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  1. Half.com lets you go by ISBN so you get the right edition. I also ordered optional books on ebay--won one for 0.01! Shipping was $3.64. Anyway, I am a huge Books a Million fan and have been ordering texts from them and saving money, esp on shipping and handling.
  2. CindyJRN

    CPNE Racine June 25-27--anybody else?

    Congrats and best wishes. Get there Thursday if possible, scope out hospital, parking etc. to make things less stressful--ok maybe I am the only one who stresses about going to new places but better safe than you know... Anyway, I only took my Mneomnics notes with me. I did not want to stress myself doing last minute studying. I don't know anything about Racine, but it was less stressful on me taking a taxi back and forth to the hospital (Atlanta, GA) than driving in unfamiliar territory. Pencil, pen, highlighter. take your time and make an outline before you start the actual hands on. Post your experience when you return--it really does help future CPNE travelers. Big hug from an Excelsior alum!!!
  3. CindyJRN

    Excelsior Pass Rate?

    Don't be discouraged, Kelly. I spent a LONG time getting that Associate degree because I worked full time with a daughter, mortage, etc. Then a failed marriage, move, etc. Back then the program did not move as fast as it does now. I could not afford any of the CPNE practices, but I did use the CPNE video and was lucky enough to find some of the study sites and learned mneomics. (spell?) Anyway, this site is great for motivation, getting questions answered, and you may find some current study information! I am currently pursuing my BS with an eye on the MS. The Excelsior experience has proven invaluable.
  4. I didn't see any chemistry books listed, so I thought I would share mine... Just got it today; class starts June 25th. Chemistry--An introduction to General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry Eighth Ed. Timberlake ISBN# 0805331328 I saw many older editions on ebay and half.com for low prices if you just want a reference. :) Best wishes
  5. CindyJRN

    SW Louisiana

    Welcome to Louisiana. The payscale throughout the state is pretty much the same. I live and work in the NW part of the state near Shreveport. LPNs are now averaging $12-14 an hour in hospitals, $14-16 in nursing homes. RN's are averaging $21 an hour base pay in hospitals, with differentials for BSN or other certifications. Hospitals also pay on average $3.00 more for weekend, evening, and night differentials. Factor in 8hr vs. 12hr shifts. RNs are also hired for LTC facilities at different rates. Remember, the cost of living will be quite different. Have you applied for a LA license? We also have CEU's required for RNs; none at this time for LPNs. Hope this info helps a little bit. There is also plenty of agency work if you don't want a long committment. :)
  6. CindyJRN

    Blah, summer school...

    Ah, the good old days--summer breaks, vacations, etc. Summer school is just a precurser for the working world. I am here at work today (Memorial Day) surfing on break. I would love to be at the lake! Hang in there! When I get home at 7:45pm then I log in for class for an hour or so. Enjoy your quasi-breaks while you can.......
  7. CindyJRN

    I HATE CHEMISTRY! !@#$%^&*

    :chair: Uh, I am a little scared now. My Chemistry class starts June 25th. I'll check in with you after it starts. I was a little scared before, but now I hope to pass and make it to August 15th (class ends) all in one piece. Hang in there!
  8. CindyJRN

    I passed the CPNE!!!!

    To all recent CPNE "PASSERS", WOOOO HOOOO Congrats! :balloons: To all of you future CPNE'ers, hang in there and best wishes! I am a frequent visitor to the Distance Learning discussions because I am upgrading my ASN to a BSN then MSN over the next couple of years. Man, I get so so excited reading about you guys antcipating and then passing the CPNE! I graduated in 2000, the final Regent's College class before it changed to Excelsior. When I tell you my life changed for the better, I don't just mean the financial upgrade from LPN to RN. I mean the incredible opportunities I have now! (OK, th financial upgrade does help :rotfl: .) Anyway, just think of me as your Fairy Godmother and prayer buddy in Louisiana. I enjoy learning and I get excited to be around such wonderful people just looking for the opportunity to show they can shine. Big hugs to all my fellow students and don't give up the dream.
  9. CindyJRN

    Excelsior a good fit for a former ASN?

