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  1. would like to know what they do. Most psych np's are working outpatient.
  2. Just wanna know the for profit schools to avoid
  3. If you received certification in both areas, are you allowed to get one job in inpatient as a PMHNP and another job in a hospital and work as a AGACNP?
  4. JZ1

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    How long is the Duke NP program in semesters for full time?
  5. JZ1

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    Does anybody know how much people are admitted into the program respective to their speciality?
  6. Hello NP's! I would like some advice as I am in the process of applying into an NP school. I'm not worried about GPA however I need some tips in the other areas that they look for. What are some major things that they look for? Where can I get started? What do I need to do?I really only have my GPA to hang onto. Please any constructive information would help. I'm 21, I only have a good academic background. I dont know where to start. Also should I start MHNP online in Spring 2021 or in person in fall 2020. I dont like to waste time and I like to get things done asap. I also want to do acute care, but either one.

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