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NessEDRN has 8 years experience and specializes in Emergency, ICU.

Mom of 4 ED nurse since 2002, Nurse since 2000.

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  1. migraine faker at the ED!

    Everyone deals with their pain differently. I've been getting cluster headaches since late 2004 after getting radiation for a benign pituitary tumor. After learning how to deal with them and getting my meds right, I can go to work, take care of my fa...
  2. add your funny TRIAGE complaints from pts

    " i think i caught a seizure" me: "who threw it?":wink2:
  3. Worst doctors orders ever received

    Someone would need to verbally de escalate me bordering on physical restraint.
  4. Immediate Bedding. Thoughts?

    At my facility we have what's called "triage on" and "triage off", which basically means that if there are available beds we are triage off and pts are sent right back to a room, usually just given a piece of paper with a room number and sent through...
  5. ER Nurses. Read This!

    feels really good to be recognized for the hard work we do day in and day out!!