Do you remember your first day on the job?

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My first day was my coworker's second day, so it was kind of like when you're a kid by the pool and two people grab you by the wrists and ankles, swing you three times, and throw you in. Did I mention we were the only two nurses? Fortunately the PA was great and showed us the ropes!


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It's not my first day anymore....but I did just switch jobs two months ago. Scary as heck and unbelievably challenging! Thanks for sharing this!

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Kind of scarey but I have not one memory at all of my 1st day.!!! I will say , I had a fantastic preceptor during orientation that made everything go smoothly . I still,20yrs later feel a gratitude to her for that. I still think she is fantastic and represents the very best of nursing.

Shout out to the nurses that give new nurse's the very best of beginnings!


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I start my first day on the floor as a new grad tomorrow, hopefully this doesn't happen to me!

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My first day was responding to a code in an MRI that went on for over 3 hours....

A baptism, so to speak.


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my first day of workwas like a graduating nursing student..superviser was watching me do EVERYTHING..and saying get used to it..and then a week later..superviser says keep it up!!..its relieving.......;):)


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I'm a NA. My first day was insane. I went home and cried every day for a week. I'm thankful to say I stuck it out and enjoyed it after the first month or so.

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Yep, I was shown the med room, break room and then given 4 pts to take care of. So much for orientation.


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I certainly do its was terrible and mentally and physically exhausting, its like a roller coaster ride.


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Do I remember? could I possibly forget...?

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