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And do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

  1. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from kids-r-fun
    Dumb reason to bring a healthy child in.

    And I swear this is not a hijack.

    My grandson had open heard a 10(?11) days old to correct TVG. He is dong fine and only needs annual follow-up, however the Peds cardiologist says he remains at risk for MI. His parents have instructions to take him to the nearest ER for crying without cause >30 minutes.
    You would obviously give this information to the triage nurse, though, and your grandson's ER visit wouldn't end up in a thread like this. My brother-in-law has a condition that can be caused by strep and the predisposition to develop this condition has a genetic component . Our son's pediatrician gave us a letter that if he ever has strep symptoms, and are traveling or in some other situation where we can't get to his office, our son needs to have a shot of gamma globulin. Going to the ER at home instead of waiting till morning to see the ped would be abusing the ER system. Going to the ER while on vacation, if I can't locate a peds office or urgent care, wouldn't be, IMO. I don't know if the hospital we showed up at would agree.
  2. by   AB_NormalRN
    16 yo male with a stubbed toe. Triaged and sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. He got angry and went home. Upon arrival at home he immediately called 911. EMS brought him back only to sit for 4 more hours. Thought that he would get back sooner. LOL!
  3. by   babynurselsa
    Got a tetnus shot 2 days ago aand now her arm hurts.
  4. by   MrsWampthang
    Quote from babynurselsa
    Got a tetnus shot 2 days ago aand now her arm hurts.

    I swear we had that same complaint over the weekend, and of course we were swamped! Flew several people out to bigger trauma center, but had a waiting room full of people with STUPID complaints. Oh well, like someone else said:

    Stupid people = job security! :chuckle

  5. by   hogan4736
    The number one reason our ERs are crowded is because most people lack insight...
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    Half the world's population has a below average IQ!
    Sometimes i think that we have more per capita in this area.
  7. by   Gompers
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    Anyone else feeling a little dizzy and queazy? I can't imagine having to do that to my self. Someone else no sweat, myself, I'd have passed out (and smacked my head and ended up with an ambulence ride to the ER).
    I'm sorry, I know it was TMI.... :uhoh21:
  8. by   kids
    Quote from Gompers
    I'm sorry, I know it was TMI.... :uhoh21:
    Actually, it was rather facinating. Like I said...I could do it to someone else, doing it to my self I would end up with stitches in my head.
  9. by   stephvrn
    Hi new to the board, but had to add mine too.
    1. Fresh Mesquito bite by ambulance(mom thought the child got West Nile)
    2. Sunburn( yes it had been quite a bad sunburn....TWO WEEKS BEFORE)
    3. Adult "toy" in an oriface and still running like the energizer bunny
    4. 11 y/o that whooped up on three big male nurses for a scratch on her leg.
    MOM was acting like the child had amputated her leg. Had AT LEAST a whole
    roll of kerlix on it. Found out the wound was three days old an she needed
    LORTAB for it
    Tons more but those are some of the better ones
  10. by   stevierae
    I'm tellin' ya, I worked ER as a corpsman 30 years ago, and it's like deja vu all over again hearing these stories--people using the ER as a convenience clinic, that is, because to call during the daytime and get an appointment in the appropriate clinic would disrupt their day.

    But, hearing how you have to feed people nowadays--nope, I would never, ever do that. Ever. I don't care if they are homeless and hungry--there are other resources available. Especially when they manage to be able to afford cigarettes to go out in the ambulance bay area and smoke while hollering for their meal and snack trays and sodas. Hell with 'em, I'd say.

    I feel like I am a burnt-out ER nurse just from READING these posts! I don't know how you folks put up with the nonsense! I'd go postal!
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  11. by   kids
    I almost went to the ER today. My family is laughing at me so y'all may as well too.

    Some background: I had major back surgery in April. Due to some post op complications (near bowel obstruction then an adverse reaction to Wellbutrin) I vomited for 5 weeks (I lost 30 lbs) which landed me in the ER twice for dehydration. Needless to say I am just a little freaked out at the prospect of vomiting (tho I am very good at it now ).
    Anyway, today I have a "little" migraine, doing OK keeping it tolerable with Excedrin & lots of water. It is a sunny day and I have to run a couple of errands that can not be put off because of the Holiday.
    I am 10 minutes from home when my stomach revolts. I pull into a parking lot far from the street and any other cars and get the door open just in time to blow chow. There is a copious amount of bright red clumps. I am freaking, my heart is pounding and I am dizzy. I am sure I have blown an esophageal vessel. I debate it...should I continue home, should I go to the ER? I am in tears, I don't know what to do, I call my husband at work on my cell. Just as he answers the phone it dawns on me...

    I ate a handfull of Hot Tamales (bright red cinnamon candy) just before I left the house an hour earlier.
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  12. by   RainbowSkye
    I ate a handfull of Hot Tamales (bright red cinnamon candy) just before I left the house an hour earlier.[/QUOTE]

    Yup, many a mom has brought a child to the ER with bright red blood in the diaper (usually running in, dirty diaper in hand). Strawberry fruit roll-ups and/or red Hawaiian Punch were usually a recent part of the diet.

    Oh, and no offence, but maybe Hot Tamales aren't the greatest choice of foodstuffs with your recent medical history. But, that's really none of my business.
  13. by   veetach
    silly things that brought people to the ER??? we used to have a patient who would call 911 and be transported to the ER so he could go AMA, walk across the street to Hardees and call his cousin to come and pick him up so that he could run around in town all weekend.

    He was transported from a group care home about 20 mi away. He was eventually charged with 911 fraud and moved away.