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Hello! I figured it was time to start this thread now that the application deadline is nearly here. Let us commence the stress and commiseration!

I finally submitted my Duke ABSN application yesterday after being away from my computer for months while traveling. I feel excited and hopeful, but the reality is that I won't be able to attend without a significant scholarship. I love Duke's program and my partner lives outside of Durham (I'm currently near Tucson, AZ) so this could be the perfect fit.

Nursing will be a second career for me--I'm 34. I'm curious whether most of my fellow applicants are younger or around my age?

Good luck everyone!

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8 hours ago, l8r_sam said:

I used freelance writing style. I can send you my essay as an example?

Can I pm you please. Would really appreciate your help.

Turns out a t spot IGRA blood test is $300 ?

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Does anyone mind sharing their stats for admission? GPA, volunteer hours, etc. I'm a prospective student and would like this information please! I dont want to waste my time if I'm not competitive enough ...

Thanks guys

3.75 GPA, 1 official publication, 1 honorable mention, 95 hrs volunteer, 1 year americorps community service, biology degree, 6 months as a CNA nursing home, 6 months PCA at mayo hospital, 3 years Boys & girls club group leader/swim coach (community service).

honestly if you have at least a 3.0 and worked as a prior CNA in a nursing home your chances are gold. During the HEA interview, I impressed them the most by just talking about being a CNA and PCA. LOL every interview I’ve ever had including mayo health sciences programs unrelated to nursing, talking about being a CNA & PCA impressed them.

On 4/9/2020 at 12:56 PM, Roger0105 said:

That’s really all I went by on my application. I used a common font in the size they specified and double spaced. Normal 1 inch margins and placed the statement question as the header like they asked. Didn’t use any other special formatting.

The application says to place the topic title in the header. You mentioned that you placed the statement question-wouldn't that be too long?

9 hours ago, FutureNP_1319 said:

The application says to place the topic title in the header. You mentioned that you placed the statement question-wouldn't that be too long?

I can’t remember what the exact wordage of the application instructions were last year, but I remember interpreting it as them wanting the question in the header. Since each question was just labeled “Question 1,” “Question 2,” etc., I decided on writing out the whole question. I did make the text smaller for that than my statement so it didn’t take up too much space. I didn’t use a title for any of my statements, as they are too short to need one and take up unnecessary space. Unless you have a REALLY good, catchy title, don’t put one—just focus on your answer. Hope this makes sense and helps!

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On 4/8/2020 at 10:30 PM, FutureNP_1319 said:

Hi everyone! Student applying for Spring 2021 entrance here. I have a question about the personal statement application portion--did you guys use APA format? I don't see any requirements other than the font size and double spacing.

Thanks in advance! And good luck to everyone on their journey ? you guys rock!

Do you mind sharing your GPA? Also, are you turning your application in when it opens?

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