Shoe question...

  1. I'm a senior nursing student about to go into my preceptor in one of the local Trauma I EDs. (This is also where I want to work when I graduate) For Christmas, I need a really good pair of shoes. I'm almost 22 and have already had 2 knee surgeries. Any suggestions? I have been wearing nike tennis shoes and after 8 hours my back, legs and heels are in a fair amount of pain. Any suggestions on a good shoe that will stand up 12+ hours?
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  3. by   cursenurse
    i love my dansko clogs, i wear them 12 hours a day. also i've heard really good things about the z coil shoes.
  4. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Crocs! It is the only thing I can wear without hurting.
  5. by   ICRN2008
    I started out in September with one pair of Dansko clogs, and now I have three! I recommend if you can't find them in your area.
  6. by   elkpark
    There is so much variation in feet, styles of walking/standing, etc., that you really can't assume that the shoes that someone else (even a bunch of other people) swears by will necessarily be a good choice for you. IMO, the best thing you can do is try on and walk around in lots of different makes and styles. Yes, that takes time and effort, but it's worth it in the long run.

    Also IMO, in a general sense, when it comes to work shoes for nursing, you do get what you pay for -- I've yet to encounter inexpensive shoes that were comfortable or provided real support for working shifts.

    Best wishes for your preceptorship and future career!
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    I have a pair of crocs and love them. DH bought a pair for clinicals of nurse mate tennis shoes. I have heard good things about them too.
  8. by   sunnyjohn
    I've worn both the Z coils and Dansko's. I love both of them.

    The Dansko's look better, but IMO, the Z-coils felt better.
  9. by   Aneroo
    I wear croc's. Love 'em.

    I'll probably wear Dansko's once this child is here and my ankles return to their normal size. I used to love wearing Candies, so I am hope the dansko's don't hurt too bad.
  10. by   kat911
    Crocs are the best I have had in 27 years. I think I've tried them all, except Zcoils, too unstable, I fall off my tennies as it is. The croc's give you a stabel foot bed and they are cheap compared to many of the shoes. Certainly worh trying first then try the expensive ones.
  11. by   JMBM
    As you can tell from the replies, the "shoe" answer is .... it depends. In my experience, the most comfortable, supportive, "on-your-feet-for-12 hours" shoe I've had are danskos - although they take a bit of a break-in period. I switch mine off from time to time with a pair of New Balance walking shoes (I have wide feet and they come in widths) which are also very supportive, comfortable and alot lighter than the danskos. Whatever you do, don't blow alot of money on good shoes and then skimp on socks. Wright socks are very popular runners' socks that work great and Thorlos are another good one if you like more cushioning. Last, use every opportunity to get off your feet when you can. In the ER, you never know when (or if) you'll get another chance.
  12. by   tlhubbard
    I know that I have tried several kind. I like a pair of K-Swiss clogs I bought when in the ED. They slipped off easily to rub tired feet together when charting. They were comfortable and fit nicely across the foot, so you didn't feel that you would throw a shoe running for a code. I always strive for the ones that don't need to tie (or any cloth on them what so ever). I felt like those cannot possibly be cleaned properly if they were to suffer a "splatter"

    I have to agree with the "inexpensive" comment, however there are places that will sell the better names for less of a price. (Which is what I try to do)

    Heard great things about NB-- but that the ## means something as far as support, so those definitely need to be tried out for different support.
  13. by   luvmy2angels
    I've only ever bought Nurse mates and have never had problems. I have flat feet so I have to wear very supportive shoes or I will end up in terrible pain by the end of the night!! Although, after reading some of the replies I must say that i am interested in finding out about some of the other ones people are talking about!!
    Good luck shoe hunting!!
  14. by   LuvDaTrauma
    I have tried several different shoes - anywhere clogs, crocs -- but I still prefer my good ol Nike shox. I know that they are a little bit more expensive but if I can run 3 miles, workout,etc - then they can take the beating of a 12 hour shift in my busy ER. I like that I can throw em in the washer (shhh dont tell the Nike folks) and then air dry em. Try ebay - good shoes for lots cheaper! Good luck!!