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Hello, I am new to all nurses as a poster. Have been looking at posts for a year or so. Anyway, my coworkers and I were having a disscussion of the highest BP we have ever seen. We had a pt come... Read More

  1. by   NurseCard
    Don't think that I personally have ever seen anything higher than maybe 230/110 on my Med Surge unit. Seen plenty of patients with 50's/30's; they were usually actively dying (hospice, terminal) patients.
  2. by   ND76
    Hmm. I had a 96 year old CHF/pulmonary edema patient last week with a BP of 269/141 initially. After 60mg Lasix, 1" NTG to the chest, 2.5mg of Vasotec IV, 0.1mg Clonidine PO AND diuresing close to 1000cc, she was still 170/100. Basically I felt like we were throwing anything that was safe at her.

    I guess I ought to have been thankful she HAD a BP, but still...
  3. by   orcagrrrl2003
    I had my son at 33 weeks due to severe eclampsia. About two weeks after I got out of the hospital, my mom had to call 911 because I began seizing again. When the paramedics got there my BP was 260/195. When they got me to the ER, it was still high at 256/177. When my son was born, in the OR it was 230/183 and that's the last one I remember before I had my seizures.
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  4. by   PRicanRN
    Highest Ive seen was 280's/170's and the lowest was 43/20 something. I dont remember if that pt. died or not.
  5. by   nursekatie22
    240/110 in the ER=hypertensive crisis?
  6. by   bethin
    That would probably be mine: 260/185. Sudden allergic reaction to remicade. And here I thought it was supposed to lower bp.

    The lowest: 29/10 and the pt survived!
  7. by   Charity
    308/120 in an elderly lady in for a routine clinic visit. This was her usual BP! I was a student doing the VS checks. Had started inflating the cuff when I remembered to ask "do you know what your blood pressure usually runs?" while glancing at her record so as not to overinflate the cuff. That is when I heard the Kortikoff sounds during inflation around 150 and saw her previous BPs! No one in the clinic was surprised. It had been that high since several men had broken into this 80y/o woman's home and gang-raped her.
  8. by   AliRae
    I love all the 50s/30s as lowest ever. Things are different in the world of the little people. And I don't even work NICU! Apparently, up there, as long as the MAP is above gestational age, you're good to go. (NICU nurses, is that true?)
  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    The lowest pressure I've ever seen was in an ICU patient I once had, an 80-something man who dropped to 30/17. He survived.
  10. by   meandragonbrett
    Had a patient this weekend.....30/19 maxed out on levo and dopamine. Didn't make it.
  11. by   CritterLover
    see lots of really low bps on people who are dying......we should proabably take the art lines out of the dnrs....

    i'm not sure of the highest. had a renal patient who was carried in (by two people, in their arms) to the er fri night that was 282/palp......after the intubation (and the drugs that go with it). we had been unable to get a bp before he was tubed -- the monitor couldn't pick it up, and no one had time to do a manual pressure because he wasn't breathing effectivly (more imporatant things to do....)

    had a full arrest come in to the er thanksgiving weekend. paramedics intubated/did compressions, but couldn't get a pulse (or a line). they gave drugs per ett, without success at the time.

    we got a line, gave drugs, and eventually got a pulse.....only to lose it again a few minutes later (maybe 15 or so?)

    once we got the pulse back a second time, we must have done something to "fix" him, because instead of being hypotensive, he was hypertensive. hung a diprivan drip, still didn't lower his bp. ended up haning a labatelol drip. he didn't make it more than a week.

    first time i have ever had to hang a labatelol drip, rather than a dopamine drip, on a full code.

    i talked to the icu nurse that had him the day he died. she said it had been a massive stroke (ya think?)
  12. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    230/150-highest subrachnoid hemmorhage died

    60/palp- aortic dissection
  13. by   marybethm
    Loved the earlier poster who remembered the date and the bp...1982!

    Now we should have a thread with the highest blood alcohol levels of ER patients. We used to take bets when one would come in, especially if it was one of our regulars who we knew tolerated a LOT of alcohol.
    Or the lowest Hematocrit. A comment often heard in our ER (and many others, I'm sure) was, "This isn't even compatible with life!"

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