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  1. Magnesium sulfate

    Is it an emergency backup in case you need to bolus very quickly?
  2. Here are some ideas (worked for me!) Look up “Applicant Tracking System nursing tips” on Google to find info on how to best make it past the resume robots. Join linkedin, try to find direct contact info for L&D managers, and ask to shadow. ...
  3. Applying to Labor & Delivery??? There you can also network with L&D nurses
  4. Cone Health 2017 New Grad RN Residency 2017

    Cone is $28 now and Duke is $27. Not sure what UNC is, but I think slightly higher than Duke.
  5. Hello! I'm about to start my preceptorship on L&D, and I really want to snag a job on this unit. I think I am generally friendly, helpful, and ask a lot of questions. I realize I don't have total control over what happens, but I want to do my ...
  6. A good friend has hypothyroidism and received the vaccine with no problem. She has thyroid glands but takes levo daily to manage. I understand your hesitance, and luckily it is probably going to be OK for you to get the vaccine. ? It definitely se...
  7. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    *Your tests probably won't be open-note/open-book because you'll be in person... but that also means you'll probably have a better time learning!
  8. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    @gnv26 Before this semester, most of our exams were open-note/open-book, which obviously made things much easier than they would have been otherwise. This semester requires more studying, but the tests are mostly pretty straightforward. I never rea...
  9. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    Hi @Meowmeowmama, I'm a current 3rd semester Duke ABSN student. Clinicals are not 12 hours until 4th semester. They usually go from 6:30AM - 5:00PM at the very latest, and often/usually get out sooner. It really depends on the course and your clin...
  10. Cone Health 2017 New Grad RN Residency 2017

    Duke upped their pay to $27 recently, so I expect other hospitals (UNC, Cone, etc) will follow suit, if they haven't already.
  11. HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship 2020-2021

    @MrsLittleRN You need an official academic recommendation but HOT TIP ALERT you can add additional recommendations as “additional documents.” Anything else that supports your application (certificates, for example) can also go there.
  12. Shut down at 103 but last answer wrong

    Did you pass?
  13. New L&D Nurse, Did I make a mistake?

    I'm sorry you're going through this. I recently listened to a podcast episode about negative unit culture that might be really helpful to you (it's also on spotify and probably apple podcasts)
  14. Postpartum/mother infant unit

    This is great advice! Create opportunities for patient education.
  15. I am a nursing student so I don't have advice to give, but I just wanted to say that I completely understand why you would have been playing up your bartending work. The advice to leave out your personal life (wise though it probably is) makes me sa...