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  1. LPN0207

    Acronyms that confuse

    DON is Director of Nursing
  2. double post...sorry
  3. try calling some of the nursing homes in CR. I know some offer you the class, with the assumption that you will be working for them for a specified amount of time after you pass. Also, Kirkwood offers CNA classes, I am sure.
  4. LPN0207

    Do Most LVN/LPN's hate RN's?

    Amen to that one! Our RN's are carry a lot of responsibility as well. I am more than willing to hand that over for now as well!
  5. LPN0207

    Do Most LVN/LPN's hate RN's?

    I have rarely had an issue with the RN's that I work with. Of course there are the occasional few that I don't think are worth their RN, but that's more of a personal conflict and personality wise, we don't click. For the most part, the RN's treat the LPN's with respect and we all work together well on the floor as a team.
  6. LPN0207

    Family Members

    I actually just posted this story in another thread, but is applicable here as well. Happened last night. RN: The roads are so bad tonight, I wonder if so and so LPN would be willing to take call for me tonight? Me:sounds great! Why don't you ask her, she would be wiling to do it I am sure.. RN: headed out the door, hey just so you know I am on call tonight, if you need anything Me: I thought you were going to ask LPN? RN:Well, I never called her, I figured if they needed somebody they would need a nurse :icon_roll are you kidding me? yeah, I was a little miffed by the comment. She has never said anything like that before, and i really care for this particular nurse, I love working with her and she is a great team lead. But, I gotta say that comment was a little off base and I did lose a little bit of respect for her.
  7. LPN0207

    Why is it so bad to be an LPN ????

    I initially worried about becoming an LPN, but no longer. I love my job, I have worked in two jobs so far in the year I have been a nurse. My first job was at a nursing home, that oddly enough employed mostly RN's. I was one of 2 LPNs but I never felt put down. I was charge on my shift, as there was only one nurse on duty at a time. Got to learn a lot and being in the nursing home, any practice questions never came up. We didn't do blood, or Iv's or anything. But, after that position I went to a hospital where I remain. Again, I am in a minority, however, we are hiring more LPN's as we go, which is fantastic. Currently we have 4 LPN's and about 10-12 RN's. I have never felt like I was lesser to the RN's by anymeans. They are all great about helping me on the floor with IV's or anything not in my scope of practice. The one and only time I have felt slightly slighted was actually yesterday. One of the nurses, that I really respect, she works tons of hours and is just always there if you need her. She is a wonderful nurse. Yesterday however, she was on call and was thinking about asking one of our LPN's to switch with her for the evening. As she was leaving, she mentioned again that she would be on call. I mentioned that I thought she was going to have SB pick up her call? "No, I figured if they needed anybody that they would need a nurse". Well, this totally rubbed me the wrong way. I lost just a tad bit of respect for her, then. I really don't know if she meant it the way it came out, but it made me feel that she felt LPN's weren't nurses. Other than that slight, I don't feel bad at all about being an LPN. I love my job, I love the RN's they treat me as an equal. and during assignments they are very fair, and don't just load up the LPN. I don't envy the RN's at all, they are charge, take patients and work the ER. Too much for me. Just give me my patients and I am off and running!
  8. LPN0207

    Sample routine of typical day for new nurse

    Here is a sample of my day. I work 3-11p in a small hospital, usually 3 nurses total, two on the floor and 1 in the ER. Admits can come at any time during the shift, and of course, they usually show up at med pass or shift change...fun. I just celebrated 1 year in the nursing profession a few weeks ago! 1445:arrive at work, get report sheets, fill in the census (names) and wait for report 1500: report, lasts about 45-60 min, depending on how many pts there are, assignments made after report. 1600: fly around getting any vitals needed, pull meds and give 1630: accuchecks 1700: hopefully have time to get some charting done 1800: med pass, again, may have time to grab something to eat (MAYBE) 1900: chart some more 2000: med pass 2100:breathe (usually) 2200: may have a med pass 2300: give report to oncoming shift 2400: Leave!! That looks simple, but usually, I am always busy. Talking to doctors, noting orders and giving PRN's in the meantime. Time goes by fast!
  9. LPN0207

    MRSA and garlic

  10. LPN0207

    How do you function in the Hospital setting?

    1. Are you allowed to have your own patients? How many patients can you have partnered? I carry all my own patients, when we are busy about 8 or 9 patients. We don't do partners, if I have an IV drug to give, I tell my charge nurse and she does it. 2. If you are paired with an RN - what duties do you do and what does the RN do? Only the IV stuff 3. Are you allowed to do the assessment on the patient? Does the RN sign off on it? I do all my own assessments, and if there is a new admit, I still do it, but an RN cosigns. Other than brand new admits, my assessments are all on me. 4. How does your day go? My day goes fast, lol. Report, then on the floor doing my thing, assessments, meds, orders to note, family to speak with, charting, paperwork, etc. 5. What state do you work in? Iowa, baby :) I love working in my hospital, I never feel put down, or made to feel guilty because I can't do certain duties. I am one of 3 LPNs. ( we only have 9 nurses) SMALL hospital
  11. LPN0207

    How long to hear from IA BON?

    Dixie!! I am so proud of you! YEA! :balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:
  12. LPN0207

    How long to hear from IA BON?

    you totally passed...may I offer an early congrats?!?! Can't wait to hear the official passed though! Very big accomplishment, good for you!
  13. LPN0207

    Best thing about being a Iowa nurse???

    well, if I can be humorous about it, we always have a steady stream of patients. Summer provides us short term with dehydrations and heat strokes galore. Winter, we get broken hips and various other ortho problems due to the wonderful winters :) Plus no shortage in the ER with car accidents and whatnot. Honestly though, I just love Iowa, people are (generally) friendly and you never really meet at stranger. (I can only speak for the few areas of Iowa that I have come from) Bad thing: Lowest pay of all the states. Stacy
  14. LPN0207

    How long to hear from IA BON?

    Oh how exciting! I wish you all the luck in the world!!!!!! Lol on the name change, that was pretty funny :)
  15. LPN0207

    How long to hear from IA BON?

    dang Dixie...that really does seem like a long time, even when I graduated in December I had my stuff my graduation in January. I hope you hear from them very soon. You are checking your email right? It won't come through the mail, if you put down an email address on your application.
  16. LPN0207

    Let's wake up this message board!

    Who do we have here? I am a fairly new LPN, graduated December 06, passed boards February 07, hence my screen name :) I work at Marengo Memorial Hospital. How long have you worked in said position? I have only been there for a few months, previously I worked for Highland Ridge Care Center in Williamsburg. What is your specialty? What are some things you love about your job? We see it all, we are a one floor hospital with 25 beds. I love the variety of my job, and learning all sorts of things everyday. LTC was nice, but I just didn't have much opportunity to practice nursing, LTC was getting boring. The floor nurses are awesome, very good group of people to work with. What do you hate about it or would change about it? Would of course love to get paid more, I am thinking about taking weekend package in order to boost my pay. Any words of wisdom? Just get in there and do it! I know you will be scared, but you gotta get over it at some point. Make the most of all your learning opportunities. Just cause your new to a job, or nursing, don't let people walk all over you, especially scheduling. It's ok to say NO! Funny nursing stories? Not really