Do Most LVN/LPN's hate RN's?


My best friend has been an LPN for about 6 years now, and she currently works in psych. Her program was of the intense, year-long variety, prerequisites and all. I have listened to her on and on tell me that RN's don't do anything, don't know anything, don't have as much patient contact, and don't have the pharmacological experience.

I am a semester away from starting my RN clinicals; I'm currently a CNA as required by my school. I have taken 8 credits of A&P, 4 credit Microbio, 4 credit Organic Chemistry, 4 credit Biochemistry, 6 credits of English, 3 credits of Sociology, 8 credits of Algebra and 12 nursing prerequisites. I have four full semesters of RN clinicals that must be completed.

I asked "I'm a CNA now, and after two semesters of clinicals will be eligible to be a LPN while I complete my RN degree, then on to grad school for my APNP.....and you're still not going to respect what I do and think you know more than I do?" She replied that she would with great confidence.

You guys, this is a really nice girl and she says all her coworkers feel the same way. I don't get it. If LVN's know so darn much more and RN's are idiots, why am I spending all this time and money and study effort? Do all LVN's feel this way??

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Maybe I'm naiive, but not the LVNs I know. I have a great working relationship with them and I know that there are things they know that I don't, just because they've been in home health longer than me. I've learned some great wound care techniques from them. I've always had a good relationship with the LVNs I've worked with, even in the hospital, and I feel pretty confident in saying that they judged RNs individually......if the RN deserved respect, s/he got it but had to earn it first.


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I have rarely had an issue with the RN's that I work with. Of course there are the occasional few that I don't think are worth their RN, but that's more of a personal conflict and personality wise, we don't click. For the most part, the RN's treat the LPN's with respect and we all work together well on the floor as a team.


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As an LPN, I would say no. Just like the CNAs, LPNs, there are good and bad. I thank God for the RNs that I work under. I am going for my RN, but I'm glad I had the chance to be a LPN first. It will give me the confidence to make the decisions that RNs have to make. They have a lot more responsibility at my facility and right now it is nice to able to hand over that responsiblity when needed.

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I am an LPN and do not feel that way at all. I judge people by their character and demeanor and integrity, not job title.

What I suspect happens is that in some areas, the scope of practice between LPNs and RNs are vague, which leaves confusion on behalf of both. The roles are not supposed to be interchangable, however, because of the nursing shortage, policies are sometimes purposely written vaguely to utilize LPNs. Also, many LPNs feel that we are ignored as NURSES, maybe not always so much as not being RNs. While it is certainly true that the scope of practice, responsibilities and accountabilities are supposed to be different, many people are unaware that LPNs have also learned the nursing process, critical thinking, pharmacology, nursing skills and such (within our scope of practice) and have had to sit for a state board in order to practice.

I also get turned off when I hear LPNs speak this way (and I am one myself, mind you), because many of them say this based on what they perceive, however, if given the circumstances to shoulder that same weight, some of those same ones run for the hills. I have seen some RNs make some really wacky decisions, but to me, what is more in question is that individual's commitment to being a nurse that is in question, not simply because she is an RN. I have also seen LPNs make decisions or act in ways that literally make my hair rise on end.

Don't let this person influence your decision or your path. Like the Nike commercials say "Do you".


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... They have a lot more responsibility at my facility and right now it is nice to able to hand over that responsiblity when needed.

Amen to that one! Our RN's are carry a lot of responsibility as well. I am more than willing to hand that over for now as well!

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Frankly, your friend has issues regarding her self-worth that she's projecting on to others. It has nothing to do with LPN vs RN, and everything to do with your friend's outlook on life.

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Moved to the LPN Corner, where more of our wondrous LPNs will provide replies to your question.

This is also a cordial request for all future posters to please refrain from turning this thread into a heated "LPN versus RN" debate. Let's keep the discussion friendly, thoughtful, and free from irrational flames. Thanks! :)

By the way, I'm an LVN/LPN who feels no hatred toward my RN counterparts. They comprise the largest group of healthcare workers in America, and are absolutely crucial to society as a whole. Healthcare would crumble to pieces without nurses to provide delivery of care, so it is time for all nurses to stand together.

United we stand, and divided we fall. All levels of nurses should unite and learn from each other.


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Thank you all so much for your thoughtful replies. I can tell this is a hot button issue, and I am glad to see so many people that keep it in the perspective of taking everyone on an individual basis rather than a stock stereotype.

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I work 3rds on a skilled unit, and a RN follows me on 1st. No matter what I bring to her attention about our residents, I get the response "He/she is always like that", or "He/she doesn't do that during the day" thereby negating my assessments of these residents. Rarely does anything get done by her unless I hound her to death about them. (Which I do!). I have been hearing from other 1st shift people that she is just lazy and does as little as possible throughout the day. I have had to fight my first instinct to look at the badge and think "Uh-huh. RN". I have come to the conclusion that it's just her, not her title. I really can't explain why I wanted to blame the title instead of the person. Perhaps it's because I want to feel like my education is valid, and I feel "less than" when discussing residents with a RN, especially when they just look at me and blink. But, if I think about it, I have CNA's that do the same thing. It's the people, not the title, who have a problem. Some people are just difficult to get along with, and some feel they are better than others regardless of their title. Moral of the story? Remember we are dealing with PEOPLE, not titles. A bad attitude is a bad attitude, no matter where it comes from.

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i'm a RN and hope the LPN's don't feel that way about me. we have only 2 LPN's at our hospital and i am a charge nurse . they come to me for advice and i ask for their advice.. i have been a nurse for 22 years and feel we all have things to learn RN, LPN and CNA. we should work as a team and not against each other.. i don't hate LPN's at all.. i am grateful for them and feel the acute care hospitals are doing a diservce by not hiring LPN's anymore. i was told by adminstration when our 2 LPN's quit they will no longer hire LPN's and thats a shame...

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Like others have said I try to appreciate everyone for what they can offer and I have no ill feelings toward anyone for their position. I have met wonderful RNs and some not so wonderful RNs, same goes for LPNs. If you are close with her maybe you could explore her feelings a little further because it is unfortunate that she feels that way and I'd bet its not just about titles. Congrats on nursing school and just do your thing.

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