    Agree with everyone's information thus far, and would like to add check with your State Board for the specific requirements. Louisiana only recognizes LPN Excelsior graduates. (In the past Excelsior admitted RTs, EMTs, CNAs, etc.) Best wishes to you!
  10. CindyJRN

    Univ. of Phoenix Grades

    ANN, I took 4 classes last year with UOP. I loved it! I spent a lot of time on it, but it was worth the A's I made. The only reason I dropped was the cost. I am in a lower cost program now, and all of the classes transferred no problem. PM me if you like for more info! :)
  11. CindyJRN

    Any Student "must have" item advice?

    We used Taber's Dictionary way back when! My copy is 17 years old and dog eared, but still on my desk at home. I used an inexpensive dual head stethoscope all through school, but invested in a Littmann for work. If you do purchase an expensive scope, just remember a good name tag or engraving for it, too. The easiest drug books to reference for your Pharmacology class and clinicals are SpringHouse's Nursing Drug books put out yearly. The Lipincott nurses rug book is easy to use because it is in alphabetical order by generic names. You will still have to have access to a PDR for your Pharmacology class because of some of the info your instructor will require. Just remember to take care of yourself, eat well get plenty of sleep!! :) :rotfl:
  12. CindyJRN

    How to fix hair for clinicals?

    :) When you start working after graduation it will simply depend on the facility. I wore the cap as a student nurse with ponytail, and believe me, it took a pack of bobby pins and a can of white rain hairspray to secure! Anyway, through many years of perms, short hairdos, highlights and life as a blond, I am back to shoulder length, mousy brown wavy/straight hair. Never could get used to any type of ponytail or clip!!! :balloons:
  13. CindyJRN

    Please share your CPNE info.....

    I graduated from Excelsior in 2000 (The last of the Regents Named class). I had a wonderful experience at Grady Memorial Hospital for my CPNE. The testing site at Dallas was closed in 2000 for revamping (rumored high fail rate.) Grady is a very large hospital in downtown Atlanta. Many people prefer the "suburban" hospitals at Atlanta. Grady is one of the original CPNE sites. I graduated LPN school in 1988 and had worked nursing homes and skilled nursing. Even though I graduated and passed the same NCLEX as other RNs, I initially thought people would judge me for not going the traditional route. I was wrong though, and have worked in a hospital since 2000. My coworkers actually admire my determination and ability to learn on my own. By the way, I am now in a Distance online RN to BSN program with plans to get my MSN!
  14. CindyJRN

    University of Wyoming Online

    Just want to mention that accreditation is very important when choosing a program. The University of Texas System is planning their online programs for fall startup. I do not wish to discredit any program out there, but for those of you searching for a program please be careful, ask questions, and look at the whole picture (length of program, transfer credits, cost, etc.)
  15. CindyJRN

    The way nurses treat each other

    :rotfl: :rotfl: Wow ,Agnus, You are so right with your observations. We have 3 hospital campuses in town so when I said earlier we lost good nurses, luckily most transferred to other units and found out that all nurses are not carnivores.....
  16. CindyJRN

    The way nurses treat each other

    Wow, wanna read one more from an experienced nurse? I enjoyed this post for the simple fact that I am one who has tried to stamp out the perception that Nurses eat their young. Fortunately I have had more positive experience than negative. A clique was "busted up" by management at my hospital this year. This particular group of nurses spent so much time trying to be the top dog that they ran off good nurses and submitted patients to poor care. I believe the final straw was the morning they were so busy arguing with one another about "that's not my patient" when a code was called that 2 MD's, the nurse educator, and nursing admin were running the code! Don't be afraid of being the thorn in the Manager's side. Speak up if you need help and keep business at business and friendship away ffrom where you work. Let me clarify that last statement somewhat: Be friendly, have lunch together time permitting, share anecdotes if you feel comfortable, but leave EVERYTHING at the job when you leave. I enjoy the closeness I have with everyone on my unit, but I am their Charge Nurse, not their drinking buddy.