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  1. Can anyone share their experiences about the BSN or MSN-entry level for non-nursing majors programs? How is the teaching? Is it mostly self-taught? Can one do a direct entry program to NP program over there by petition for the MSN-entry level program? Thanks for all your suggestions.
  2. Sun1

    NP schools without an RN license

    I really liked what you mentioned....So what are some good programs that do exactly as you have said? PA is a good profession....but I think the newer programs are a bit too disorganized, and going to an established one requires taking the GRE, and having quality PCE hours. I don't mind being any type of NP at this time...just wanted to avoid having to being a RN in the middle and have the autonomy that an NP does. Many thanks.
  3. Sun1

    NP schools without an RN license

    I think...from what I have seen now....that an RN license is needed to take the NP boards. Am I right? So, I guess I need to look at part-time BSN programs or some sort of program that will allow me to take the NCLEX exams. Any suggestions?
  4. Looking for direct entry NP schools (no RN license) that have a good reputation, that actually teach students properly (one is not left to do the bulk of the studying on their own)....and are receptive to student concerns. Any ideas please do share....if you have attended that school, pls do share your experiences about that as well. Also, if this is an online format....can you please share how it compares to a traditional classroom setting. Many thanks for all your suggestions.
  5. Sun1

    Nursing schools

    Thanks for the advice.
  6. Sun1

    Nursing schools

    Are the better ranked nursing schools better at teaching? Also, are nursing schools based on a self-teaching model?

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