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First year nursing student!

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  1. neonatalRN

    Do you like Minnesota?

    I have lived in Minnesota all my life. There are pros and cons, as with any state. In my opinion, it is too liberal. A couple people mentioned family values and friendly people, but I don't see that. People tend to keep to themselves and not trust newcomers or people they don't know. It has been named one of the worst places to find someone to date for this reason. I hate the bitter cold, but I like the snow. I like the seasons, but hate the mosquitoes. I don't like the lax laws for criminals, where drunk drivers can be caught 20+ times and nothing but a slap done to them, and sex offenders with a high probability of committing more crimes are let free. All that being said, overall I do like Minnesota, just can't put my finger on exactly why. Heidi
  2. neonatalRN

    Going to North Hennepin

    It's true, the year I applied there were over 800 applicants, and 120 admitted to the day and evening programs combined. Average GPA for day students is 3.2, average for evening is 3.5. That is AVERAGE, not minimum. They also go by how many pre-reqs you have done. Heidi
  3. neonatalRN

    NICU's/NNP schools in the twin cities

    I am a NICU nurse at HCMC. NNPs do almost all of the rounding/ordering in our unit, the docs are hardly there. It is not as high acuity as some others in the area. I would recommend Children's Hospital, either Mpls. or St. Paul, St. Paul has private rooms in its NICU. The others in the area include North Memorial, and the University of Minnesota-Fairview hospital. U of M-Fairview and Children's-Mpls. would have the highest acuities, they both do ECMO and take cardiac patients. Heidi
  4. neonatalRN

    Question about unfriendly preceptor

    I would definitely ask for a new preceptor. Hey, I am in Minneapolis, too! Heidi
  5. neonatalRN

    having patients in two different rooms

    At our NICU, there are two rooms, one is a Level III area, and the other down the hall is a Level II. Do you guys think it is ok for them to assign a nurse patients in both rooms at the same time? I mean for example one nurse is taking care of a baby in both rooms, same time? To me this just doesn't seem safe. Also, how soon do people usually take the NRP class when starting out in NICU? thanks, Heidi
  6. neonatalRN

    A little scared

    I start my new NICU job tomorrow, and I am terrified! :chair: Heidi
  7. neonatalRN


    LOL, your screenname is almost identical to mine! Nice to meet you! Heidi
  8. neonatalRN

    why NICU?

    Ditto what nicumom75 said. Heidi
  9. neonatalRN

    I did it! (got a job in NICU!)

    Just to refresh your memory... this was me two years ago, my first post here: https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38740 by the way, changed my username from AnnasmomRNtobe to neonatalRN Heidi
  10. neonatalRN

    New Grad with NICU interview..PLease Help!!

    I start in NICU on 10/3! There are a few of us on here starting together! I would love to hear about each of your experiences, and I will tell you mine! Heidi Mother to : Anna Catherine b. 11-5-01 Ethan David b. 5-4-03, d. 6-10-03 My NICU baby Grace Marie b. 6-27-04
  11. neonatalRN

    Going to North Hennepin

    Hi, I just graduated from North Hennepin in May. I liked it. I was in the Evening/Weekend program. Heidi
  12. neonatalRN

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    Hi, My name is Heidi. I graduated with an ADN in May, and took the NCLEX June 27, passed with 75 questions. I started working in Med/Surg in St. Paul, MN in June, but it's not for me. I was offered a job in NICU at a hospital in Minneapolis, and I will start there October 3! I am so excited, NICU is what I really want to do, I have firsthand experience with it, my son lived and died in a NICU, and I did a preceptorship in one last spring. Heidi
  13. neonatalRN

    I did it! (got a job in NICU!)

    Hello, I don't know if you all remember me, I have posted intermittently over the past two years. My son Ethan was a NICU baby, and never got to come home. I was just starting nursing school at the time, and decided I really wanted NICU. Anyway, I just got a job in a Level II and Level III, not the hospital I wanted (I wanted to be where my son was), but it's a start! Heidi
  14. neonatalRN

    DO you have perinatal techs in your nursery...

    Cindy- I know this is late, but I am just reading this now. You work at Children's in St. Paul, don't you? I have been applying to your NICU for months now, and they keep telling me they can't hire me because I don't have a BSN, even though I have a BS in Biology and an ADN. Heidi (now an RN!)
  15. neonatalRN

    When to apply for jobs?

    Hi, I am a 2nd year ADN student. I am wondering, when do students usually start applying for nursing jobs? At what point during the school year? Heidi
  16. neonatalRN

    Induction craze

    She was born June 27th, perfectly healthy! Her name is Grace Marie, she was 7 lbs. 3 oz., and 20.5 inches long. It was very fast, I started having contractions at 1:00 am, and she was born at 3:27 am! When I got to the hospital I was 9 cm. Needless to say, it was all natural. Heidi