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  1. Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    When I work I always seem to be singing " If I only had a brain" from the wizard of Oz. Go figure, DUH!:nuke:
  2. I Never Remember....

    Which way to the elevators. New building/units.:imbar
  3. My job has no meaning

    Can you clear up exactly what your job is? In our hospital there are phlebotomists who were hired off the street, given some training on drawing blood and let loose on the patients, many of them have no skill. These are the ones the nursing staff d...
  4. Call yourself a nurse?

    A degree in Health Care Admin is not a nursing degree, nor is it "the same as". She still must have either a diploma, an associate degree in Nursing or a Bachelors degree in nursing. Here anyone claiming to be a nurse, who isn't can be prosecuted. ...
  5. Patient Rights and Diabetic Diets

    Sassyredhead-You cannot control what a "competent" patient will do or not do. Remember no matter how correct a physician order is the patient has a right to accept that order or reject it, do some of it or do it sometimes only. It is always the pat...
  6. Patient Rights and Diabetic Diets

    :yeah: RN/Writer said so well and so clearly! I have to comment about nurses who try to take away the snacks of these types of patients, they feel justified in taking the offending food because it is not allowed. Usually nothing happens when a nu...
  7. EMT's in the ER

    EMT's and EMT_P's are not allowed to give meds in our, that includes hanging IV fluids. In an ambulance the practice off of the medical director's license when doing meds or other invasive procedures. In the hospital they are part of Nursing servic...
  8. Patient Rights and Diabetic Diets

    You can't force a pateint to follow the diet oredered and you can't touch thier personal belongings unless they are trying to do something that would be harmful to others, trying to torch the curtains for instance. I think you'd be safe taking away ...
  9. Help from Texas Residents

    I fyou don't want a big city there are a lot of possibilities for you. Along I-35 from Dallas to south of San Antonio there is a wide variety of towns and cities with hospitals. There are private hospitals in Waco, Teaching Hospital in Temple, Smal...
  10. Mandatory Overtime

    In our hospital we use mandatory OT only in weather emergencies, ice storms hit us usually once a year. Much of our staff live out of town. No one leave thier work station until the unit is staffed for the next shift. If enough don't make it in to...
  11. The fatting of America.

    If I ran fast enough to get to a "target zone" I'd need that code team and probably a back board and Ccollar and a lot of strong good looking men to pick me up off the floor.
  12. Assault Response Training for ER Staff

    Several years ago a hospital I worked for did Mandt training. It was pretty good, especially the restraint holds. Don't know if it is still being taught.
  13. Is it just me?

    Like others have said, fininsh up your first year then try some other areas. Find out what you do best and what you like most about Nursing. Then find your niche. I have worked many different areas over the years and have no regrets. I am getting...
  14. Why does Nursing put up with short staffing?

    :yeahthat: I agree with Tazzi. Don't make a bad situation worse. There are so many things that affect staffing, there is no one issue that needs to be fixed. People calling in because it's payday or it's the weekend and they would rather not wor...
  15. Any night shift nurses with diabetes?

    I had trouble keeping my sugars down because of my work schedule, I am sometimes on all three thifst in a weeks time. I was put on Lantus and that helped tremendoulsy. My HgbA1C's are WNL. I alos take Avandia to make my body more receptive to the ...