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Sun1 has 2 years experience and specializes in N/A.

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  1. Sun1

    First Assist course

    Can you please share your experience in doing a first assist course? How long did it take?, and was it worth it? Did it translate into any good returns? Thanks for all your suggestions!
  2. Sun1

    ER NP

    Thanks for your input. What are things that an acute certified can do that a FNP or Adult Gero cannot do? What procedures, etc? Is it possible to be dual certified at the sametime in a program? Is it advantageous to do so? Which dual certifications would you recommend to do? Not interested in psych or women's health btw.... For a person to be able to do central lines, and other invasive procedures....what track you suggest one pursue? If one wanted to be able to work in the ER, Cardiology and also be able to to do cardiothoracic surgery or other surgical specialities....what do you suggest to go about it? Thanks again.....
  3. Sun1

    ER NP

    Thanks for the suggestion. But I was wondering....if there peds specific ED, and adult specific ED why would it better to be an FNP NP to do so. Would the hospital not hire an adult NP ED, if he/she would be working only in the adult ED?
  4. Sun1

    ER NP

    What is the pathway to become an ER NP? Can one perhaps do adult care primary NP track and then become an ER NP. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  5. Sun1

    Acute Care NP to Adult primary care

    Thanks for the comment....can you please share your thoughts on the other parts my query as well?
  6. Can an acute care NP start working in adult primary care without having to go through any post master's certificate program? Are there any legal implications in terms of scope of practice? billing issues? one would have to worry about? Thanks for all your suggestions.
  7. Sun1

    Procedures as an FNP

    Can you successfully bill for the procedures that you end up doing? If so, at what rate? What procedures can you not bill for?
  8. Sun1

    NP Canada to NP USA

    How can a NP from canada work in the USA? What exams if anything need to be given and how long is the process? Can one have the canadian NP exams recognized in the USA, or does one have to take additional USA exams? Thanks for all your responses in advance.
  9. Sun1


    Which textbooks do you recommend one go back to? The ones provided by the review course or the ones used in nursing school?
  10. Sun1

    How to study for the NCLEX

    Hey All: I am confused as to how and what to use for the NCLEX exam? I can do an ATI course. However, was wondering will just doing this course suffice for me to be able to pass the course? Is it best to go through all the material presented in nursing school that is specific to the subjects tested on the NCLEX in order to have a higher chance to pass or doing a review course like ATI or Kaplan is the best way to approach it....and leave everything that one went over in nursing school? Which are the best question banks btw to do that mimic the exam difficulty? exam question lenght? Thanks for all your suggestions.
  11. Sun1

    Fundamentals of Nursing course

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this query. And how one can compensate for it.
  12. Sun1

    Fundamentals of Nursing course

    Thanks for your Thanks for your comments!
  13. Hi All: Can you please put forth your opinion about the Fundamentals of Nursing course and what book did you use? In school there was not a formal course for it, and I have heard that this course is important for the NCLEX exam.....what does this course entail if you had it in your school? Is it in anyway related to Medical Surgical courses? We had 2 of them in school. I am very confused and also scared.
  14. Sun1

    Getting to NP

    Thanks for the answer....from looking at the Canadian website, it seems to direct me to the American Nurse practitioner board about latest updates of being allowed to take the exam....
  15. Sun1

    Getting to NP

    Do canadian students take the same NCLEX exam that the us students take? Also, do Canadian NP students take the same exam that the US NP students take at the end? Many thanks.
  16. Sun1

    NP programs - Canada

    If one takes the NCLEX exam, and then pursues an NP program in Canada....does one take the same NP exam in Canada that one would take in the US? If not, what would one do to later on practice in the US? Many thanks for all your suggestions!