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  1. NYCRN16

    Moving to NYC, need advice!

    im so sorry I just came across this response, I'm sure you have probably made your decision by now but I'll answer anyway just in case. i would come up here as a traveler, in order to make sure that city life is really for you and to get a feel for NYC nursing. That way if you decide that you would rather enjoy the city as a tourist instead of a resident, then you went there on a working vacation and didn't waste thousands of dollars moving.
  2. NYCRN16

    Chamberlain FNP program

    Chamberlain is an accredited program and is an actual school in existance for over 100 years. Excelsior had problems because they were running a nursing program without a clinical component. You do realize that other schools that aren't just online schools offer distance learning? Ever heard if a little school in DC called Georgetown? Personally, it's a waste to do BSN to DNP right now because you are spending an extra 2 years in school finishing up the DNP when you could be working as an NP after completing a masters and doing the DNP while your working. There is no DNP requirement by 2015, it's only suggested not required.
  3. NYCRN16

    Best time to apply to Florida hospitals

    Landlords are pretty strict because there are strong laws that protect the tenant, and there are professional "non-payers" of rent that move from place to place and it can take months or years to get them out. However, if you can show a letter from your current landlord that you have never been late, show a letter from your new employer that states your salary (which will be MINIMUM) 40x the monthly rent, AND have a ton of cash to pay several months rent in advance, I bet there will be a landlord willing to make an exception. Traveling is very inconsistant there lately, there will be a ton of jobs one minute, and then they will dry up. Also, depending on where you work, some places will dump on the travelers. I couldnt' even tell you where that would be because that is dependant on each individual unit/floor. If I were you, I would just apply to Sloan directly, I bet they will hire you with your experience, I know there are many people that come from out of state to work there. If you really want Sloan that bad, I would apply to any open positions that interest you, even if there are no peds available. Who's to say that in a year or so of working there that you can't transfer into that department, just get your foot in the door. I am in the Tampa area now, like the area, don't love the nursing culture here. I am unsure if I want to stay at my current hospital or even in this area at all. I am starting an online masters program that I can't attend while I am in NY, so I will just have to stay here until that is finished. I havent even started yet so I still have at least 2 years to go. Good luck with everything, feel free to PM me anytime!
  4. NYCRN16

    NYC RN x7 yrs, -moving to Fl! (help)

    I moved to Florida from NY less than a year ago. I considered Miami, but the cost of housing is not that much cheaper than in NY if you want to be in a nice area. 1 BR apt's can be $1500 or so. If you are splitting the rent with your BF it may not be that bad, but with the dogs in tow, you will have to rent outside of the city. I would think twice before moving here. Nursing sucks, there are no breaks, no unions, unsafe staffing.
  5. NYCRN16

    Moving to COCO Beach

    Did you ever wind up moving there? I am now in the Tampa area and not loving where I work. Am seriously thinking about applying to the space coast hospitals.
  6. NYCRN16

    LPN information for Tampa/St Petersburg

    If a job can be found, prob around $15 an hour? Very low paying. New grad RN's start out at about $21, so the LPN pay may be even less.
  7. Jobs in NYC pay well compared to the rest of the country, but not enough on that salary alone to buy anything in Manhattan or probably even Brooklyn in a decent neighborhood. A studio in Manhattan is probably at least a half a million dollars. I would take a travel job first and see what you think of NYC first, many from out of state don't handle the high paced, high acuity environment well.
  8. NYCRN16

    Worried sick

    Go ahead and finish your degree, I'm sure when you appeal to the board and prove to them that you have turned your life around that you will be able to move forward. Your offenses are not violent and don't involve drugs, which IMO would be the hardest things to get past with the board. Good luck, and I'm sure that they will give you a chance. Keep up the good work!
  9. NYCRN16

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I have never had an experience at work..Until a few weeks ago. I was assigned to the last 2 rooms at the end of the hall in the ICU, and when I was in the last room, I saw from the corner of my eye, a man walk past the room but the direction he was walking was towards the end of the hall, other other side of the wall would be the outside. He walked by so fast it only lasted a split second. Not scary but creepy.
  10. NYCRN16

    Who Can Answer this Scenario?

    Esme is right, think the situation over on both sides of the coin. Do you think the doctor was right or wrong to say the scan continues?
  11. NYCRN16

    Need help with study for rn exam

    Kaplan is the closest to the real boards and unless you are scoring in the 60's you most likely will not pass the real test. You have to keep doing questions and study the rationales in order to score in a passing range. Don't retake NCLEX until you do.
  12. NYCRN16

    What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

  13. NYCRN16

    Strategy for NCLEX RN

    A clinical nurse is planning to complete a physical examination on a 19yr old female who has participated on a strenuous physical activities while in High School. It will be most important for the nurse to plan to asses this client for: a. Lordosis b. an eating disorder c. an increase in muscle mass d. excessive bleeding with menses. With these types of questions, you have to take apart the answers and know the rationale behind it. This is why the NCLEX is not a test of memorization, you have to know disease and wellness front and back. If you look at the choices you will see why the correct answer is the only one that makes sense. a) Lordosis is a normal variation in a small child, not in a teenager or middle adult. Could also be in elderly I think? Either way, this is out of her age group that you would screen for. Wrong choice. b) Eating disorder would make sense in this age group because of the concern of body image to a teenager. Anorexia and bulemia cause death, so this would be an important assessment. Excessive exercise is a form of bulemia. This makes sense. c) An increase in muscle mass is a positive result of exercise, no need for concern here. If this were a male of the same age, then I would probably screen for steriod use. In this case though this choice does not make sense. d) The total opposite happens in female athletes or those with eating disorders. They have light menses or miss periods altogether.
  14. NYCRN16

    Need help with study for rn exam

    what were you scoring on the kaplan practice exams?
  15. NYCRN16

    What would your answer be to this question?

    If you pick apart the answer choices, you will figure out why the other choices were wrong, even if you didn't know that assessment is the answer. Do you know why we do turn, cough, deep breathing with the patient? Look up the rationale and see why this isn't a priority. You have to know the rationale behind the answer choices in order to get the question right, that is how NCLEX questions are styled and why memorization alone won't work.
  16. NYCRN16

    265 Questions and sobbing.

    I wish you the best of luck and I know you will pass this time around! You have to do probably like a thousand questions, just keep doing them over and over and make a note of the ones that you are getting wrong so you can figure out your mistakes. Keep us updated and let us know if you need any help! Nobody will ever feel totally confident about taking the boards, so prepare until you feel better but don't think you have to wait so long as to feel 100% prepared, nobody ever does.