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And do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

  1. by   JessicRN
    Pt comes in at 6pm left without being seen at 800. Returns at 0100 reason
    PT: "My son has a sore throat he saw the doctor and they did a strep test it was negative but I thought I should be checked"
    Nurse: do you have a sore throat now?.
    Pt: "no but I could tomorrow. Also they say at 40 you should have your prostate checked so you think I can have that"???
    Nurse : are you having any problems peeing like frequent voiding having to void at night?
    Pt: No but I should have it checked out anyway I think just in case.
  2. by   Natkat
    Quote from RNMISTY36
    Had A Pt Arrive Via Med Star For A Pimple "a Growth In Pt's Words" The Doc Told Pt To Wash With Soap And Water. Of Course Tons Of Pregnacy Test Then Want To Go Ama When Told The Result. My Favorite Lmp Was 6-17 And It Was 7-03 Stated "i Am Pregant And Having Pain " Got Test Results And Vanished. Always A Fun Night By The The Pimple Pt Had Spent 9 Hours Inthe Ed Waiting To Be Seen.
    So do they go AMA when the results are negative or do they go when the results are positive? Or does it matter what the result is? Maybe I'm too creative but by your post it made me think that they left if the result was one or the other.
  3. by   sanctuary
    I think it ment that all the Pt wanted was the result. Got it and left. Cheaper than buying one in the drugstore???
  4. by   vaughanmk
    I had a good one this week. A woman brought her 4 week old child in for a "hole in his head" It was the soft spot. The part I found most disturbing was that it took her 4 weeks to find it.
  5. by   Medic/Nurse
    Had a real winner the other day. Patient presented with foot pain. "they don't look right".

    DURATION: A while now.


    ANY CHANGE: No, nothing I can't handle.

    DO YOU HAVE A DOCTOR: Yep, see him every year or two

    WHY: You folks have a 30 minute ER guarantee (seen by ED doc or treatment started in 30 minutes/less or the hospital sends 2 movies tickets, NO JOKE!)

    INJURY: NO, just concerned.

    DX: Bilateral BUNIONS

  6. by   sanctuary
    [quote=NREMT-P/RN] You folks have a 30 minute ER guarantee (seen by ED doc or treatment started in 30 minutes/less or the hospital sends 2 movies tickets, NO JOKE!)quote]

    OH, Pleeease! That's putting you on a par w/pizza delivery!!:angryfire :angryfire
  7. by   Gussiegoose
    Quote from teeituptom
    We were so busy the other night 3 people in the wairing room eloped all at the same time with their very minor maladies, went across the street and called 9-1-1.

    They were all taken off stretchers and sent out to the triage desk to sign in, and were followed by a police officer who gave them all citations for abusing EMS

    What a wonderful story!! It makes my heart sing!!!!
  8. by   charebec65
    Quote from vaughanmk
    i had a good one this week. a woman brought her 4 week old child in for a "hole in his head" it was the soft spot. the part i found most disturbing was that it took her 4 weeks to find it.
    omg.... that is scary.......
  9. by   lots_of_luv
    i barely got pimples when i was 15. so one morning when i woke up with what seemed like a million of them on my face, my bf rushed me to er... just to be told that i have chicken pox and there was nothing that could be done for me.
  10. by   denysegia
    True confession time....my (at the time) 17 y/o daughter was being treated for otitis. I woke her up for school and told her to turn on her side so I could put in her ear drops. Grabbed the bottle from her bed side table and instilled...you guessed it...nail glue!! This icon is exactly how I looked as I dragged her to the sink and held her head under the faucet....my husband thought her hair was on fire :angryfire Damn bottles were the same size and shape!! But no (sigh) I did not read the label...my VERY bad! Spent the morming in the ER while they painfully picked out pieces of glue. I almost called DYFS on myself. She has never let me forget it!
  11. by   vampiregirl
    Quote from Stitchie
    Phone calls to the ER's are still free and any nurse would rather answer a nurse advice call rather than putting up with a head lice 'emergency'.
    That makes sense! However, I know that our local hospital ER cannot give out any suggestions/ advice other than to come in to the ER (due to liability issues I believe).
  12. by   PyxisPrincess
    "The baby has pink cheeks." Was the baby sick? No. Was the baby sunburned? No. "He has pink cheeks. Someone pinched him." (Sniff, sniff) Did the baby have candy recently? "No, but he ate an ice pop about an hour ago." More like he painted himself with the ice pop, cause his cheeks were both pink and sticky.

    These people procreate and I can't even get a dinner and a movie out of a guy. Sheesh!
  13. by   tattooednursie
    "I had to drive 8 hours today, and my bottom is really hurting."

    I mean come on!!! I was thinking I have already been working 9 hours, by back hurts, my feet hurt, my bladder is about to rupture and you want me to do WHAT about it!!! Toradol?, Morphine?, how about a nice syringe full of Gohomewalkaroundorlaydownandstayoffyourarseforacou plehours?!"

    Sorry, but I can't stand it when these people come in when there are emergencies REALLY going on.

    Luv always