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  1. GI NP

    What other duties do you perfrom btw? Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately, neither chapter readings or any supplemental material did not cover them in any adequate manner, hence more than 50% of the class would miss it many times. The curve was still not good enough to get a good grade, just pass with a B or...
  3. A small tiny percentage - dependent on the class from what I have learn't. Majority would be get b or b+. Because say you 1 class 35 / 50 questions (topics) are covered in the class. The rest 15 is you don't know how to answer it? So if you get sa...
  4. Well, there are some classes that are problematic - due to the teaching style. About 6-7 classes for sure. Unfortunately, it is the teacher's mood that heavily play's into how a class will be taught. Others seem somewhat OK to some degree......
  5. If they are complying....they should be able to make changes, so that things are objectively and rationally looked into.
  6. Can anyone complain higher up outside the school....the board of education perhaps to have someone come in (from outside) to look at thinks objectively? One should not be at the mercy of bad teachers....bad schools.
  7. Well, the school has the responsibility with whatever fee agreement that is in place - free, partial or full cost to provide quality instructors that will provide a good instruction so that one has the proper opportunity to succeed in the class. Hav...
  8. NP Boards

    Can anyone please tell me what are the eligibility requirments to take the NP boards after doing a program? Is there a time limit to take the boards by or can one take it even many years after graduation? Also, is there a limit on the number of...
  9. Thanks....unfortunately....the professors just want to get rid of you. And one hopes that more will join the movement. But fear of being written up, and then thrown out of the program (retaliation) is common which one learns matter ho...
  10. I feel that matter how small the number of people.....whose opinions should be looked into seriously. As he/she or they did not get the support needed when problems occured. They in my opinion offer the true picture of what the teach...
  11. Clearing messages to increase space

    ICU v OR Alicia777 and you (6 messages) If you can do this for now.....I deleted something else earlier, it is not showing up, but the storage space still seems full.....That entire row of messages I deleted was pretty big.
  12. Clearing messages to increase space

    Would you be clearing it for me?
  13. What are some typical interview questions? What are the harder questions? ....that are asked in the interview. please do share your experiences.
  14. Clearing messages to increase space

    Thank you....inspite of doing this. My storage space has not been cleared for previous messages. Please guide me as to what to do next. Many thanks!
  15. Hi there: I was trying to clear messages to free up space in my inbox, but even after deleting the messages the storage space has not increased. Can you please help me with this. Additionally, how long does it take to delete a conversation/...