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  1. experiencing burnout less than a year in

    I will have been a nurse for a year in May and I must say that it has gone very well for me. I never experienced the horror stories that I have heard about a person's first year in nursing. However, the last 6 months of my personal life have been ext...
  2. Tell us what a *stellar* nurse you are!

    I probably saved a patient's life by taking the steps necessary to getting them transferred to the unit when they should have been transferred several hours before, probably even on admit. The patient's condition was completely ignored on the previou...
  3. Tips for nurses in their first year of nursing

  4. Tips for nurses in their first year of nursing

    I have only been a nurse for a little over a month. And I know one of the biggest fears is having to call the Doctor. So far I have had great success in not having a doctor yell at me (even the one's the other nurses have said aren't very nice) or tr...
  5. Scared I hurt a pt

    I don't have an exact answer to that. But next time you do something that you aren't sure of or think may harm the patient, you need to tell your clinical instructor right away. Honesty is VERY important in nursing. If you did harm your patient, how...
  6. So... How important are grades... really?

    I think grades are a reflection of how hard you are willing to try to succeed. I just recently was offered a few positions and I feel that my grades definitely played a role in getting these offers. I put on my resume any honors I received (dean's li...
  7. APA Paper

    headings for an introduction and conclusion are not necessary to meet APA standards.
  8. Why don't people think?

    It's sad that things like that happen but I think this is where it is important that not only do we as nurses teach our patients, but I feel we also have an obligation to teach the general public. Whether it be through writing letters to the editor, ...
  9. Stupid Question About Pupil Reaction

    That's not a stupid question! I wouldn't have known the answer to that either.
  10. I use EBSCO host, which my college is subscribed too. You might want to check to see if that option is available to you through the college. Most colleges offer this database.
  11. Have a question about neuro

    Overall, it's going to depend on the exact location in the brain where the stroke has occurred. But, for a basic simple understanding of a stroke, the side of the face affected will be the same as the side of the brain affected. Also, stbernardclub.....
  12. Have a question about neuro

    Your instructor is right!! This is one that ALOT of people get mixed up. Facial drooping and paralysis occur in the SAME side as the lesion in the brain. This is because the nerves do not cross until at the medulla.Therefore below the medula the oppo...
  13. Maternity Nursing Diagnosis

    Here are several that I have found: Effective breastfeeding Ineffective breastfeeding Interrupted breastfeeding Disorganized infant behavior or risk for Readiness for enhanced organized infant behavior Ineffective infant feeding pattern Disturbed sle...
  14. Preceptorship in ER

    It is getting to be the time when I have to decide where I want to do my preceptorship. I really want to do it in the ER or in an ICU. However, I am worried because I know to be a nurse in the ER you really need to know your stuff and since I am a st...
  15. Our college has done the same thing just within the past year. You are given a chance to sign up if you want a mentor and they try to set you up with one who is in the second year program and they ask the 2nd year students to volunteer to be mentors....