My hubby works 3-11 and so I try to take my classes in the mornings. However next semester I am not so lucky and have topay a babysitter. I have never heard of evening clinicals though.


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I did evening clinicals (3-11) my last semester of school and loved it. Our class was broken into clinical groups so you got to choose which you would prefer, day or evening. Hopefully you will have the same option.

Also, we only had the options of evenings once throughout the entire program, the rest of my clinicals were during the day.


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I think a lot of schools offer a choice - our school offers either 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to accomodate different schedules, child care issues, etc.


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Thanks to all of you for your replies!

I know it's NOT an evening program, however, it does state:

"Clinical may be scheduled early mornings, afternoons or evenings and is dependent on the clinical site. Clinical sites and times will be given at the first class meeting."

I thought that was strange though -- I mean if some are at night AND I wouldn't find out until the first class meeting when clinicals were scheduled for, how do they expect me to arrange for day care in advance?? :eek:

I guess I should put a call into the nursing dept to see if I can get a 'heads up' on this....


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Well I wasn't given a choice....I was called by the nursing department over winter break--a week before classes resumed--and was told that my clinical had been changed from Tuesday and Wednesday 7-3 to Tuesday 2-10pm/Wednesday 7-3. When I said that that was a HUGE issue for me, having just finalized my child care arrangements for the spring semester, I was told "Well this is part of the flexibility of nursing--you need to adapt to change".

Ummmmmmmmmm. I was NOT happy :angryfire . Furthermore, this was an eight week rotation, so guess what???? My schedule changed again at spring break.

What I've learned is that you can't count on anything.


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During one rotation we had clinicals in the evening. There was a sign up sheet for those who wanted to volunteer for the evening shift. There were plenty of people who signed up and volunteered and no one was forced against their will to work a shift that was a hardship.

Good luck.


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My clinicals are every other weekend, during the day.


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During my psych. rotation, I will have some clinicals at night. And I do not have a choice when any of my clinicals are .

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"Clinical may be scheduled early mornings, afternoons or evenings and is dependent on the clinical site. Clinical sites and times will be given at the first class meeting."


Clinicals are the same at my school as well and that is the exact same thing they tell us. I asked about this and she said it just depends and you really don't find out until school starts. I really don't understand how it works, but we do have morning and evening clinicals and I don't think you get much choice in the matter, where I live anyways :(

I hope you get it worked out!


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We have day AND evening clinicals. Mine this semester is like that. Thursday they are I think 10am -7pm and Friday 7am-3pm. For me my husband has to make sure he leaves on time from work (5:00pm - he's salary so he often stays quite a bit later) or if he's out of town which is not unusual I have friends to help me out. No family in the area unfortunately to help me out. Good luck! You'll figure out something to do.

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