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  1. How to teach in West Africa

    I am indeed on the Africa Mercy! Well, not right now ... I'm home for a quick vacation, but I'm headed back soon. Have you been? Or are you coming? =)
  2. I kind of need a hug.

    Jersey? Jersey?! Can you just stop by and say hi to my family for me while you're that close?! ;-)
  3. I kind of need a hug.

    Just as an update - the little one who got intubated on Saturday went back to Jesus this morning. His kidneys shut down overnight, and he was in full-blown ARDS, and when the dad came in to visit this morning, he and the mama asked that the machines...
  4. I kind of need a hug.

    For once I'm posting an obscure question from the coast of West Africa. Today, I just need a hug. I was in charge, and one of our feeding program babies (not the one I posted about earlier with the high alk-phos - this is the one who was plumping...
  5. super-high alk phos - any ideas why?

    Hm .... good point. Interestingly enough, we just had a patient who was discharged following a course of treatment for mucocutaneous leishmaniasis! First I had ever heard of it .... Baby is afebrile and negative for malaria on a smear. I'm figuri...
  6. super-high alk phos - any ideas why?

    Okay, my newest what-on-earth-is-going-on-here from the ship in West Africa ... We have a little cleft lip / palate baby who was admitted through our feeding program. She's 4.5 months old, and she was admitted almost 3 weeks ago at 3.24 kg. She'...
  7. Bereavement Committee - Help Please!!!

    A lot of what Jan mentioned is similar to what we did at my old hospital, except we actually didn't have as much stuff! I love the idea of soft jammies and blankies for the little ones. We always did hand and foot prints, and if it was a kid we wer...
  8. Neuro ICU - Do you talk to brain-dead patients?

    It was mostly refraining from talking to the kids in front of their parents. If the parents were holding out hope in the face of properly-done brain death criteria and a signed death certificate, my talking to their kid was only going to confuse the...
  9. Neuro ICU - Do you talk to brain-dead patients?

    Almost 11 years ago now, my cousin (17 at the time, and he might as well have been my brother) was admitted to the CCU at Sick Kids in Toronto after a near drowning. It was one of those freak accidents; he was under no more than 5 minutes, but he wa...
  10. How to teach in West Africa

    I just have to share a story from my shift the other day. As background, I live and work on a charity hospital ship off the coast of West Africa. Two evenings ago, I was precepting a new nurse, and we were faced with quite the education puzzle... ...
  11. Infant feeding question

    I was thinking about that the other day, but we don't have any on the ship right now, and they're not something you can get on the streets around here. Mangoes, yes. Haberman feeders? Not so much. Want to send me one? =) I got into a bit of a...
  12. Infant feeding question

    Unfortunately not. But just by the sound of it, she was more than microaspirating. I figure she's always had a really poor suck, even with the tumor there to support her jaw, because she's about to turn 5 months old, and we've FINALLY gotten her we...
  13. Compassion support withdrawl

    I worked PICU back when I was practicing in the States, and I also seemed to have fallen into that role by the time I left. My first loss was, thankfully, nothing like yours, and I think that's what allowed me to go on and do it so many times after ...
  14. Infant feeding question

    Well, she kept on not gaining weight and sounding worse and worse lung-wise after every feed. Also, I had a long chat with her mama (through a couple interpreters) and it turns out that mama has a 4 and 7-year old at home, and she really does need t...
  15. Funny things that pts say

    I was taking care of a little boy with hypospadius following his repair. A couple of days after his catheter was removed, I asked his mama how he was doing. She smiled widely and proclaimed: "The pee-pee is coming from the end of his man-hole!" ...