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  1. Morganskylar

    Home Health and Having Babies

    Hi, I worked in the ER for over 7 years when I made the decision to go into home health. I won't lie for the first 6 months or so I was kicking myself in the butt. I truly did not like it. But I stuck with it and now I love it. The best decision I could have made. My husband and I are in the same boat both working long hours early and late. Working every other weekend and holidays I decided that I would never be able to get the time back with my girls. So far it has been great with the kids. I do miss the long stretches of days off though. But with my agency I start my day when I want and get done pretty much when I want. Working in a level one trauma center for so long I lost most if not all my compassion for people. I loved the ER because of the people I worked with but could care less for the patients that we would get. So in home health it is different because the only real interaction I have is with the patients and not co-workers. And you do get to spend quality time with your patients. The only problem I can see with you switching is that you have to have a lot of confidence in your nursing skill and knowlegde because there is no safety net when you are in the home. You have to have most of the answers there is not a coworker by your side or at the nursing desk that you can go to and ask a question, or if you are not able to stick the person there is not another nurse there that can come and help you. There is a lot of auntomy and responsiblity. I really love home health I do not think I could go back to bedside nursing. So read over what others have to say about home health. If you are looking into a particular home health agency call the manger and ask to go on a ride along with a couple of the nurses for a day or two to observe and question them about home health and the agency and see how you like it. I was able to go on a ride along before I was interviewed to see if I liked it.
  2. I'm sure everyone has about the same story. But just about two weeks ago we had a person call the ambulance to bring them to the ER for a broken fingernail, now I am not talking about I ripped the nail out of the cuticle thing. I mean literally had broke a fake fingernail. I know it can be painful but come on, a ride in the ambulance and then an ER visit. Man they just kill me sometimes... Then wonder why it takes so long to be seen. I have many, maney more
  3. Morganskylar

    What do your coworkers do to annoy you?

    i work in the er and to me the biggest pet peeve is when other nurses and residents pad their rooms so they don't have to get another patient, and they do it all the time...come on its not like the patients are going to go away, you just make it harder on everyone else. man i really hate that.
  4. Morganskylar

    Nurse, what's your number?

    where i work we use the radios to talk back and forth with other staff and the doctors. i think the idea of having a cell phone or pager for the patients to be able to call is a good idea, although i can see the pros and cons of having the cell phone. i am sure that it can and prob. is abused by the patients and the docotors. i do like using the radios at work that way it is easy to communicate with others without having to run all over the place to answer a page.
  5. Morganskylar

    "Subacute" or observation area of ER

    The hospital that I work at just recently in the last year had an OBS unit built. It has 8 beds, and is staffed by full time employees that only work in the OBS unit. But if there is a shortage we get pulled from the ER or Peds ER to fill in if the need arises. Sometimes it is nice, esp if it has been really rough in the ER. But it can be very boring :zzzzz :D
  6. Morganskylar

    New grads in the ER

    I am a new grad in a very busy ER. I am precepting with wonderful nurses. I love it, I don't think I would have liked to have done anything else. I think as long as you have good support and expirenced nurses working with and around you, you will do great. At least this is my biased opinion.
  7. Morganskylar

    What's the deal with scrubs?

    In the hospital I work at you a few of the dept. have scurbs and there are color specific for that area. On most of the floors you can wear any color you want except for black.
  8. Morganskylar

    Where do you nurse?

    I work in a ER with a level 1 trauma center, fulll time nights, and I love every minute of it.