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Hello, I am new to all nurses as a poster. Have been looking at posts for a year or so. Anyway, my coworkers and I were having a disscussion of the highest BP we have ever seen. We had a pt come... Read More

  1. by   moongirl
    268/142 he was 95 years old
    lowest... 73/52. called the doc on that one!
  2. by   SaderNurse05
    250/110, manual on a very good friend post-op. Seems the pump beat her to the room and the nurse "had paged the orderly" for 15 minutes...I went to the freakin basement and got the freakin pump. This happened 15 years before I went to nursing school.
  3. by   orange-rn
    Last night in our shock room had a pt with a BP of 278/177, hr 111. Pt went from icu status to being discharge home! Renal functions messed up. Had h/o HTN out of meds for a few weeks. He was laughing and joking with us. He was put on a Nipride drip for a little while and given po meds.
  4. by   mmutk
    75/53?? we see these pressures all the time. It's the high ones that are rare in our ER
  5. by   cota2k
    33y/o female. OD on who knows what. B/P 54/37 on the monitor, manual 60/36. SR 70's t/o her stay in the ED. Highest 235/110. Waited at PMD for his wife to drive him to ED. The telephone report from his PMD gave me CP.
  6. by   mced
    300 patent: 2.560.237, ESRD dude
  7. by   ChocoholicRN
    don't remember the highest, lowest was in the 50's/30's, but the patient had been declining for several days and passed about 2 hours later.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    I personally had a BP of 260/130 once.

    It was about seven or eight years ago, not long after I turned 40. I've had HTN since I was in my 20s, so I've come to recognize the signs that my pressure is out of control---I get headaches, feel dizzy and "out of sorts". Ironically enough, I'd been trying to take a patient's BP and couldn't hear anything but my own pulse pounding in my ears; so I went back to the nurses' station and asked an aide to get the patient's BP while I took my own on the Dynamap.

    Well, the cuff just kept pumping up and pumping up, and I thought my entire arm was going to fall off---then came the reading. I took it twice because I couldn't believe it. The second reading confirmed the first one by being even higher.........well, no surprises there, given the fact that I was also scared to pieces.

    But was I scared enough to clock out and go downstairs to the ER, as I would've advised anyone else with a stroke-level BP like that? Heck no---I worked my 12-hour shift, went home to sleep, then went to my doctor's office in the late afternoon where my pressure was a relatively mellow 180/110. He put me on some new meds, which lowered it to a respectable 150/90 (a good BP for me is around 140/85), and eventually I forgot the whole thing.

    Now that I'm older and wiser---pretty lucky, considering the fact that even young people are known to have massive strokes at BP levels like mine---I wouldn't take that risk again. Back then, though, it was nothing more than a game of "how-tough-are-you?" between nurses........how sick can you be and still function on the floor. I think we've all played it at one time or another in our careers. Who hasn't worked with a nurse who comes in with a temp of 104, or one with a broken ankle encased in a walking cast, or one who's shoe-puking sick and looks worse than her patients? For that matter---who hasn't been that nurse?:trout:
  9. by   JoeERTech
    276/145. And she was 95 years old, too. I figure that if you get to 95 and still have a blood pressure, you're probably ahead of the curve..
  10. by   mcknis
    Not an RN yet, but the highest I have seen as an aide was 300's/180 and as low as 50's/30's. Neither pt was symptomatic, but a rapid response team was called for the elevated pt. Those were scary times, but I anticipate more times like that will be coming. Always hope not, but always prepared for it when it comes.
  11. by   CoffeeRTC
    280/168.....that was mine. Pre E with my first baby. I didn't feel sick at all....until they started the mag
  12. by   jbird125
    Highest BP the other night 250/150, it was the night for brain bleeds, we had 3 in over the course of the night, none of which survived till dawn.

    The lowest was 40/30, with a pulse of 170, she ended up being cardioverted under GA, got admitted to ccu, still dont know why, had no pmh, and only felt a bit dizzy prior, no other hx.
  13. by   MissJoRN
    my FIL has been "monitoring" his at home and finally called the Dr two weeks ago when it was roughly 220/160. Besides, the headaches were annoying.
    His defense is that the high BP is all his Dr's fault because FIL called for a refill on his script on the Dr refused to extend it w/o seeing him for his annual appt... 6 months ago. I'm just glad my hubby inherited only a fraction of his stubborness and carelessness.