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  1. The fact that you got ******* to crack the whip & beat a dead horse, then dance, make you the coolest people i know! And how did ***** get off the HEMSI truck without breaking something?!? My first job was as a new grad in the Peds ER at HH & I occasionally floated in the main ER some before I moved to my current job. I have had the most fun showing my new co-workers how we do it back in Bama! I was all like, "Look!! We DO have a monorail!!" We have laughed til we have cried! Nice work, HH!
  2. ND76

    What is your ER's PCI med protocol?

    I work in an accredited chest pain center, and we use ASA, NTG, lopressor, Plavix, heparin, morphine, and a statin. Zofran if nauseated/vomiting. There are always cases where one or more of those might be contraindicated, and there are certain cardiologists who specifically request no Plavix, but those are the basic drugs we give. We used to give a lot of integrilin, a double bolus then a drip, but that was before the 90 minute door to balloon time was made a core measure...it's been a while. I personally haven't given it in about five or six years, but we still get some transfers in with it hanging.
  3. I have had an Alabama nursing license since 2000, and I have faithfully renewed it every two years, even though I live and practice in TN and hold a license there. My AL license expires 12/31/2010, and when I went to renew it online today, they wanted $200!!!! I will let it lapse and reinstate it later before I pay $200 instead of the $75 that it is SUPPOSED to cost. Did I miss some arbitrary deadline for renewal? I figured if it expired 12/31, i had until then to renew it. Besides, I didn't get a single reminder notice that my license was expiring....no email, no mailed notice, nothing! Has Alabama stopped sending them?
  4. ND76

    Using Demerol in the ED

    We don't even have it in our onmicell. We use Dilaudid and Morphine in our ER. The only place I see Demerol in our facility is in the GI Lab, and we use it with Versed for conscious sedation.
  5. ND76

    CPR Classes in the Memphis, TN Area

    A co-worker of mine teaches CPR as well as ACLS, PALS, etc. Here is the link to his website: http://www.eliteeducationalseminars.com
  6. ND76

    Good triage stories

    I had a man sign in a few months ago with the dreaded "private" written in the chief complaint section. I figured it was the usual penile discharge or rectal complaint that this CC usually elicits. However, much to my surprise, the man told me that his penis was shrinking. He had been measuring it almost daily for the last three months and had 'lost' several millimeters, according to him. He pulled out a little notepad where he had recorded the length each day. It was all I could do to perform the rest of the triage, cause God knows I wanted to ask him so many things. Like what was the temperature in the room each day when he measured? I just skimmed over the rest of the history, deferred the actual exam, and turned him over to our midlevel NP for evaluation!!
  7. Thanks! I figured as much... I mean, good lord, I work in an ER and GOD knows that things NEVER, EVER go according to a plan there! I understand that, but I'm worried about my nervous Nellie mother-in-law and my needle/blood phobic husband more than anything. I will probably rely on you OB nurses to run interference for me when my family gets on my nerves!!! :)
  8. Very infrequently. What gets confusing at our facility is that the city fire dept/EMS uses the fire radio, another ambulance service uses a different radio, and another two use the phone to call report. Sometimes the ones that have to call in via phone get put on hold indefinitely by someone, and they eventually just give up and hang up...But that's not their fault. A bad part of where I work is that we have TWO nursing homes within 2 minutes of the ER, too...and lord knows we get respiratory distress calls, sat of 65%, with almost NO warning. Every so often, we'll get an ambulance in that the crew didn't call report on, and it's almost ALWAYS one of our frequent fliers with the same bogus complaint he/she has had the last 437 times they came in by ambulance. We tend not to get too hot under the collar about it, because they usually get downloaded to triage, anyway.
  9. Hello, all! I've been an ER nurse for 10 years, and while I've never delivered a baby, I've 'caught' a few over the years. But other than a brief rotation during nursing school, I have never set foot in an OB unit, and tomorrow I am being induced, first baby. Any advice, helpful hints, how to get my family NOT to tick off the nice nurses? Things I should expect? I hate being a nurse AND a patient at times, because often medical staff thinks that just because I work there, I should know what's going on...and trust me, I'm as lost as a goose! Thanks in advance!
  10. It depends on what I needed... I'm having my baby at Baptist Womens. I will take my child once it is born to Methodist Germantown. If I was having chest pain I'd go to St. Francis. If I were severely injured or burned, The Med. (Full disclosure...I've worked at Baptist East, Methodist Central, and SFH-Memphis)
  11. ND76

