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nursekatie22 is a RN and specializes in Med-Surg/Oncology/Telemetry/ICU.

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  1. :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:nurse::nurse:i love critical care nursing!!!!!!!!! :nurse::heartbeat:heartbeati'm sorry, but ever since i graduated i've been listening to friends (et al) saying how much they love their jobs, etc, etc and i've never be...
  2. Foley caths

  3. Just got hired in ICU....any advice?

    it's funny that you should emphasize that you're never alone cause i had the hardest time remembering that when i first started on the unit i'm on now. i thought that when i was off orientation that that was it and i was all by myself. it's so not ...
  4. Just got hired in ICU....any advice?

    this is all very helpful!
  5. Just got hired in ICU....any advice?

    thanks a lot for all the good tips! i really want this transition to be as smooth as possible and i'm scared that they're just a dumb med/surg nurse who doesn't know anything (they don't think a lot of out m/s unit for the most part). i'm just goi...
  6. Just got hired in ICU....any advice?

    thanks for the advice! i do have one thing on my side....i never hesitate to ask questions if i'm not sure of something. i'd rather ask first, and not screw something up! :)
  7. Just got hired in ICU....any advice?

    thanks a lot....will do! :)
  8. Just got hired in ICU....any advice?

    i've been on a medsurg/tele unit (and floated to oncology as much as possible) for the past 14 months since i got out of school. i've accepted a position in the icu and now i'm just wondering if there's any advice any of the "old hands" can give me ...
  9. To those already in/or graduated from NS...

    i know that for the schools i went to it wasn't a requirement, but the people who had prior experience as cnas, nas, etc, were a lot more comfortable than i was around patients during personal care and such during the first part of school. i think t...
  10. Honestly, how bad is the gas chamber?

    hold on a minute! it says on the u.s. army site that medical personnel don't have to do basic training. they just have to attend certain classes and pass the physical fitness test that the enlisted folks do. you really have to do all that other stuff...
  11. Trauma Neuro ICU interest

    thanks for the reply! i stopped checking on my post cause no one was saying anything so i figured people thought i was being loopy! they've since posted another job on my hospitals' site and i've applied for that one too, but with no reply.....bum...
  12. First Year Finally Over!!!

    amen! it goes by super fast! i'll hit a year on june 18th and even though i'm not there yet, it still seems like it's just flown by. insane......
  13. Dankso Professional?

    yes, i have two pairs and i've converted several of my co-workers as well. they're great!
  14. What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    i took mine last july and i went up to 236.......needless to say, i didn't feel good about it!
  15. job before NCLEX

    i got a job as a gn when i graduated before i took the nclex and worked for just under a month before i took (and passed ) my boards. the only thing that was stressfull about that situation was having to study for the test and work at the same time...