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andhow5 is a BSN, RN and specializes in ED-CEN/PACU/Flight.

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  1. andhow5

    Another CEN question

    Get the CEN review book offered through the ENA website, study your TNCC book, then go for it! It's my understanding that the percentages of the areas of content will be changing - but I could be wrong. When I looked on the ENA website a couple weeks ago, there was a link SOMEWHERE that offered a PDF file that listed the new test outline. I remember that it didn't seem much different than the current outline, so I wasn't too impressed. You can do it!
  2. andhow5

    Trauma: Life in the ER

    They have to have a signed release.
  3. andhow5

    How to deal with the constant violence

    I agree with the above posters. You have to *try* to leave it at work; but sometimes that's easier said than done. Sometimes you just have to hug the family a little tighter, play with the animals a little longer, or do something "creative" with your time - write in a journal, draw, pain, design graphics... Good luck!
  4. andhow5

    Assaulted by patient... VENT

    You bet your bupkiss I will defend my right to defend myself. Just because I became a nurse does not mean I gave up my civil rights. As far as the facilities that say not to inflict pain - I can agree to a point; use just enough force to get away. And if it comes down to it - I'm the one that will be going home that night. If the bleeding hearts and facilities tell you how awful you are for defending yourself, let them get abused in your place, and we'll see how quick that whiny little tune changes. If the facility still was insistent that you let yourself get abused and/or killed, tell them you require that policy in writing for your attorney to review, because they are not providing a safe workplace - they are guaranteeing a hostile work environment. Now, all that being said - if it's a head injury, or little demented old person - I'm gentle as I can be for as long as I can be, but if force is required to get away, so be it. The hospital won't provide for my 3 children if I don't work... As for the people that make the choice to be an ass - then it's on. I don't provoke it by any meas, but they will have a fight on their hands, as I REFUSE to let myself be intimidated. Good luck to you - hope all is healing well, and WAY TO GO for defending yourself!
  5. andhow5

    Emergency Room vs. Motorcycle Accident Patient

    I completely agree!
  6. andhow5

    Enraged (venting)

    Hey all! I'm fine, and doing well. I never got in trouble for anything. I was given an "atta girl" for doing what I had to do to get away from the drunk and prevent myself from being hurt any further. Our facility places a slightly HIGHER value on the safety of our nurses as opposed to the drunks. Of course, they get the medical care they need (despite their drunken stupor, and combativeness) - and then they get shipped right on over to the pokey to have a nice long visit with the poe-poe. Thank you for the well wishes and support from the majority of you. And for those that are telling me I should have no right to defend myself - sorry, but I have not and will not give up that right; you, of course, are welcome to let someone beat you to a pulp while you are waiting for someone to come rescue you. For your sake, I hope and pray that does not happen to you.
  7. andhow5

    Emergency Room vs. Motorcycle Accident Patient

    Bad, BAD care. He was a trauma patient, and treated like a fast-track patient. Considering his MOI, he needed much more ADVANCED care than he received. I'm glad he's OK, and I hope he heals quickly.
  8. andhow5

    Flu Cases

    We've had mostly "A", several "B", and a few that were positive for both. We treat symptomatically, and a few scripts for tamiflu if recent onset of symptoms. If I'm triaging, I give them a mask and tell them to cover their mouth AND nose, and if they refuse to wear it, I chart on the front in BIG RED letters, "pt REFUSES mask." I've had a few people that were instructed to stay home from work for 3 days (which made them happy), but they said they had other things to do (attend weddings, etc). I was not a very nice nurse and told them exactly what I thought of their intent to further spread the transmission of the mutated flu virus to others. Pure selfishness!
  9. andhow5

    Question about Phenergan and tachycardia SE...

    Wow... We're only allowed to give Phenergan through central lines, rectally, or IM. We are not allowed to give IVP anymore.
  10. andhow5

    Help Need Er Advice

    I'm also a real "control freak", and it really upsets me when I don't feel like I'm able to keep up with the flow. But you know what? It doesn't matter HOW long you're there - you will have days where it is just plain horrible no matter how hard you try. Everyone has those days at one time or another. I hate accepting help, but when I do get it, I just make sure to jump right in and help everyone else as soon as I'm free! Tag team ED nursing rocks! There's no better sport in the world!
  11. andhow5

    Just got a JOB in the ER as a NEW GRAD SOOO EXCITED!!!

    Congrats, and welcome to the jungle!
  12. andhow5

    Nicknames you give patients?

    LOL! After the night I had, this response made it better! ROFLOL! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one...
  13. andhow5

    Songs to play in the Waiting Room

    Sometimes, when it gets to the point I feel as though I need to either cry or start giggling uncontrollably, I sometimes hum, "She Works Hard for the Money" - the version as performed by Hank Azaria in the movie, The Birdcage.
  14. andhow5

    Nicknames you give patients?

    I must say that I have been using JACKa$$ a lot lately...
  15. andhow5

    Nicknames you give patients?

    Keep them coming guys!
  16. andhow5

    Nicknames you give patients?