Do you love nursing?

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Who could say: "I love nursing", from the bottom of own heart. Do you love nursing?


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Yes. Gary


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GEE it can vary by shift or even hour, but overall , yes I do love what I do.


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Yes , it's the best.


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Without question........



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Absolutely--can't imagine doing anything else!


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I love what I do. I get frustrated with the hospital politics. I know that there isn't a perfect place to work. being an OR nurse I have comfort zones. surgical specialities that I know better than others. but I don't always get to do what I am comfortable with.

Even on my worst days (and there have been a bunch of them lately)......YES


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Yes, I love nursing. It is just difficult some days to get past all the politics and other issues like short staffing and conflicting personalities to actually get to the patients. If I can just get to the bedside of my patients, I am ok.


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Definitely!! :)


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Good days,,,,, Bad days,,,,,,,

Yes,,, most definitly,,,,



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YES!! I am a new nurse but I just know that this is my calling and I absolutely love it! :D

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