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I wear them as a 21 year old RN, who else does???


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I wear them most of the time, both at work and home. When I worked in the hospitals or LTCs I usually wore white skirts, a tucked in (pocketless) scrub top and a lab or scrub jacket. They never crawl, bind or try to fall down. I've learned some amazing tricks to stay warm in the winter.

Jenny P

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I think I quit wearing dresses at work when I read that book "House of God." :eek:


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We get the choice. The pantsuits aren't bad, but the white dresses are so old fashioned.


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well....I wear them only every other weekend. course that is the lowcut plunging neckline slit up the side dress. course I look like Homer Simpson in his Mumu.:cool:


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Snap! Nurses are the same the world over after all! I do find that stockings pull all the hairs on my legs against the grain though,.....any advice, ladies?:eek:


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Terrible legs!!!!! ...Keep them covered at all times


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Dresses??? Not in this lifetime- Don't tell anyone but my chubby thighs tend to rub together and it feels quite awful after more than 5 or so hours.

jschut, BSN, RN

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I am still a student, but I have a dress uniform that I wear sometimes. I like wearing dresses and on some days pants... just depends on the day, I suppose!:)


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You would probaly think I am shallow but for a long time I wouldn't even consider the nursing profession because of those ugly white dresses. When I saw nurses were wearing different types of scrubs adding variety I rethought my career and now I work in a NICU unit. Even with current TV shows with exception or ER they still depict nurses as wearing pure white dresses being subserviant to MDs Tsk Tsk!


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Advice to donmurray--shave your legs darlin'--unless of course your religion forgids it, then maybe it's a S&M thang!!

I not sure I own a dress anymore--oh yes, one for funerals.


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During my first couple of years of nursing I did wear the cute dresses. However, climbing into beds for codes cured that fashion statement. Flashed more than the knees a couple of times, know what I mean....:cool: :rolleyes:

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