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  1. How to deal with angry doctors

    No way should she skip the threat when she reports it. That is probably what is going to get her complaint taken seriously! I would document the conversation in its entirety including quotes from what he said and the tone of voice he used. I agree wi...
  2. How to deal with angry doctors

    Oh hell no!! I would write an email to your manager and explain the whole story and the threats/abuse that the doctor made to you. All hospitals have a disruptive clinician policy now as required by the joint commission, I would look up your hospital...
  3. Moving to NYC, need advice!

    im so sorry I just came across this response, I'm sure you have probably made your decision by now but I'll answer anyway just in case. i would come up here as a traveler, in order to make sure that city life is really for you and to get a feel for N...
  4. Travel Nursing

    I would advise against having only 1 year of nursing experience before traveling. Someone else mentioned that the hospitals want 2+ years and that is for good reason. There is no hand holding, you basically hit the floor running and you need to know ...
  5. Chamberlain FNP program

    Chamberlain is an accredited program and is an actual school in existance for over 100 years. Excelsior had problems because they were running a nursing program without a clinical component. You do realize that other schools that aren't just online s...
  6. Best time to apply to Florida hospitals

    Landlords are pretty strict because there are strong laws that protect the tenant, and there are professional "non-payers" of rent that move from place to place and it can take months or years to get them out. However, if you can show a letter from y...
  7. NYC RN x7 yrs, -moving to Fl! (help)

    I moved to Florida from NY less than a year ago. I considered Miami, but the cost of housing is not that much cheaper than in NY if you want to be in a nice area. 1 BR apt's can be $1500 or so. If you are splitting the rent with your BF it may not be...
  8. Moving to COCO Beach

    Did you ever wind up moving there? I am now in the Tampa area and not loving where I work. Am seriously thinking about applying to the space coast hospitals.
  9. LPN information for Tampa/St Petersburg

    If a job can be found, prob around $15 an hour? Very low paying. New grad RN's start out at about $21, so the LPN pay may be even less.
  10. planning to buy in New York city area (nurse salary)

    Jobs in NYC pay well compared to the rest of the country, but not enough on that salary alone to buy anything in Manhattan or probably even Brooklyn in a decent neighborhood. A studio in Manhattan is probably at least a half a million dollars. I woul...
  11. You need a certain number of hours in your specialty to satisfy the requirements, I don't know how an FNP or another primary care specialist fudges his or her numbers to renew, but its not honest. I don't believe that you have to necessarily have ped...
  12. I was also interested in this program, I am not enrolled, but I think I can answer part of your question. The ENP is really just Acute Care NP and FNP training, and you have to take the certification for both, seperately. This is a huge plus for thos...
  13. Accepted!! - University of South Florida Fall 2013

    Glad to see a lot of people here applying to USF for the ACNP program, I am in the process of applying, just working on my essay and need to get my letters. I too was undecided on whether to attend part time or full time, but I think its better for m...
  14. Kaplan practice exam scores and new passing level on Nclex

    IMO if you are scoring 60 or higher on NCLEX you have a great chance of passing. Good luck!!
  15. Worried sick

    Go ahead and finish your degree, I'm sure when you appeal to the board and prove to them that you have turned your life around that you will be able to move forward. Your offenses are not violent and don't involve drugs, which IMO would be the hardes...