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Hey all new to the board, thought we could share some strang encounters in triage...... the 24yr male entered triage I asked what's wrong today? He replies my "ovories" hurt...... there... Read More

  1. by   Linds0094
    Young female at triage...

    "I know I am pregnant"

    ER RN- "How do you know?"

    "My baby's daddy can feel two heartbeats in my wrist, mine and the babies"
  2. by   Michellem0322
    Quote from suzy253
    Mom and Dad brought 9 month old to the ER.
    The baby isn't reading
    OMG Are they serious?:icon_roll
  3. by   ncemt
    I work as a tech in a peds ER triage area, and one time the chief complaint on the computer came up as "wants chile chicken." I couldn't believe it so I went over to registration, turned out there was a misunderstanding and the mom wanted her child checked .
  4. by   gooberlilyRN
    I liked reading about the triage note that took 3 minutes to read.

    My little incident was amusing as well. I got the triage slip and started towards it when I could see from afar that it was filled! It was only the front but it was a spiral of words starting at the bottom and going around the entire paper

    I thought oh yeah....this triage process is going to be fun!
  5. by   Medic09
    Quote from neneRN
    Had a little old lady yesterday who stated "I stopped breathing for 3 seconds last night", if you are waiting 3 seconds between breaths, you are breathing 20 resps/min...??!?!?
    Okay, I'm being obnoxiously pedantic here :icon_roll, but...

    With a 'standard' respiratory cycle of 3 seconds (RR of 20), we have a usual ratio of about 1:2. One second inhalation to two seconds exhalation. Genuine pauses are from end-exhalation, and don't count as part of that cycle. No matter how you count those, however, if her exhalation (plus pause?) is three seconds, then any inhalation time means a respiratory rate less than 20. If she's doing 1:3, then the rate is about 15. If her inhalation side of the ratio is less than 1, then the RR is a little higher. If her inhalation is more than 1, then the RR is even less than 15.

    I know, pedantic. Sorry! But when you go to set up or manage a vent, the cycle and ratio do become relevant...

    Either way, of course, your position is correct. A 3 second pause doesn't qualify as apneic episode.

    Now, how did she know how long she'd paused? Hmmm....
  6. by   navynurse06
    We had a guy came in at about 0300 on am stated he couldn't sleep. b/c coming to the ed will cure that!
  7. by   Babs0512
    True triage story: I had a clean cut, neatly dressed man in his 30's come in complaining of "discharge from my penis". I asked all the pertinent questions, was he sexually active - "yes", did it hurt to pee - "no", then I asked, "Does your scrotum hurt?" So help me the man answered "Well Mam, I'd love to answer your question, but I don't know what a scrotum is!" I don't know how I kept from laughing. I said "Do your balls hurt?" he replied "oh, no mam"

    Gotta keep a sense of humor!!
  8. by   Pecked2DthByChickens
    Admitting Dx: "Can't Stop Crying" (for 3 days straight)...and she was right. She sat in a bed in the hall and cried for hours!
  9. by   lpnstudentin2010
    Quote from Pecked2DthByChickens
    Admitting Dx: "Can't Stop Crying" (for 3 days straight)...and she was right. She sat in a bed in the hall and cried for hours!
    what do you do for that, i assume call psych, but is there anything else
  10. by   Babs0512
    You don't say how old this person is or his/her history. I've seen stroke patients who cry and cry, and they don't know why. I've also see it as a side effect of some medications, SSRI's and even benzo's. FYI.
  11. by   BroadwayRN
    I'm having a bad reaction to the mammogram I had last week. What symptoms are you having? Breast tenderness, missed period and nausea. Could you be pregnant? Gee, I truly never thought about that. (She was pregnant)
  12. by   aidan13
    On Christmas evening I had a 30 yr old male who comes for a cut on his finger he had for 2 wks, occasional numbness to his arm and a bump on his sub-clavicular he had for 20 yrs. No pain, pt is in good condition. When asked why he specifically came on dec. 25 to see a doctor, he said it was his Christmas gift, to get checked out so he could start the new year knowing he was healthy.
  13. by   yogie197
    This weird guy signed in "I want a nurse to look at my penis" least he was honest. lololol