    The Economy and your job as a nurse

    Unfortunately, yes... As soon as the schedule comes out, people grab it and start scouring it to make sure that no one got any extra shifts, and that someone didn't get more weekend hours (i.e. more diff=more money) than the rest of the staff. There are a couple of nurses I work with who have a list of all the other staff and how many hours they are actually hired for. For example, we have three different levels of 'full time'. There is a 64 hr per payperiod FT, a 72 hr per pp FT, and an 80 hr per pp FT. We now work 12 hour shifts, so most of the 32 hour per week people actually get a full 36 hour week. Well...you should hear the stink that is being raised over that. There are some nurses who "take notes" in case they get in trouble for something, that way they can point a finger at others. There have also been more trivial writeups lately. I just try to come in, do everything strictly according to policy, bust my butt for 12 hours, and keep my patients happy and get out unscathed. I'm PRN, and only entitled to 20 hours per 4 week schedule. But I'm flexible, and work days, nights, evenings, and in two other departments. I'm getting enough hours right now, because I can cover holes and will work whatever I can. I usually end up working at least 36 hours per week. But it's cutthroat among regular staff members who can 'only work nights,' or can 'only work weekend days,' or who refuse to get pulled to another unit if they're needed. I'm afraid a lot of people are digging their own grave.
  12. ND76


    Yep. Things are NOT rosy in Memphis right now, at ANY facility. Hours are tight everywhere, money is even tighter, and there is a general state of unrest among not only my co-workers, but my friends who work for other hospitals. We're all worried. It used to be you tolerated living in Memphis because the money was good and you could get plenty of overtime. It was a great place to work if you were single and rented and didn't need a good school system or had to worry about property taxes, etc. But as our hours have dwindled and our pay has been frozen, it's not worth it anymore...to me, anyway.
  13. ND76

    The Economy and your job as a nurse

    I'm worried. I work for a hospital owned by a national healthcare company, and the hospital I work at is supposed to be one of their 'better' hospitals. But we're sinking FAST. Our benefits have been slashed, we've laid off over 40 people (mostly non-clinical positions) in the past two weeks, they aren't filling ANY open positions, and our staffing is cut to bare bones. There is a general feeling of unrest because heads are rolling right and left, and for trivial things. The staff is getting quite desperate for hours, and there's a feeling of 'every man for himself' because we feel like management has utterly deserted us and doesn't really care about the staff OR the patients anymore....just the bottom line. I almost wish we'd get sold or our parent company would file for bankruptcy and we could turn into a non-profit.
  14. ND76

    ER nursing and pregnancy...

    Thanks all that replied... I'm actually the third pregnant nurse at work right now, don't drink the water! Two other girls are due this month and still working. We are blessed that our co-workers help us out, and the charge nurses watch out for us as well. I'm only 2 months along, and I've not had any issues so far. I'm hungry a lot, and I'm tired a lot, but I think I was that way before I got pregnant. :) I'm going to just play it by ear...what I've done is cut back to two ER shifts a week, and one of them is a night shift in the chest pain section, which isn't as busy as the medical ER. I do that 12 hour night shift, take a couple days off and then do an 8 hour day in GI and a 12 hour day in medical ER and that's my week. So far, so good. I'm still transporting my own patients if they're on 'good' stretchers (read: that actually STEER) or in wheelchairs and not morbidly obese. Usually when patients find out I'm pregnant, they bend over backwards to be sweet to me. I was a little green the other morning, and one of my patients' family members went to get themselves something to eat, and brought me back some ginger ale as a surprise. So, here's to a healthy pregnancy...I HAVE to keep working and active or my butt will get as big as the side of the house!
  15. ND76

    Memphis questions

    I agree with the above poster...Memphis Jewish Home is top notch. I work in an ER, and while there are some nursing homes that I wouldn't send my dog to, I actually don't mind getting patients from MJH at all. The residents and staff all seem very content, and the patients appear to be extremely well cared for. St. Francis has a geri-psych floor, I know. But I think they are on a hiring freeze right now...the staff is all very uneasy concerning the 'state of the union' so to speak.
  16. ND76

    ER nursing and pregnancy...

    I recently found out I'm pregnant, and am wondering how long I will be able to stay at work (realistically...) We are a Level II, 50 bed ER, and since our staffing has been cut down to bare bones (5 patients apiece, but more at times) we literally run and gun for 12 hours straight. It's easy for people to say, 'slow down, take it easy,' but it's not in my nature. Right now I'm still in my first trimester, and I'm doing everything I normally do, just asking for a little more help with transporting and turning/pulling patients up, etc. I've been thinking I would go to triage when I got too big to actually move, but they've recently cut us down to one triage nurse, and it's not like triage is a 'sit down' job anyway. I tend to be up and down just as much when I'm there as when I have a patient load. I have the option to transfer to GI Lab, which is a Monday-Friday, 7a-3p shift, and would probably be physically easier, but I don't really want to... I'm an ER nurse to the core, and am bored out of my gourd when I'm checking in patients who are having OP colonoscopies. I know this is a huge forum...can someone share their experiences with me?